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This is my reviewing account. I am here to attempt to weed out Sue-ish OCs and improve the OC community within PoT.

I have another account where I post. But I won't put it up for I don't want rebuttle from my reviews ;D

Have a nice day~

Oh, I won't Beta Read so don't ask. ;D If I leave a review, your story probably has a Sue, Semi-Sue, Bad Plot, OMG Imma a girl on the BOYS team-sue, Or a completely just plain bad story.

BTW, I start off nice. If you rebuttle saying it's your story, oh well, I was trying to help you improve. But You don't want to so keep sucking butt ;D

Okay now have a nice Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese/Vietnamese New Years~~ ;D

Pointers to good OC stories.

1. Original plot :we don't need 590234 million RYOMA'S TWIN SISTER THAT'S BETTER THAN HIM. Really? I would rather not review another one. Please!

2. RESEARCH!! PLEASE GOOGLE IS YOUR EFFING FRIEND!! Use Yahoo, or msn, or bing whatever JUST RESEARCH. IT HELPS. Someone out there Like me will have knowledge of culture, medical ETC things you'll put into your story. Some will not point it out. But I WILL. If I see a girl in boy's uniform and there is no funny original plotline as to why, then I will tell you it's NOT allowed. your OC hates skirts? OH WELL SHE WILL HAVE TO WEAR IT! If she has a medical reason, MAYBE she can wear pants under. But more than likely NO!

3. Original characters. If OC is Japanese, must have a Japanese name! I hate coming on here and the girl is tezuka's cousin thrice removed and her name is EFFING Emily. WTH! She's JAPANESE. Etsuko, Emi, Mio, Miyu, Yuuki, Yuri. There ARE tons of BABY sites with Japanese names including meanings. PS please don't include the profile. it's against TOS and Guidelines. and it's messy and ruins things for people you're supposed to SHOW.

Please PLEASE Do not make it a marysue. NO ONE is perfect. gah NOT EVEN ATOBE IS! Normal people either excel in a couple things and suck at others, or they are generally okay at everything maybe better at a few things. Good qualities CAN be bad. Your oc is nice? well, is she SO nice she gets walked on and gets hurt? That's a reasonable flaw! and People will STILL hate her. out of Jealously or because you stole a friend. being clumsy, or bad eyesight doesn't take away from the personality. If you character has enemies, why? Is she a stuck up bitch and flaunts everything she's good at? Then, I would call her borderline sue. If you want more help on a sue or not, ask me I will give you a link to a litmus test I'm working on just for PoT

4. ORGANIZATION!! Oh god a new person talks PLEASE hit the ENTER BUTTON. This goes for CAPITALIZATION! I know we're not perfect and we will miss a few but if your WHOLE story isn't capitalized somethings wrong. fix it!

I will come up with more later.

PS. I dislike cluttered bios with omgsh 50 surveys, I like such and such lists of 321408234 anime/manga. and i'm 2 of kids that've never seen a penis please copy paste this. ._. REALLY? I don't care that you've never smoked or drank or you're asian. or your african/mexican/irish and grew up in a pack of wolves in greenland in a cave. ._. I care about your writing. What you enjoy to write about.

So quick summary of your stories. Maybe your name, age where you live if you want. ways to contact you. something short about what you like but please don't ad 50 pages on your bio. it looks messy ._.

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