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Author has written 16 stories for D N Angel, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Shinzo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Cat, Redwall, Avatar: Last Airbender, Inuyasha, Naruto, and Saiyuki.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If some of my readers have noticed, I haven't logged in for nearly two years or so, or posted anything new. This is because I am not writing fanfiction on this account anymore, at least, bad fanfiction. Unfortunately, my older stuff was pretty horrible. I will one day go back and do a cleaning up of my list, and perhaps continue the ones that aren't so bad. I've written a little bit of fanfiction in this past time, but I don't think I'll post it up here. Sorry. Guess we'll just have to wait and see about the future of my fanfiction!

People!! I have not updated because of the final segment of the school year and Finals! But I promise you, I will get new chapters in, probably finish Yugioh GX, and get in the sequel and prequel of White Cat (which seems to have spawned something...)

Okay, let's get straight to business:

Name: Kari...just call me that...

Age: Guesses are always fun!

Description/Personality: Shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, clothing is sort of like Yakumo's(actually, no, but let's just imagine I'm like that). Actually, I've got really dark brown hair that's long...probably as long as Kikyo's, and chocolate (best comparison) brown eyes. As for clothing...I'm tom-boyish so you won't seeing me wearing skirts or dresses anytime soon! (Unless you're lucky( I'll almost always wear my hair in a low ponytail too)).

Likes: Anime and Manga, wolves, birds of prey, mythical/fantasy animals, dogs, cats, playing video games, drawing, surfing the web, watching TV, chatting, reading, writing, music, mochi, and thinking up new stories (well, at least ideas for new stories).

Dislikes: school (sometimes, ah! the homework's attacking me!), terribly mean people, annoying pests, and my Very, Very, VERY (yes, he's that annoying, he bugs me almost 24/7 and seems like a minor-devil from, well, you know), annoying little brother

Anime seen/watching: So many, I don't want to list it...(and this includes movies)

Normal TV/game stuff: Supernatural, Kyle XY, Ned's Declassified, My Wife and Kids (don't ask), Family Guy, Simpsons, CSI (recently gotten into it), KH Series, FF7, Crossing Jordan, Medium, Naruto: TAS, Yugioh: TAS, Law and Order: SVU Okay, time for some quotes/comversations!

"I believe that people who rely on others to relay answers are just using them as stepping stones to get over the river of life. Eventually, they'll slip and fall into that river when that stone moves away. And drown."-Me.

"Ouch, stop poking me!(gets poked on the bottom) I said stop it!(gets poked again)Okay, that is it, I already told you to stop it! Oh, uh, nice honey bees..."-Mushra(I think that's what he said)

"People who steal from others are afraid to get what they want themselves. They're just cowards hiding in society's shadows, though they are in broad daylight."-Me.

"I vow to win!"- Naruto, volume 9: Gaara versus...

"Men who can't see but are good at heart are far superior than men who can see but are corrupt."-Me.

"He who would study Karate-do must always strive to be inwardly humble and outwardly gentle. However, once he has decided to stand up for the cause of justice, then he must have the courage expressed in the saying, 'Even if it must be ten million foes, I go!' Thus, he is like the green bamboo stalk: hollow inside, straight, and with knots, that is, unselfish, gentle, and moderate." -Gichin Funakoshi

"Oh great, another one of you! How many bastard's asses do I have to kick! Maybe I should make a list of them!"-Ed Elric

"You are who you hang out with"-Will Smith(at the Kid's Choice Awards 2006)

"Death sucks. If you try and cheat it... you're still screwed"-me after I watched a Family Guy episode

"Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him...in America!"-Bandit Keith, YGO: The Abridged Series

"A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream...a scattered dream that's like a far-off memory...I want to line the pieces up--yours and mine"-Sora, Kingdon Hearts II

"Candy is the new cocaine"-friend from school

"My dad once hit me in the head like this--showing movements and talking in a serious tone"
"My dad cried once"
-my friends

Stories I'm working on:

Voices from the Past Updated 4-21-07, Scroll 1: Chuunin Exams

Gone, But Not Forgotten Updated 3-17-07, Ch. 5: Patience Resides in the Spirit

Yugioh GX: New Begginings Updated 1-19-07, Ch. 15: Ransom

Central's Alchemy Academy Updated 1-27-07, Ch. 11: Snow!

Story Stats: Best reviewed story: Central's Alchemy Academy. Most faved story: Yugioh GX: New Beginnings. Longest running story: Yugioh GX: New Beginnings (halfway)

Upcoming stories:

Rage of The Gods (Yugioh/GX):

Ra, Obelisk, and Slifer faced their hybrid forms in an all out battle... with some twists! one-shot

Owner of the Fifth Bit Beast (Beyblade):

A new blader comes to Tyson's town with a strong blade. Will this person be on the Bladebreaker's side or on Kai's grandfather's?

Another (Shinzo):

A boy runs into Mushra and the gang half starved, weak,and battered while carrying a girl on his back. They look human, but have distinguashed enterrean features. Then, a goup of three who are with the other two appear. Who are they?

Broken Glass Memories (Naruto):

Focuses on Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi's past, it justs tells what I think happened in their lives before all the serious parts(I'll include that too)I may include some of my OCs in some extra bonus chapters. Each memory has at least 6 devoted to it.

Pokemon Revolution (Pokemon):

I know I know, why am I doing here? This story just came up in my head all of a sudden. Well, it focuses on Ash, May, and Steven's grandchildren as they strive to become the best Pokemon Masters in history.

Concealing is Useless (Tekken):

Jin Kazama never thought he could fall in love, but when he did his chance could be taken away by an arranged marriage, a marriage that could take his only love away...

The Right Flamingo Stance (Tekken):

Hwoarang always thought he could beat everybody, but when he faced Jin and some other people he changed his outlook. As he trained he learned more about his martial arts style and gets a little extra help from someone else as well.

The Origin of Me (Trigun):

Vash has always wondered why he's on this planet. Why was he created? He had a sister, a brother, but did he have a mother as well? What was his destiny? one-shot

The Whole Mess a Love Problem can Do (Fruits Basket):

Tohru arrives at the royal Sohma house weak and carrying a royal document saying that she should be married to...Yuki! What's going to happen after Kyo comes into the story as well?

Juunishi 15 (Fruits Basket):

Say, Tohru wasn't the only outsider living in the Sohma house. What if she had a "sister" come stay as well? What if their were 15 animals in the whole zodiac? Read and find out! Summary's not good, but the story, i hope, gets good reviews.

Bad Luck, You Say? (Fruits Basket):

Have you guys ever noticed that Kyo is the 13th member of the zodiac, he keeps losing to Yuki and getting beat up by Kagura, oh, and that he's a cat? Well, Shigure and Kanrei sure did. one-shot

Clan's Doppleganger (Fruits Basket):

Tohru finds a young boy who's wandering around alone and decides to help, but when she embraces him to comfort him, something magical happens. The boy turns into...another ram?! Does this mean that the Sohma family has more members, or...is there another family cursed by the Zodiac's vengeful spirits?

All Alone (Shinzo):

After being wounded and carried off by the tide Mushra is stuck on a deserted island. Alone. What's going to happen to this enterrean if he's never found...?

Cardcaptors Reborn (Cardcaptor Sakura):

Kizuna Atarashii, typical 7th-grader striving to get good grades. She goes to her grandma's to do a little research with the books in her library when she comes across an old, dusty book. Does she dare open the Book of Clow?

Online and in The World (.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet):

Shugo meets another new player that almost gets killed by a giant monster and saves her. Yet, her prescence seems almost as if...she wasn't meant to exist in The World at all.

A Flower that will Always Bloom (Final Fantasy 7):

Before Aerith, before he even knew about the quest to save the world, Cloud was traveling, searching for his light. He comes upon a cheery girl in a gloomy house he was taking refuge in, but what happens when she starts to fall for him? "In the coldest of weather, I believe there'll always be a flower that's waiting to bloom."

Flame of Bond (Avatar the Last Airbender):

You have always believed that nobody back in the Fire Nation would wait for him or remember him as a friend. Yet there was someone, a girl who just wants to see Zuko again...and when she finally gets her chance will he still remember her? This is the story of Kaze, a girl who just wants to see an old friend and defeat a common enemy. Oh yeah, did I also mention that she can bend crimson fire, which is actually much stronger than blue ones?

Zodiac Souls (Shinzo):

A boy is awakned after Estee trips the switch. He said he is the enterrean reincarnation of the Zodiac soul of the dog, and that he needs Yakumo and her friends' help to gather the other 12, or evil with run over Enterra. Forever.

Through Different Eyes:

What's worse than having to beat a really hard video-game boss? Having to actually be the person to, that's who! Blake was a normal 15-year-old who was a huge fan of KH. Then, though, he gets sucked in...and now has to do the adventures...through Sora!

Cell Takane Gaiden:

An arc that describes life for Kanu, Miyuko, Nankuro, and Shisuke before they grouped and became Cell Takane.

Beginning Serenade:

Prequel to "White Cat". After Shira's escape from Chronos, she wounded up living at Saya's house. But how will she cope with everything once she discovers something dreadful has happened to her "sister"?

Legacy of the Cat:

Sequel to "White Cat". Shira and Train are successfully beginning their relationship, but some things are on the way to stop it. Particularly, a group that seems to have particular interest in Train and Chronos...Wait a minute...Rins has connections to this too?

I'm also planning on makin' some fanfics to A Series of Unfortunate Events, Supernatural, and probably, even MORE anime...

Yes, I know, I've got too many ideas and stories/one shots

I plan to get them out of my way...but who knows how long that will take...probably more than a year...yep, more that a year.

(7/10/2010: Or several and then never go into fruition. Sorry, guys.)

That's about it, PM me if you want more information/have questions; more stories are coming...what else...nope, that's about it.

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