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Author has written 6 stories for Hellsing, and Bleach.


Otherwise called as Knightblazer

A few worthy notations:

- Is Fifteen years old

- Lives in S'pore

- Hellsing and Bleach Fanatic - now also Gintama

- Currently Drabbling in Gintama

- Known by many as the mysterious Knightblazer

Favourite Quotes:

The Bird Of Hermes is my name... eating my wings to make me tame. -Writings on Alucard's coffin
Power is neither good nor evil - it rests on the one who uses it. -Annoymous
If you live for a hundred days, I would live for a hundred days minus one so that I will be with you all my life. - Winnie the Pooh
Like a bird on a wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir, I have tried in my way to be free.- Annoymous
It is not death that humans fear. It is the unknown that does. - Annoymous
Without a blade, I cannot protect you; with a blade, I cannot embrace you. -
Bleach Manga Tagline

Favourite Animes/Manga:

Hellsing, Bleach, Naruto, Shaman King, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Hikaru no Go, Konjiki no Gash Bell, Bleach, Gintama
Pokemon, Digimon, Sonic X, Desert Punk, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam SEED series, Beyblade, Death Note, Speed Grapher

Favourite Anime Songs:
Hellsing: SHINE, Marche Fumbre, Gradius Vita
Death Note: the WORLD, Alumina
Naruto: Little by Little, Seishun Kyousoukyoku, Nami Kaze Satellite, Re:member, Yura Yura, Tsubomi, Scenario, Distance
Fullmetal Alchemist: Undo, Rewrite, Link & Lost Heaven
Shaman King: Northen Lights, Tamashii Kasanete
One Piece: Hikari-e, Kororo no Chizuru, Believe in Wonderland, We Are!, Brand New World
Digimon: The Biggest Dreamer, Butter-fly, Hirari, Believer, Target & The Last Element
Gundam SEED series: Invoke, Wings Of Words, River, Pride, Hoshi no Tobira
Bleach: Asterisk, D-technolife, Thank You!!, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Rolling Star, Ichrin no Hana, ALONES & After Dark
Gintama: Shura, Giniro no Sora, Yuki no Tsubasa, Tooi Nioi, Signal, Candy Line, Pray, Kasanaru Kage, Speed Of Flow & Kiseki

Favourite Characters:
Male - Alucard
Female - Integra Hellsing
Creature - Sonic the Hedgehog
(Half) Demon - Dante
Shinigami - Ichigo Kurosaki
Hollow - Ogichi Ikasoruk
Samuari (?) - Sakata Gintoki

Uncosiously Supported Parings... only in Hellsing and Bleach. And Gintama
Alucard X Integra, Alucard X Seras, Alucard X Anderson, Pip X Seras
Hollow Ichigo X Ichigo, Renji X Byakuya, Ichigo X Byakuya, Isshin X Ryuuken
Gintoki X Hijikata, Gintoki X Katsura, Hijikata X Okita

OC Information

Name: Lucifer Leonheart
Aliases: Aeonil Rufhercelt (Angram of original name), Devil Boy, Draculing
Commonly associated race: Vampire, Human, Vaizard, Arrancar Number 13
Height: 1.75 meters
Weight: 53 Kilograms
Eye color: Red
Hair Color: Red
Age: Varies
Personality: Lucifer is... loud, brash,playful, anti-social (at times of depression), easily annoyed/irritated at a certain six-hundred plus
year old Nosferatu (but generally chipper to the whole community) but overall... generally carefree and calm.
Likes: Cola-flavoured lollipops, Cola, Eggs, pulling pranks on a certain fedora-wearing Nosferatu and the whole popluace in general,
looking at stars, travelling to other worlds (if applicable), killing bad guys (which includes busting their brains and insides out),
being lame at times, saying a whole bunch of nonsense that would make no sense whatsoever to the person beside him, and generally being himself.
Dislikes: One six hundred plus year old Nosferatu named Alucard, lying jerks (and cheating ones while at it), having a day without eating a single
egg OR finishing up one cola-flavored lollipop OR being unable to pull a sucessful prank to the unaware popluace.

Zanpaktou: Lucied
Command Phrase: Darkness, be my strength! Light, be my guide! Cry out to the Twilight, Lucied!
(Kurayami, watashiwa no chikara; Hikari, watashiwa no sendatsu - koyakakeru Usukairi, Lucied-to!)
Special Move: Usukairi no Kage (Shadow of the Twilight)
Bankai: Usukairi no Ookami

Motto: Live life to the fullest... the Lucifer Leonheart way! YEEHAA!

Current Fanfictional Ideas:

1) Integra Hellsing has done it. In the aftermath of the Anime Canon, the famed knight has accepted her monster's offer, and becomes one herself. Now, with no kin left and Integra assumed to have died of sucide to the rest of London and the world, the Round Table order has no choice but to summon the last living, far off relative of the Hellsings. Enter the life of the now not so boring an even more troublesome life of the rather infamous fifteen-year-old girl prankster of her own simple world, Loki 'Draconifer' Galeon. Little does she know just how different the world she will enter be. Only time will tell if this young teenager is able to master the monster hidden within the mansion...or be mastered instead. (Hellsing Anime AUOC)

2) The war with Aizen has ended, but at a great price: everyone is dead; everyone... but Kurosaki Ichigo, who is given a second chance by his zanpaktou, Zangetsu. With the last of his strength, the spirit of Ichigo's blade sends him to an alternate dimension to set things right, a world where instead of living, the Ichigo there had been killed by the hollow Grand Fisher instead nine years ago. Thus now the hardened, orange-haired shinigami must now find the altnerate Zangetsu and save the new world... and all that he cherishes. (Bleach AU, No slash, OC)

3) Again, yet another misadventure of immortal Lucifer Leonheart. Instead of the magical world of Azeroth, this time the vampire is brought to a world with ninjas, mysterious abilities and yet more blood packs. Now targeted by the Akatsuki for the famed 'Jyuubi no Ookami', (actually his own familiar, Lucied) how will the vampire now live with the most dangerous of Missing-nins upon his tail and a certain Kyuubi container? (Naruto, AUOC)

4) An alternate tale of Hellsing. What happened if Integra was actually killed before Alucard was revived? If the greatest Nosferatu destroyed London and had already become a living Midian? When Alucard actually joined Millenium in his own cause? You'd be surprised at how much different and little things can really be. The true tale of Lucifer Leonheart awaits. (Hellsing AUOC)

5) In the Winter War upon Karakura Town, many losses were made and sacrifices taken - none so more than the loss of his Taichou. Abarai Renji, broken and devestated over the loss of Byakuya, is sent to the small country of Singapore (know as the place with the lowest number of Hollows) for patrol. However, he meets what seems to be the reincarnation of the deceased Kukichi: the young and brash fifteen year old female prankster Loki Galeon. Determined to see the truth for himself, Renji intertwines himself into the girl's life... but soon discovers more than he expects. (Bleach, Byakuya X Renji, slight OC X Renji)

6) Lucifer Leonheart once again breaks into another world, this time as a Shinigami! After a near-death experience at the age of three, the orphan has been able to see ghosts and converse with them. But on the night of this fifteenth birthday, a hollow attacks the orphange and the only the boy mircalously survives only to be taken in by the mysterious shop-onwer Urahara Kisuke. With the strange look-alike called Aeonil Rufhercelt residing in his side-winded mind, what will happen to the red-head? (OC X Bleach)

7) Set before the Arrancar Arc, Ichigo Kurosaki knows that with the Hollow inside him, he will sooner or later, give in to those tempting powers. Deciding to flee, he instead encounters the mysterious Shinigami only known as 'Lucifer Leonheart', who convinces the subsitute to stay. Ichigo does, only to discover the boy in his class the next day... as a 'transfer student', no less! However, strange and mysterious things begin to happen. The arrancar appears; Shinji seemingly knowing about Lucifer and all in between! Just who is this mysterious crimson-headed Soul Reaper and what does he want with Ichigo? (OC X Bleach, AU)

8) Loki Galeon was once an ordinary teenager. She lived a normal life, had a caring mom, a short brother with Napoleon Complex and just trying to go through life in general. However, her life is suddenly shattered one night when a demon attacks her house and kills her mother suddeny. With her brother suddenly uncontactable and her father having left them years ago, her distant aunt, Lady, adopts her. However, all these events are only the beginnings to a great story as she is placed under the care of a grudging Dante. Just why are the demons hellbent on going after Loki, and just what is she really - human... or demon? The answer lies in her middle name: Draconifer. (Devil May Cry, OCAU, no slash)

9) After a battle that spanned almost forever, the Winter War has finally ended - the traitors have been killed, the Espada silenced, and peace has returned to both the spirit and human world. However, Matsumoto Rangiku still longs for her childhood friend and one-time lover - Ichimaru Gin. Caught in a strange blast during a mission, she awakes to find herself in Edo, ruled by beings she had never seen before and meets with the oddball I-could-care-less, JUMP-reading, bokuto-wielding, curly-permed and everyone's most famous white-haired samuari: Sakata Gintoki. Convinced that the man is the supposed recinaration of her past lover, she thus immerses herself into this new world, where parodies and arkward moments are abound. (Bleach/Gintama Crossover, slight (one-sided) Rangiku X Gintoki)

10) With the Winter War approaching, Soul Society is all-out desperate to find any help that they can get, with Aizen and his plans to turn Karakura into a crater. A lost document is then found in the depths of the deserted Central Fourty-Six headquarters, telling of a hero whose soul will shine with a sliver light. At the same moment, a loud explosion rocks throughout both Soul Society and Karakura Town and upon the outskirts of the town, a mysterious sliver-haired man arrives from the blast... with his soul shining with that sliver light. Just who is this man and does the diabetic samuari truly have any connection with this mysterious document? (Bleach/Gintama Crossover, no slash)

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