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THANK YOU for reading and reviewing! I don't always reply to each review, however, I cherish each one. Some of you even give me great options on my stories (always credited, of course). I do respond to the rare PM that I receive. If you have a question regarding my work, feel free to bug me!

June 18, 2015 -- Work will not get me down! Tidbits are still arriving, here and there. There will be a post!

May 22, 2015 -- Still here, folks, working away! The 60-hour work weeks have more and more items added to my never-to-be-finished "To Do" list. So, that's how that goes... I am still working on Rude Awakening.

AND... After MANY long years, A NEW STORY in the works! It's only in outline form at the moment, but it will be completed BEFORE I post so you don't have to wonder 'what ever happened to...?" Happy New Year!

November 24, 2014 -- Happy Thanksgiving! My writing is moving along at a slow pace, but it is moving. We're -this- much closer to new chapters. Yeah!

September 19, 2014 -- Again, thank you for hanging on this long. I have not forgotten you or my stories. I still squee with glee each time a favorited or following email comes into my box. We have been short several people at work for the past two years, which means I work 50-60 hour weeks - which leaves an itty-bitty piece of life for my family and farm and that's it. We've added two cats to the mix for pests and rodents, so there's no end to the wonderful madness that is my crazy life.

However, the constant Go-Go-Go is getting tiresome and I miss you terribly. The good news is that 2015 will be a little lighter and I can dedicate weekly time to getting my stories updated and posted for you to love or hate or offer a change.

Happy Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day! International Talk Like A Pirate Day

P.S. >> My story "Ancient Law" will have a sequel in the future. The sequel was in a vague outline stage at the time I wrote A.L., and it still is, which is why it's listed as a one-shot. The sequel will be complete before I post it so you don't have the current torture of waiting and waiting and waiting... Posting time is unknown.

March 2014 -- I AM still ADJUSTING "Rude Awakening." That means I am losing the bloated filler, tightening up some story lines, and rewriting jumbled sections. The current posting will stay as is until it's finished. Then I'll delete what's up there and re-post. The rest of the story is still in progress, but not as fast as I'd like - simply because Real Life loves roadblocks and side trails.

09/20/2013 -- I'm turning my favorite bits of deleted old stories into one-shots. I haven't decided if I'll post them as individuals or a themed collection.


I'm over 40 now, and as many put it - I don't care. It's liberating and exhilarating to get to this stage. If only it didn't take so long. Yes, my profile picture is really me - in one of my many hats.

I live in my backyard - napping in the hammock, sleeping in the tent, watching movies with the projector, food and libation on the patio, growing fruits and vegetables, etc... It's not everything I want it to be, but it's getting there.

I have a fiction press account. It's empty right now as I decide what goes up. I once had anything and everything. It was a mess of odds and ends, bits and pieces.

I have a personal blog - It references two other themed Tumblr blogs, as well. I like tumblr because it has a variety of posting options all in one place. I hate having a myriad of accounts and having to follow one person in several different places.

-- Anij --


- sketched her interpretation of a moment between characters in my story "Ancient Law." orientalbunny art at LiveJournal.

The Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade Ball

"...a weekend of enchantment created each year as a celebration of inspiration and fantasy. Lost within the borders of chaos and light, nobles dance within the Faerie Court where legends take precious breath and dreams are born."

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Rude awakening reviews
Maritza made a wish. The Goblin King made a deal. "If I do this for you, you must do the same for me. My desire for yours. A fair exchange." When she found out what he wanted, she changed her mind. The Williams' family gets caught in the middle.
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