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A cat walks in the room. Of white fur and blue eyes. He looks to you, and you could swear you see a small smirk curl upon his face. He leisurely sits on his haunches, his eyes beckoning you to look to him. His head bows down.

“I am Cloud Strife” he says. You look at him in disbelief.

But not to soon after, a female walks in. She is well endowed. Eyes of a hazel green. Skin of a smooth milk chocolate. And deep ebony hair. She’s at least five four in height. She places a hand on her hip, looking down at the cat. A smile comes to her face as she looks at the feline.

The cat’s face has gone completely pale. His eyes avoid the woman’s as he looks to you for help. He inaudibly says, “help me”

“Well, well, well.” She starts slowly. “I was looking for my mate, but I just can’t find him. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.” The cat looks up, “Matter of fact his eyes are as blue as his…” she bends down and picks the cat up. He struggles. His fur puffing out as a hissing sound emits from his lips. “Now I could of sworn I said, don’t be a pussy and look at you now…Do I have to force you out of this form Cloud?”

“Meow?” Her brow furrows as her lower lip pouts out.

“Fine I see how it is…Does bestiality ring a bell?” The cats eyes widen to the size of saucers as he jumps backwards, a mist of clouds blocking her view. She coughs. Soon a man in a shredded-shirt and boxers appears where the cat was last seen. He feels a cold wetness touch his feet.

“What the fu—“

“CLOUD!!!!!” The drool coming out of her mouth is just to much for the man, he grabs his lower regions and runs.


Damn why do the pretty one’s always have to run. He acts like I was raping him…smirks

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Sway to and fro sway

(Get Karas)

Okay, ummm how about we have someone interview me so you can learn about me!! And I choose you throws a ball

Ichigo “Strawberry” Kurosake!!

A redhead rolls out and looks everywhere, huge sword in hand.

“What the fu-!?” a foot to the face stops him before he can finish.

“Geeze what you language. This is for children!”

“No it’s not…”

“Shut the bleep up and ask the bleeping question before I take this bleeping bleep and shove it up you bleep.” His eyes widen, taking a step away.

“Okay” clears throat.




“I’ll be 18 December 20th!”

“Wow, want a cookie?”


Ichigo shakes his head in shame. “Purpose in life?”

Umm, to find a guy who looks like Cloud, naturally!! I don’t want some dress up wanna be, and to make him my sex slave.

“Um, yeah…Why?”

Because he’s a pouty emo bitch. And I can turn his frown upside down…Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

“Yeah, moving on. Oh here’s and easy one. Sex?”




School girl by day. Full blown stripper at night. By the name of Satan’s Naughty Pussy Cat.

“You’re stupid”

You’re a fire crotch.

“Suck my dish!”

Lick my bowls. I hope you get raped my demented monkeys with huge cocks, painted green like a jelly bean, jump up and down on there things mofo. BECAUSE YOU WISH YOU WERE ME!!


You lost your cool points Ichi bye. Tell Kon I said hi! And leave the chick with big boobs alone and leave Rukia alone and go with either the last quincy or umm the kitty cat lady. Because she looks like me! smiles while sending Ichigo into the deepest depths of her basement.

Alright…You’ve succeed to go past all my stupid words so yay! Now lets get down to business.

To be postetd.

Business and Pleasure

Chapter 17 (devoided of a title yet) is just being started. So far Cloud and Leon go on the town and stuff in my mind but i have yet to plan it out, Let's just say it will be posted ummm December...10th. Oh yeah!! And hey my birthdays the 20th!! YAY!

Let it Snow

Got a treat for you. Chapters 1 through 10 have all be rewritten. Chapter 11 is done and being edited now. Chapter 12 being written as we speak.

Okay DUDE!! I've been like trying to post my story for like ever! And the stupid thing keeps saying that i can't post it yet and to go to this thing for something about an error and i'm like what the fuck!! GAWD!! still tries to post chapter

My friend, My lover, My Life

At this point discontinues. But will be done at some time.

Future installments


A story of Cloud and Zack coming to the army, when some freak accident happens and they get separated. The key to what’s going on is all in Zack’s hands…but no one can find him.


The wound was fresh and bleeding profusely. It was located above his right eye, and he could barely see out of it. His back ached and his wrists stung, he again pulled at his wrists, trying to loosen his restraints, but to no avail. He winced in pain as the rope cut more into his skin. The room was dark, the only sound was the lone light, it humming in protest of being on. The man spat out blood, wiping the excess on his shoulder. How did he mess this up? He sighed deeply, letting his head dip down until it touched his chest. A soft jingling sound emitting from under his shirt.

The man was clad in a uniform, it was forest green with patches of brown here and there with black boots that were shinned to perfection. His shirt was open though, letting the white-tee show through. He was currently looking at the dog tags around his neck. They read “Donavan”.

The man was in a chair…A rope tying his wrists together behind the chair, and his waist was also roped down but they left his legs free. The man couldn’t help but smirk at the situation. It had been what? Almost two years now of guerilla warfare, he came out from the country not knowing a damn thing. He avoided bombs, bullets, insurgents, dying…and now here he was. Caught by one single man.

A stupid FBI angent.

Absolute Oblivion

A story involving Reno and Cloud. Reno had just been left by Rufus, a horrible break up, he decided to wither away and just die. He hadn’t plan on a certain blonde finding him.


Fuck ShinRa and everyone in it, he thought bitterly. A deep frown came to face and his eyes finally let the tears fall, he turned around and punched the brick wall. Something snapping as it contacted the fifth time. He winced and pulled it back to him, as the blood dripped down the wall. He had nothing to live for…his job, his love, his life was all but a painful memory. His vision was better now, maybe the puking out his guts helped some. He again looked up at the moon, now noticing that it was full. He smiled softly, he always had a soft spot for the moon, he never really knew why. The sounds of an engine being turned of, and a throttle being shut down caught his attention, he looked over down the back alley towards the street. His eyesight was back but not that clear, all he could see was a huge black thing sitting in the middle of the street. The sound of foot steps resonating through out the back alley and with each step getting closer.

What if it was a mugger or a gang member. He grinned, maybe they’d have the decency to end his sorry ass life for him. Then again one could only hope. The person was decked in black with a bright ear ring in its ear, from the lack of boobs and hips Reno guessed it was a guy. The “guy” walked all the way up to him and stood looking down. Reno squinted his eyes to try and see the person but he couldn’t. ‘What the hell was I drinking?’ Reno was in a really bad position, not being able to move and barely being able to see, but he always was person with considerable sized balls. He smirked as he said

“Can I fucking help you?” The man looking at him raised an eyebrow, his bright baby blue eyes widening as what he suspected was true.

“ Reno?” a deep voice asked, the eyes becoming more clear in Reno’s mind and the blonde hair shinning even more in the moon light, now who did he know with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Each of these are just small little parts of the stories I’ve started. Like them? They won’t be given out for a while maybe in January.

And don’t worry the titles aren’t permanent.

If you have any question about anything or comments. You can A leave them with one of my stories or B email me @ PrincessB_282@msn.com

I’ll update this page each weekend, telling you of my progress I swear.

Oh and in this section

Yaoi equals God

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