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Poll: For a long time now, I have considered changing my penname StormingDragon. Though my '666' is iconic to me, it was made up by a petty 12-year-old me who thought it was "cool/badass", and I'm starting to prefer the sound of StormingDragon instead. What do you think? Vote Now!
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Author has written 28 stories for Naruto, Bleach, Pokémon, Sengoku Basara/戦国BASARA, Rise of the Guardians, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

My name is Tatum and I wish I was back in high school where on an average day my worst problem was deciding my favorite ships

I've decided they are SasorixSakura and APH RussiaxChina so I guess I won the game and have to stumble into adulthood now

(Actually no, I will keep one foot covertly planted in FandomLand as long as I can because it brings me joy, and in my opinion that's what we're all fumbling about on this Earth for in the first place).

So this is my tumblr, you can pretend to be interested if you want, it's mostly pictures from fandoms I like, fanfic snippets posted very rarely.


My Nametag: I'm equally fine with Tatum (from "irl"), Hong Kong (irl "Hetalia nickname"), or Storm (Fanfic Diva Name).

Myself: I'm a quiet, unassuming girl of German descent who goes to college and fears having to trade fandom investment for career investment. I can only pray that one day I will feel a quarter as invested in being an adult as I am in writing or in anime. I like languages, pizza bites, my dog Samus and scary Youtube Let's Plays.

My Favored Stuff: Pokemon, instrumental music, dark/suspenseful stories, science trivia, 90% of all ships. My favorite book is Watership Down and always will be.

My Non-favored Stuff: butterflies. I'm scared of butterflies, though I don't know why.

Slightly interesting facts: I'm left-handed, am in the US Air Force, have never once fought with my elder brother (we are non-conflict pals 5ever), and was anime club president once upon a glorious high school time.

Note to the N00bs: (1) I use "666" as a divider in my stories instead of the grey lines seen in many fanfics. I use a pair of those with a time and/or setting in between, to show that a new scene has begun. I do this because when I began fanfic-ing at age twelve, even though I in no way was against God or religion, I thought the number looked cool. It was completely superficial. The only reason I still do this is because it's become something of a signature for me. Please take no offense. (2) I write "Ta...Storm" at the end of every chapter as a signature. "Ta" is just short for "ta-ta," as in goodbye, and the latter word is just my internet name. I am probably getting rid of this.

NOTE FOR EVERYONE: I often can't write that much because college and because work and because adulthood. IT MAKES ME MAD AND SAD.


PAST: I came here as an angry, whiny 12-year-old in 2005 and never left v_v I think my first fic was for Warriors Cats and it included my absurd Mary Sue-cat OC. I also wrote Inuyasha fanfiction on a place called Animespiral, though thank God the place closed down so my "assassin AU" bullshit is lost forever c: Oh yeah I once began a chapter by claiming that I received 6 PMs requesting a new chapter or asking me a question. I did no justice to the internet perception of middle schoolers.

PRESENT: My main focus is Sakura Haruno of "Naruto"; I latched onto her when Naruto was on Toonami in like 2006/7 and have never stopped loving her. That was also when I latched onto absurd romance fanfiction, but thank God those stories grew up with me also, and I worked hard to make my absurd love stories at least somewhat palatable and built on pretty legit plot foundations or curiously dark AU settings. It's all for the glorification of Sakura, really, but I like to dress it all up nice.

ANYTHING ABOUT CURRENT FICS: Why don't you ask me in a PM ya jerk I'd love to answer you immediately and write you an essay. To answer a common one, no Airborne is not dead Airborne has NEVER been dead.

OTHER SIDE NOTE: I despise the summary phrases "what will happen when/if" and "a certain redhead/blonde/Italian/Uchiha." Like, do you have a single creative bone in your body

All around, I prefer fanfics to be treated fairly seriously. Silly teen fantasies though they are, I worked hard to create and polish mine, and they are as precious to me as any book-in-progess is to its upcoming novelist writer. So these stories will serve as my babies until my actual novel about artists, liars, political maneuvering and dragons manages to get published.


For Airborne My first fanart, by the queen of MultiSaku herself, Vesper chan; A picture by my dearest Thirrin73 of the mythical "relaxed" Sakura; another by Thirrin73, of Sasori and Sakura; and a chibified version of Airborne Sakura, which I think was my first fanart ever, done by Vesper. But wait! I just found this pencil sketch of all the experiments together!

For Seven: A picture of Seven-verse Sakura drawn by me, because I'm such an arrogant little loser I draw my own fanart; Several combined pictures of Seven-verse Sakura, drawn by Thirrin

For Animal Kingdom: A "poster" of Sakura with all her future Uchihas, and a gun:

For Pathway: Sakura and her (future) Wartortle, Romeo; my own loser fanart of Sasuke playing with Night, his Quilava; a group shot of Sakura with (most of) her Pokemon, Beatrice the Flaaffy, Romeo the Squirtle and Cassio the Sentret, by RaRa94,

For multiple stories: this section is solely for Lady Hanaka's fanart, which combines my early fanfictions, Greatest Gladiator, Airborne, and You Can't Take Me

For personal stuff, watch out: This is handmade Typhlosion plushie I commissioned, and deeply adore; her name is Shade; And this is what I look like; how dare I put this on the internet.

Ideas For Stories I May/Will Write In The Future.

Subject to change, summaries included.

...1. Hetalia. "China is asked for his history. His life, making, and undoing. He remembers the day he was born, the first time he lifted a sword. The day he fell in love and breathed dragonfire, and the day he killed a god. Fanfic of China's four thousand years. RoChu."

Notes: Researched as FUCK. I have had this idea for 2.5 years and have been slowly reading history books half for my own enlightenment and half so I can accurately write a goddamned fanfiction. Pairings still included 'cause I'm a fangirl underneath my craggy exterior and spirit animals because I flippin' feel like it.

...2. Naruto. "Four monsters look through a window to another world, and their gaze is caught by one human. Men are killed, and stones crushed and forests burned to ash as they wait, and watch. AU. Heavily implied MultiSaku."

Notes: Thiiiiis is the prequel to "The Night Under" that I've always wanted to do (since I discovered that a sequel to the story required me to pass a basically impossible plot hurdle). This is basically a story of human-like creatures observing the life of a human and marveling and being confused at all they see, both adoring it and fearing it. In fangirly terms for those who read the original story, it's about the four demons looking through their ancient mirror to watch (stalk) Sakura for roughly a year before they were able to drag her into their world and lie about trying to get her back home. Creepy teenage fantasy though they both are, I love this fic and its universe and it gives me the doki dokis plz leave me alone aghh!

...3. Naruto. "Sakura Haruno shines like a star in the day and descends into hell at night in her dreams. The people there become real to her, real as truth and they always will be, and so she takes it upon herself to save them within the dream. Time after time, death after death. SakuCentric."

Notes: Probably the most expansive fic I've ever imagined, as close to "epic" as I could ever get. This story involves teenage AU Sakura (or maybe canon Sakura? Either could work) whose dreams are very complex, lifelike and even episodic. For three dreams, three nights in a row, she may get to know a person only to find them dead in the fourth dream on the fourth night, and try to exact revenge for them on the fifth, and find them alive and well in a completely different universe in the sixth. There's one main pairing and it's...pretty out-there. Certainly one I've never written before but I rly like it c: This is the one that I suspect MOST readers could enjoy, meaning, not just my regular Sakura-fangirl crowd but Naruto fanfic readers in general.


Notes: Kind of spired by a TV show called "The Wire." Something to the effect that Sakura is a twenty-one year old college student being a student teacher for some college credit plot bullcrap, overseeing a chemistry class of high school seniors that nobody else wants to deal with, AKA Akatsuki members, teehee. Their relationship starts off predictably rocky and un-progressive but they slowly grow more friendly towards each other. Teacher-student romance included! And violence because maaan I love violent scenes! And high school drama, too, but this includes everything from "dating" to "someone's eye is gouged out." Least likely of all these stories to be published.

...5. Naruto. "The unexplained movement of objects is a force to be reckoned with. It frightens humankind, incites fearful gossip throughout whole populations. Psychic powers, if made real, could ruin quiet dinners or rip governments in half. The one thing Hinata Hyuuga has ever been proud of is that the cause of all this could be her, and her invisible friend. AU."

Notes: Totally not inspired by the video game "Beyond: Two Souls" which I watched PewDiePie do Let's Plays of this October/November. This would my first try at doing some justice to Hinata, whom I've always liked but never written fics about. This would be...psychic Hinata. Either psychic Hinata, or Hinata who has a spirit-friend who uses psychic powers FOR her, or both. Either way, whatever happens, no one would ever suspect sweet little Hinata to be behind the strangeness or dangers, and she knows this, and once in a great while...uses it to her advantage. NaruHina or KibaHina may be included somewhere.

If you get anything out of this profile, let it be this: I'm a Sakura fan and a Hetalia fan who loves to write very long fics with romance in them, and"slightly dark AUs" are my favorite. I could have told you that without the extra 2k words here, but chose not to. I like forcing people to read long-ass things that I wrote c:

All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies

And when they catch you, they will kill you.

But first they must catch you."

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Naruto: Johto Journeys by KitsuneDragon reviews
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Crossover - Pokémon & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 37 - Words: 417,557 - Reviews: 427 - Favs: 468 - Follows: 344 - Updated: 4/14 - Published: 7/10/2011 - Cyndaquil/Hinoarashi, Naruto U.
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