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Hey everybody,

So this page has been added to,rather than revamped,but it's better than before I guess,how many people really check these out anyway?? I've also added a pic! It's me and my mate,at a marae I'm trying to practise my "L-kick"


So I live in New Zealand, so I get stuff wrong regularly in my fics and make up a whole lot of wrong stuff!!


GEORGE:(Mediator series) Jesse is alive and well, never was a ghost... Or was he?? I'm really close to the actual plotline of this fic my last chapter that I posted a while ago (chapter 8) starts to hint at what may happen...but it will take a big imagination to guess absolutely correctly lol

LIFE WITHOUT THE VENTURI'S: (Life With Derek) George an Nora aren't married. They tried living together around Casey's 16th birthday. So she moved to her Dad's in Philadelphia for a year, before Nora and Lizzie moved out of the Venturi's because Lizzie and Edwin didn't get along. Casey comes back, a whole lot different to how she used to be. Edwin and Lizzie finally admit that they actaully like each other so Nora and George decide to give it another go. A few secrets are revealed, but nothing as yet.


or the Chinese Mafia that my friend and I are like this (crosses fingers togther) with will be after you!!

Dedication time!!

Esmeralda01-loves-you (I believe that's the name now?): I have to give credit to you. Totally genius!! lots of influence in my fics. You rock. I miss our Sexy dancing times to "Buttons" though. Sigh. Good times! Don't worry, I'm not exactly going to kill the character you are my muse for!

Erica-the bubble over-lord:Uhm,what's your screen name?? Sevvy-something?? My bad,I haven't checked you out on here in ages,but people check her out,this is my internet buddy,whom I converted to bebo,coz it's better than myspace!!

I don't really have anyone else to dedicate to, so if you want a special mention give me a nice long review or a great PM and I'll give you one!!

QUOTES that I find either amusing or funny, or just felt like putting here for the sake of it

"Yeah, someone smashed a window through the brick!"-- That was me, after some one had broken into our car,it was meant to be someone smashed a brick through the window

"Mmmmm, how deliciously evil, it's as if someone STABBED Mr bubbles"-- Stewie, Family Guy.

"Oh and Brian, if the Cookie Monster calls again, tell him I don't want to talk to him unless he's out of rehab." -- Stewie, Family Guy. Nuff said!

"A fart on Thomas Putnam!"--Giles Corey, The Crucible, I mean, it's quite an old play with some very proper language, so a fart? I don't know!

"Not even ow!" Jeff Da Maori, Bro' Town

"Sexy Time!"-- Borat, Self titled. (Good times Mariah,good times!)

Current obsessions:

Skateboarding: This year for my Media Studies class,I have to make a documentary,so me and my mate are filming about the "Filly Skate Crew" or xFSC, who are a bunch of guys in our town who skate and are real positive about the community and stuff, and I started filming a while ago and now I totally want to learn how to skate... I haev a new pair of shoes that are good for skating too lol

Life Of Ryan: MTV,you rule for putting this on,Ryan Sheckler is an awesome skater, who from his show seems like a really cool person, I luv the way he treats his younger brothers,he's so good to them,makes me wish I had an older brother lol... And he really values his friendships with his close friends,which I totally respect,so I really hope that's how he is off-cameras too!! And he has cool eyes...

Eyes: I luv eyes,brown boys with green/blue eyes are soo hott!! Or huge, dark, eyes like orbs are beautiful!!

Well, that's all for now folks, but there will be more as this page is still in the revamping process so remember, you want a mention: REVIEW my stories,or send me a lengthy PM telling me how I'm so good at writing!!

009 & 1/2 (Taxi)

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