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Story Status

Berry Kisses: I'll take requests, otherwise I'm updating whenever I get an idea. The well may run dry at any time, so sorry to the readers if I can't update quickly anymore.

Lemon Zest: I'm always up for some citrus, but again, once the well runs dry, it's dry.

Love Pattern: Perhaps it was due to being in a near constant state of endangerment, but when it came to love, Minako fell hard and fast. (Persona 3 Portable, Female Protagonist and Akihiko pairing)

Singles (Two one shots, an A and B side):

One Passionate Kiss: A-side: A short lemon with Akihiko/Female Protagonist
B-side: A short lemon with Shinjiro/Female Protagonist


Forever - When is the next update? What happened? I have scrapped this project. It is being rewritten as Coffee and Wine.

Shadow Hearts: Twilight- After playing the game I could not resist making this story. For my full opinion (too long to place here) please see the Introduction, my first Author's Note. The plot follows history with the Shadow Hearts characters thrown in. After I run out of history, I will turn to my own devices, borrowing some plot bunnies from the book "The Romanov Phrophecy" that deals with the possible survivor of Anastasia and Alexei. The pairing will be Kurando and Anastasia.

Stairway to Heaven : Cheokukui Gyedanrewrite of original story. To put in perspective just how much I've changed - the original word count of the first two chapters was about 6000. The rewrite of the first chapter is over 7000 words. I've expanded on characters, trying to flesh them out a bit more, and I've changed the plot so that it resembles something of my own invention. It is still inspired by the Korean drama of the same name, however. Sakura and Syaoran have been friends since childhood. After Nadeshiko dies, Fujitaka remarries a Chinese Actress. She gets a stepsister named Meilin, and a stepbrother named Eriol. Normally things would be well, but Eriol is a hermit lost in his art, and Meilin is out to make her life a living hell and steal Syaoran. Sakura puts up through the torture but an accident changes everything . . .
- The mega long first chapter, A Dream's Story, is planned to be told in five parts. Part 01 is complete, 02 is in final editing stage, 03 is 50 complete, 04 is 25 complete, and 05 is 0 complete.

Amor no. 5 - A fun ficcie I thought up one sleepless night. Sakuno goes to a fortune teller to see how her and Ryoma will end up. Except the fortune teller didn't exist! And what happened to her exactly...? Teehee, the cliche love potion-esque fic an author must write at least once in their lifetime. I'm going to try and keep this one short! And maybe it will have ecchi content. I'm not sure yet. I haven't written an ecchi hormone filled fic in awhile and I kinda miss it. XD

Coffee and Wine - What is this fic? It is Forever, rewritten. I will keep Forever up for nostalgia purposes, but this is the fic that will be updated from now on. To reiterate from the first chapter's A/N - This is my old fanfic, Forever. What have I done? Basically two things ā€“ rewrite the entire fanfic with a new storyline and characters (it bears some similarities to my revised fanfic in this aspect) and a completely new style is added. Basically Forever embarrassed me. I wrote the first draft when I was 14, the rewrite when I was 16, and now that Iā€™m 18 I find my style immature and the plot progressions juvenile. This is new enough that I am reposting it as a new story, rather than reediting the old one. To my old fans of this fic ā€“ I hope you enjoy the new direction it is taking!

Candlight Fantasia - A Satoshi.Risa fic. If you don't like this pairing, fark you. I don't really care. I like this pairing, and cry from the amount of decent fics so I decided to make one of my own! It involves Satoshi, Risa, and a trip around Europe on the Eurail. Sound fun? Just you wait_.

Andante - Ah yes... If anyone's read this section for long, they might remember that I was planning a PoT fic due to the lack of good straight fics for this series. Well, I finally wrote it. ;; I'm trying to make the pace slow, like the title suggests, so no strong hormonal urges that catapult the relationship ahead. Just a nice, slow, growth of a couple. They are in their jr. year of High School, which is not as stressing as Senior year, but just enough to make one wary. Umm.. anyway, this fic will probably chronicle their Jr. and Sr. year, and perhaps afterword. I'm worried that all this tennis will burn me out on Ace! and Andante, but I shall try to update both as much as possible.

Ace! - Sakura dreams of becoming a professional tennis player. Naturally she enrolls in the best tennis college in the country. The problem? Well, it's an all male school. Things don't get much better when she discovers that she is falling for Syaoran, the team captain . . .
-- I'll be editing the AN from the previous chapters to make past reading easier. So now, AN will be placed at the end of the new chapter, and the AN from the previous chapter will be deleted
--For the curious, Ace! will cover their entire school years and the qualifying tournament for pro. The sequel to Ace, Ace baby! (a one shot) will cover a special professional match both had to face.
-- I also made a tiny crossover in my Andante fic. It spoils the ending of Ace! though...

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Bloody Roar - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,648 - Reviews: 9 - Updated: 3/8/2002 - Published: 2/5/2002 - Alice
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