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Hi to anyone reading this!

My name is Michelle, I'm nineteen years old, and live on the isle of man, even though i am originally from middlesbrough in the north east of England

my interests include music cooking and just being with friends.

My fandoms include in no particular order; ouran high school host club, dragonball z, get backers, harry potter and deathnote

my pairings for these are again in no particular order:

Kyouya x tamaki, haruhi x kyouya, hikaru x kaoru, hikaru x haruhi, Mori x Huni, kaoru x kyouya

Goku x Vegeta, Trunks x Goten

Ginji x Ban, Ban x kazuki, kazuki x jubeii

Harry x Draco

Mello x Matt and light x L but only if it is really well written.

Mello and matt are currently my favourite pairing!! i just love them!!

I'm currently writing my own fiction for matt x mello called absolutionist

And i have to take a moment to give props to my lovely beta Dear Lunacy with out you putting up with me and makeing my illiterate rambleings readable for the rest of the world!!

1. Who is your favorite Death Note character(s)?
Matt, Mello, L

2. What is your favorite pairing(s)?
Matt x Mello.

3. Are you a Death Note yaoi or hentai fan?
Huge Yaoi fan

4. Ever cosplayed Death Note characters? If so, who, where and how many times?
No..but i wish i could get away with a mello cosplay but no matter how much weight i lose my chest will always be to big to pull it off =(

5. List your collection of Death Note junk and merchandise, if any:
Manga volumes 1-12 (will soon have 13) Anime DVDs volume 1-4 (will soon have the rest once i get paid) and light's death note replica, L and Light throw cushion (its so cute and comfy!!)

6. Have you ever felt that you were destined to be with a Death Note character?
Mello because i could possible equal the amount of trouble he gets in to, damn we'd do so good shit together. and i'm not a huge fan of chocolate so he wouldn't have to worry about me stealing it!

7. Near/Matt or Mello/Near?
Never read either pairing but i am tempted to read some Mello / Near...could get pretty kinky

8. Light/Misa or L/Misa?
if i had to pick one it would have to be L/misa but it is very VERY rare i read hetro my boyfriend belives misa should be with L he's in love with them both for some reason...

9. Did you think Matt's death was fair?
No! no Fucking way did he deserve to die at all! he was originally supposed to live him and mello!! both of them where supposed to beat light and near! MELLO AND MATT SHOULD HAVE LIVED GOD DAMN IT

10. Why did you think Mello helped Near in the end?
I reckon that mello and matt both had something further planned out i don't think they set out to die, like did so unjustly! i think mello would have used takada to get to Light killed him and them busted matts ass outta prison!

11. Do you support Kira's theory in making the world better by using the Death Note and killing off the bad people?
i don't really like it pointed out to light by ryuk it makse him a bad person also because he is killing, yes kira brought down the rate of crime but the way he went about makeing a new world was wrong two wrongs don't make a right. L is justice! not light

12. Your favorite Wammy kid?

13. Are you Pro-Kira or Anti-Kira?
Anti-kira lights idea of a new world is nice but he went about it the wrong way.

14. Have you seen all Death Note episodes so far?
YES! but i have read all the manga also.

15. Have you read all the chapters so far?
Yep twice over now.

16. Do you believe Misa has ADD?
Oh god definatly.

17. Sub or dub?

18. Pro-Misa or Anti-Misa?
Anti misa, she pissed me off she was so fucking annoying

19. Lidner = Near's side or Mello's?
Mello's she totally had the hots for him!!

20. Do you even know who BB is?
Yeah. LA . BB murder case was an awesome book!

21. L = Sexy beast or Ugly nerd?
Sexy Nerd

22. Which character would be the best cross dresser?
Mello of course.

23. Mikami = Weird or Awesome?


24. Which character would be the best OOC?

25. Do you like Death Note fanfics?
Oh hell yes.

26. Do you write Death Note fanfics?

27. Do you like lemons?
Hell YEAH!!

28. Do your parents know about the Death Note characters?
Yeah my dad does because i actually got him to watch the movies in an attempt to bond over something lol but my mam couldn't give a shit

29. Have you watched the Death Note Abridged Series?
nope...but now i know one exists i shall go find it

30. Have you seen The Death Note fanflashes?

31. Have you ever gotten someone else hooked on Death Note?
YEP..2 Now...but i will get others to see the light

32. Have you ever been drawing Death Note in school and has someone recognized it?
nope, to old for school now

33. Have you ever been in class drawing Death Note and the teacher came up to you and said 'WTF is this?'

34. Has Death Note affected your school life and grades?
affected my work lol

35. Are you broke thanks to Death Note?

will be once i get paid

36. Do you want to own a Death Note?
YES I have lights, and misas is one the way

37. Do you wish the series had ended differently?
Yes...Mello and matt where supposed to win god damn it and not die!!Mello was supposed to live and so was matt and near should have choked on his lego!

38. Do you draw Death Note fanart? If so, count how many there are in your gallery?
but my boyfriend does them for me becuase of my none excistant art skills there are 2 so far!!

39. Is Mello still sexy even though half of his face is scarred by burns?

Omg Hello yes makes him look even more bad ass!!

40. Do you have a Death Note OC?
nope..unless you count me when i go of in one of my own little worlds...

41. Looking back at some of your answers, do you think Death Note has taken over your life?
Fuck. Yes.

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent that aren't, copy this, put it in you profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Tsuyu Mikazuki, Weasel Chick, Revenant666, dragonsroar, foxdude33, FallenLex, Soelle, Sunstar Kitsune, Insane Slytherin, Nameless Heretic,Twilight L. Xari My PenName is . . . slain angel

x smoked.
x consumed alcohol.
x slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex. (ew)
x slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex.
x kissed someone of the same sex.
x had sex.
x had someone in your room other than family.
x watched porn
bought porn.
x tried drugs.


x taken painkillers.
x taken someone else's prescription medicine.
x lied to your parents.
lied to a friend. (i try not to at all costs, i couldnt really sink that low)
x snuck out of the house.
x done something illegal.
x felt hurt.
x hurt someone.
x wished someone to die.
seen someone die.


x missed curfew. (i miss it most every night)
x stayed out all night.
eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself (ew thats gross)
x been to a therapist.
received a ticket.
been to rehab
x dyed your hair.
x been in an accident.
x been to a club.
x been to a bar


been to a wild party
been to a Mardi Gras parade.
x drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night.
had a spring break in Florida.
sniffed anything
x wore black nail polish
x wore arm bands.
x wore t-shirts with band names.
x listened to rap. (Unfortunately)
owned a 50 Cent CD.


x dressed gothic
dressed girly.
X dressed punk.
x dressed grunge.
x stole something.
x been too drunk to remember anything.
x blacked out.
x fainted.
had a crush on a neighbor. (theres no one to like)


x had a crush on a friend.
x been to a concert.
dry-humped someone (HELLZ YEA!)
x been called a slut.
x called someone a slut.
installed speakers in your car.
x broken a mirror.
x showered at someone of the opposites sex's house
brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush.


considered Ludacris your favorite rapper. (Eminem is!)
x seen an R-rated movie in theater.
x cruised the mall.
x skipped school.
x had surgery.
x had an injury.
x gone to court.
walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping.
x caught something on fire.
x lied about your age.


x owned/rented an apartment/house.
broke the law in the police's presence
made ou with someone who had a GF/BF (NO WAY D: thats just horrible! )
x got in trouble with the police.
x talked to a stranger.
x hugged a stranger.
kissed a stranger.
rode in the car with a stranger
x been harassed.
x been verbally harassed.


met face-to-face with someone you met online.
x stayed online for 5+ hours straight.
x talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight.
x watched TV for 5 hours straight.
x been to a fair.
x been called a bad influence.
drank and drove.
x prank-called someone.
x laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex.
x cheated on a test.


If You Have Less Than 10.. write I'm a Goody Goody
If You Have More Than 10.. write I'm still a goody goody
If You Have more Than 20..write I'm average
If You Have More Than 30..write I'm a bad kid
If You have more than 40..write I'm a very bad influence
If You Have more than 50..write I'm a horrible person
If You Have more than 60..write I should be in jail
If You Have more than 70..Write I should be dead

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