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Hello, I'm EmblemQueen. Known as EmblemPrincess on a couple other sites, Stormy/Palomino at Zelda Universe.net, Great-Aether at Deviantart, and Eternal Bond at YouTube. My real name is Kelly. :3

Anywho, I LOVE FIRE EMBLEM. My absolute favorite video game series ever! I enjoy Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, and Smash Bros. too though. I main Ike and Luigi in Brawl. Oh, and I love Ike! He's really cool, really epic, really awesome, and sooo hot. x3

I've also been a Luigi fan for as long as I can remember. I grew up with him, actually, as one of the very first games I ever played was a Mario title where I could use him (Super Mario All-Stars, which had Super Mario Bros. 2). I won't stop liking him either, I can see that. He's just too funny and too cool!

I'm also 23 and a girl. I enjoy writing stories and drawing, specially Fire Emblem pieces. :3 I've constructed a wiki as an information hub for my story, Fire Emblem: Dawn of Darkness and I've created a fan FE forum with the same name as the story as well. Readers of the story can discuss both it and FE there all they want! At the wiki, you'll also find all kinds of sprites and artwork for the characters of DoD and plenty of information (including spoilers, so watch out for that!). There's still loooots of information missing, but don't worry, I'm working on that! There is also a Facebook page for DoD as well now, so Facebook people, feel free to follow it there! :3

Also, you all might notice that I've started a collection of Fire Emblem short stories that are related in some way to Dawn of Darkness. Here is the chronological timeline for those stories in relation to Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. This timeline will be edited as I add more stories to the collection.

Path of Radiance - Ashes of War - The Secret Sword - An Ultimate Challenge - Radiant Dawn - Dawn of Darkness/Knight in Shining Armor

Knight in Shining Armor takes place during Dawn of Darkness, about a few weeks after Elincia's departure from Tellius. A Mercenary's Tale is not included here because it is Ike telling the story of his life spanning from when he was a young child to when he left for Altarais (the setting of Dawn of Darkness). So it basically takes place during all these stories.

Oh, I'm a pairing nut too! Especially when it comes to, yep, you guessed it, Fire Emblem! My all time favorite pairings are in bold. We'll start with Fire Emblem!


- Chrom x Olivia

- Frederick x Female Avatar

- Frederick x Cordelia

- Stahl x Cordelia

- Lon'qu x Cherche

- Gaius x Maribelle

- Donnel x Lissa

- Henry x Sumia

Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn:

- Ike x Elincia

- Rolf x Mist

- Boyd x Mia

- Oscar x Tanith

- Rhys x Titania

- Gatrie x Astrid

- Kieran x Marcia

- Geoffrey x Callil/Nephenee

- Ranulf x Lethe/Lyre

- Kyza x Lethe/Lyre

- Renning x Lucia

- Haar x Jill

- Laura x Aran

The Blazing Sword:

- Hector x Lyn

- Kent x Florina

- Sain x Fiora (though SainxFlorina is good too)

- Wil x Rebecca

- Erk x Serra

The Sacred Stones:

- Seth x Eirika

- Ephraim x Tana

- Joshua x Natasha

- Franz x Amelia

The Legend of Zelda:

- Link x Zelda (all games except Twilight Princess. I especially adore it in Skyward Sword, The Minish Cap, and Ocarina of Time!)

- Link x Romani (Majora's Mask. I disliked Malon, but I did find one of her Termina counterparts cute, and if OoT Link can't get Zelda, Romani is my second choice for him)

- Link x Ashei (Twilight Princess)

- Komal ix Medli (The Wind Waker)

- Pipit x Karane (Skyward Sword. AND IT'S ACTUALLY CANON! YESSS! :D)

- Groose x Beatrice (Skyward Sword)

- Kafei x Cremia (Majora's Mask. Too bad it was one-sided. I don't care for Anju at all, she's stupid and I don't get how Kafei could possibly choose her over an awesome girl like Cremia. So my headcanon is that Kafei eventually divorces Anju and marries Cremia. Hey, divorce happens a lot in real life, so yeah. Deal with it, lol)

And that's it! I also have planned pairings for Dawn of Darkness. If you've read every chapter so far, you can probably guess these pairings (not including IkexElincia, obviously lol):

- Leyon x Azura

- Bryan x Faline

- Marc x Leona

- Ranulf x Kiara

That's them so far and counting!

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