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I've had an account on this website since 2001, and it's been literal decades since I first started posting stories here. This site has changed its coding many times over the years, and because of that the majority of my older fics have had their formatting stripped from them. What this means is that, while they looked fine when I originally posted them, many of them had become all but unreadable due to section breaks, italics/bolding, and other formatting disappearing over the years. And that's not even adding in the fact that, when I posted my earlier fics, there weren't as many character and relationship options as there are now so many of them were lacking in proper tags.

It would take much more time than I'm willing to spend to edit all of my fics, especially since there's no guarantee that future changes won't nullify my efforts. This has been additionally complicated by this site's refusal to separate fandoms into their own categories, instead combining only vaguely related fandoms into one large category, so that I don't feel comfortable posting a large number of my more recent fics to this site as there's no appropriate fandom to post them under.

I much prefer Archive of our Own (AO3) to this website for a variety of reasons, and it's been the primary home of my fanfiction for over a decade. Previously, I had left my older stories up on this website solely to keep from losing comments that people have left over the decades. The last year or so, though, I've been getting more and more messages that say nothing about the fics themselves and only complain about the stripped formatting from older stories or missing tags or the fact that some fics aren't marked as AU when they were jossed by later events in canon (ignoring the fact that, at the time they were written and posted, said events hadn't happened yet).

It's gotten to the point where it has become more trouble than it's worth to keep my stories crossposted to this site. Because of that, I've gone through all of my fanfiction that was posted on this site, saved the comments for nostalgia's sake, and then deleted the works. I won't be deleting this account, as I still use it to follow a handful of stories that currently don't crosspost on the AO3 or that post here first before crossposting to the AO3 after a significant delay, but I won't be keeping any of my fics posted here.

If you're interested in finding any of my fanfiction that is no longer posted on this website (as well as my fanvids and original fiction), they can all be found on the Archive of our Own (AO3) under the name Settiai (ao3 [dot] org/users/settiai). There are currently 731 of my works posted on that site, and I post new ones regularly.

I can also be found on various social media under the name Settiai.

(Last Updated: 18 February 2023)