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"Every time you choose an action, you must be willing to choose it for all eternity -- this is eternal recurrence. And it is the same for every action not made, every stillborn thought, every choice avoided. And all unlived life will remain bulging inside you, unlived through all eternity. And the unheeded voice of your conscience will cry out to you forever."

F. Nietzsche

A few things about me...

I am a perfectionist nerd who knows how to have fun, and I am unashamedly proud to be one!

I had a 4.0 GPA in high school and graduated summa cum laude in college. I was a cheerleader in both high school and college, but I also hold a black belt in martial arts! I love to dance, sing, and play the piano and guitar. I'd like to learn how to play the drums next, and then I think I'd like to learn the violin and then the saxophone. As you can see, I like to try my hand on different things. I think I'm sort of a Jack (or Jane?) of All Trades.

Some odd things about me...

I have names for every one of my stuffed animals. I regularly hold conversations with them, and they (believe it or not) talk back to me... all part of my multiple psychotic personality, I suppose. I am, after all, a crazy little woman!

I am absolutely crazy about penguins! Yes, I am a 'penguin luvr'! In fact, if I was an animal, I would definitely be a tropical penguin, like the Blackfooted Penguin of South Africa (as I don't like cold weather). I've also been told that I'm just as psychotic as those 'Madagascar' penguins and those Taekwon Dodo birds in 'Ice Age'!

I love shooting games of any kind, and I am quite the sniper in lazer tag (so I've been told). I'm very competitive, but I'm also a really good sport. I'm sort of a girly-girl, but I'm not afraid to spar or get dirty. I know I'll always be young at heart.

I'm a HUGE 'Lord of the Rings' fan! I once watched the 12-hour LOTR extended DVD marathon for New Years Eve with my friends, and then played the LOTR Trivial Pursuit for four hours straight right after that... And in case you were wondering, I did win that game!

Since I'm prone to having migraines, I've decided to give my migraine a name. Ladies and gents, I'd like you to meet 'Sir Poundsalot,' my Knight in Pounding Armour, whose battlefield is my entire head. He really does exist, and he has been living up to his beloved moniker! I blame him entirely for any spelling or grammatical errors I might've missed on my fics.

I'm a HUGE CSI: Miami fan, and I absolutely adore Ryan Wolfe! He's my fav CSI! Plus, he's so damn cute and sexy! Currently, all of my stories involve Ryan's character. I'm going to be posting the 'rated/edited version' of some of my NC-17 (MA rated) stories here, but feel free to visit my website for the full unedited version.

As a former English major, I enjoy beta-reading fics, especially the ones that involve...who else? Ryan Wolfe.

I also enjoy reading and writing het and slash fics that involve Ryan, and as long as the pairing is not too weird.

Pairings that I enjoy (Ship and Slash):

CSI: Miami



CSI: New York






Crossovers - CSI/CSI: Miami


Oh yeah... I like Speed too (CSI: Miami) and often wish that he and Ryan got to interact on the show. Other than that, I also love Greg Sanders, Danny Messer, and Nick Stokes.

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