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~=-=~The Enchanted Cheesy Soybean~=-=~

the cheese welcomes you...

Thank you for visiting. But in order to proceed you must answer some questions...

you: But we're not talking...


you: How can I answer questions if-


you: Pssh. Well if you're going to snap at me I'm leaving.


you: (taps foot)

(sighs) Alright, you don't have to answer the questions.

you: Good.

...I don't know what to say...

you: Why don't you start with your name?

Are you joking?

you: (shrug)

You could very well be a serial killer. If I give you my name then you'll track me down, stalk me during everyday life, then wait until I'm all alone and POW! You'll kill me.

you: ...

Yeah...scared now huh? Now that I know your plan.

you: But I'm not a-

Sssh! Even walls have ears...

you: ...

Ok, I think we're safe. The trees are dead.

you: What?

The trees? They have ears too, you know.

you: ok...sure...

So, anything else?

you: old are you?


you: right, right. uhm...give a vague idea.

Alright, my age is between 1 day and 120 years.

you: I didn't mean that vague...

oh yeah? yeah, mr. serial killer?

you: for the last time, I'm not-

Alright, yeah sure.

you: If you don't believe me I'm just going to leave-


you: (sigh) Alright, I'll stay, but you have to be nice.

Nice? Sure, I can be nice.

you: I'm thirsty.

(shrugs) so?

you: (snaps fingers) Go get me something to drink.

Pssh. Fine. Wait! I'm not getting you a drink! This profile page is supposed to be about moi, and I'm not getting you anything! Cause I'm no'cho slave, foo!

you: (evil, deep voice) Actually, yes. You are.


you: When you were five you gave me your soul for cheese.

(gasp) (points) SATAN!



you: I'm the...PIZZA DELIVERY GUY!

(enter Psycho theme music and lightning)


you: we done here?

Yeah, sure.

you: ok, I'm going to check out what you've written.

Sure thing. Enjoy. Oh, and if you are bored...check out this site that my good friend FrostyPoop and I created:

This site has a photo gallery that includes some pics that I drew in Paint that go along with my Insane World of Harry Potter story. Check it out because they're pretty good.

you: What kind of a user name is FrostyPoop?

Inside joke.

you: ...ok...

Also, for your viewing pleasure:

This is a Neopets guild that is the best guild that you shall ever find. Want to know what the theme is? Why, Potter Puppet Pals of course. This guild was created by a friend and myself.

you: Neopets is dead.

NEOPETS IS NOT DEAD! Neopets is life... (not really)

you: ...

Oh! And here is a simply superb site created by thecoughadorablecough Neil:

Ok, enough of my drabble.

...hmm...on second thought...

you: Will you just let me get through this so I can read?


you: Well then...I'll just have to do this! (pokes my eye)

AAAAAHHHH! (runs around yelling about my poked out eye and is exiled because I have to wear an eye-patch and I grow old and don't go outside to trim the weeds until my house is overgrown with dying plants and it looks like a swamp and people say the house is haunted and lived in by a witch and children don't dare get near the house because they heard the evil ‘witch’ eats children and soon I die alone and without friends in an ugly old house in a swamp)

You: ...ok...

Read my stories please. or else I shall become an ugly old witch with no friends...all dairy artificial dairy chocolate...n- oooh! A mint! (picks the mint off the floor and dies from poisoning)

Evil Czechoslovakian mice who are planning world domination- HA HA! Vwee 'ave keeled ze last resistaunce! ATTAUCK! on dear friends! And may you not be attacked by evil Czechoslovakian mice.

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