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Hello, peoples, I am a naturally bored person who finds it easy to write beginnings of stories but finds it hard to finish them as I get discouraged and start to think that the story sucks. Poor me.

Also, I have a small, teeny weeny obsession with wings and flying. Yah... Any stories where the main character has a nice pair of wings that let them fly would be good to know about, yeah...

Name: Would you think I was an idiot if I told you I forgot?

Hobbies: Um, don't have any, nor do I have a social life. Oh! Oh! Oh! I realized I had hobbies! I realized I had hobbies! Yay me! They're...they're...they're...um, I forgot...

Nicknames: Why bother? They're cruddy anyway.

Favorite Music: I like what I like, I mean what else can I say.

Favorite Food: Too many to chose from, but ramen is delicious. Gawd, I'm hungry now...

Favorite TV Show: Wow, you really expect me to choose? Yes? Fine, Smallville and Kyle XY! Oh, and House!

Favorite Books: Blood and Chocolate, Wild Blood. And the Dragon Temple series by Janine Cross. Those are seriously awesome.

I'm very vague, aren't I? No? Dang...

Alright people, I've lost interest in Inuyasha, so I'm not writing any more of those.

For my Naruto fics, I write when I feel like writing or when bored so, don't expect fast updates.

Yeah, that's about it.

Important: All stories, except Kogane Ookami which will be on a temporary (hopefully) hiatus and maybe Demonic Immolation (of course, if I do continue, it will be rewritten), are discontinued. I will simply be unable to continue them because I am a lazy arse. And, if I ever update Kogane Ookami again, it will be because I finished writing the story. Now, if any of you actually read my profile, I do not wish for you to complain, because all it will do is annoy the hell out of me and nothing more.

Avatar Naruto: Discontinued. No desire to continue it. If I ever do put it back up, it'll probably be better and probably already written out.

Breaking Point: Discontinued. Yah, I completely forgot where I was going with this. Sorry.

Demonic Immolation: If this is updated again, it will be rewritten and different. I've rewritten the first chapter, but don't get your hopes up, doesn't mean it'll actually get updated. Just means I felt like writing it and came up with something of a plot that I'll probably forget, wait, I already did. Whoops.

Ever After of a Sad Story: Discontinued. I just don't have much of a desire to write it anymore

Hidden Behind Their Masks: Done. Now that I think about it, this was kinda crappy.

Kogane Ookami: Updated. Don't expect more soon.

No Longer Human: Discontinued. Really? I couldn't see it going anywhere.

The Change: Discontinued.

The Final Decision: Complete. I think this is one of my better stories, despite its lack of reviews. Yah, utter crud, actually.

And thats it, status of all the stories I plan on continuing or hope to continue.

At the moment, I'm gonna try actually finishing the stories and I've gotten rid of the ones I'm sure I won't. Of course, I'm also trying my best not to fall to the temptation of writing all the stories swirling around in my mind, and believe me that's a good amount.

Like, just a second ago, I got an awesome idea about a Naruto/HP crossover where, during the sealing Minato gets sent to Harry's world and into Harry's body cause he just died. He was told by the shinigami to save the world and still had access to his chakra. That'd be cool. Oh, and since I don't plan on writing it, you can use the idea. In fact, I challenge you to come up with a logical and reasonable way for that to work.

Anyway, I'm writing this awesome story that's a Naruto/Smallville crossover. I love Smallville! Clark is so hot! Mm, Clark. Please ignore that. Geeze, I must sound seriously impulsive...

Right, well, anyway, Naruto's gonna be Kryptonian and totally awesome. Its humorous and probably the first Naruto fic I've done that Naruto isn't in some way dark. My friend said it was funny. I have at least a couple of chapters of that written down. Just need to type it. I won't be posting it soon. I'm hoping to have it finished before I post it, that way, I don't give you false hopes of it getting finished or not.

Righteo, then, have a good day. I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing so tips are always welcome. Ta ta!

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Kogane Ookami reviews
A journal found and a boy's story unfolds. Behold, Naruto's life through the pages he left behind in an old, leather journal. Remake of the original. Currently thinking of new title.
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