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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Supernatural.

A little bit about me

Name: Susanne, but you can call me Susie;-)

Age: 30

Nationality: Danish

Languages spoken: Danish and English and a little bit of German.

Interests: Writing (duh), painting and drawing, Harry Potter. Lately I've found an interest in the tv-show, Supernatural and just started writing on my first fanfic for the show. I missed a strong female character, who's up there on the same level as the Winchester boys, so I made a special character, who I'll be writing about.

Supernatural - The Katie Samms Story is about the young woman, Katie who returns to the states to fight the demons and Lucifer, but something or someone is trying to find her. She reunites with the Winchester boys, who she knows from her childhood and they end up helping her out from time to time. On her travel across America she meets a lot of her old friends and friends of her father, but also lifethreating experriences that could kill her in the end. Follow the story about Katie and how she finds out more about her mother's secrets and how they are a part of the apocolypse.

Inside scoop on the characters of Supernatural - The Katie Samms Story

Katie Samms

Born: 30 July 1981 in Silver Springs, Maryland

Parents: Elana and Edward Samms

Katie lost her mother, when she was three and doesn't really remember that much of her. According to her father, the mother died of cancer, but for some reason the father started hunting after Elana's death. Ed became a respected hunter and became good friends with other hunters like Rufus, Bobby Singer and John Winchester, just to name a few. John Winchester has helped Ed out several times, but in 1994 it was a longer work related relationship that ended up with the two Winchester boys, Dean and Sam staying at Ed's house with Katie, while Ed and John were out hunting. Sam and Katie became good friends, but Dean wasn't that happy about Katie as she had a major crush on him and practiacally followed him around whereever he went.

But as the job was done, did the Winchester boys leave and Katie was once again alone and had to go back to the borring life pretty much alone, while her dad was out hunting. Her dad died when she was 17 years old on the job, Katie wanted to leave all the monsters behind and went to college at Berkley University, but she couldn't escape it. Berkley was the place where all the demons were for some reason, so Katie had to take up the job of hunting. In 2003 graduated Katie from Berkley University, where she had studied mythology, ancient history and theology. After college, she went to Europe, to search for her mother's family.

Paul Winters

Born: 16 September 1979 in Houston, Texas.

Parents: Barbara and James Winters

Siblings: Younger sister - Paula

Paul started hunting after he met Katie at Berkley University. After Paul and Katie graduated they separated. Paul continued hunting in America while Katie went to Europe. Their paths cross when Katie returns to the states and they team up once again.


Season 1

Episode 1 - Pilot

Published: October 4th, 2009

We follow the young hunter, Katie Samms, who returns to America after several years in Europe. When she hears that Lucifer is on earth, she sees it as her duty to help out with the fight against him. In the first episode of The Katie Samms Story, we follow Katie to New York, where she helps out an old college friend with a ghost problem, but nothing is what it seems, not to mention she meets two brothers she knew from her childhood.

Guest Stars: Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester

Episode 2 - Judgement Day

Published: October 21st, 2009

Katie Samms can't believe her own eyes when a group of demons kidnap her and put her on trial for sending them to hell years ago. An old friend appears and helps her with her demon problem.

Episode 3 - Bonnie & Clyde

Published: November 8th, 2009

Katie and Paul are back on the road and they end up in Texas, where they are researching on a ghost manifestation of a couple, but suddenly Sam Winchester appears on Katie's doorstep. He teams up with Katie and Paul on the job, but nothing goes as planned, Katie and Sam get themselves in a bit of a problem, so Paul has to go save the day.

Guest Star: Sam Winchester

Episode 4 - Drag me to hell

Published: February 14th, 2010

Katie and Paul take a case in Chicago, where a couple of kids have gone missing. The case developes and Katie has to reveal her deep and darkest secrets to Paul, not to mention she has to do magic that is exstreemly dangerous.

Episode 5 - Ode to Shrek

Published: August 24th, 2010

Paul and Katie ends up in Alaska. Here they team up with Ellen and her daughter Jo. Not a good match when it comes to Katie and Jo who never have been the best friends.

Guest Stars: Ellen Harvelle and Jo Harvelle

Episode 6 - The Past, The Present and the Future

Published: Coming Soon

A dark shadow closes in on Katie as an old boyfriend comes to town.

Episode 7 - The Circle

Published: Coming soon

Four witches from Katie's past comes to town. They threaten her to join them, but can she resist. Alex tries to lure her over to the dark side.

Episode 8 - Scream

Published: Coming Soon

Katie uses her magical abbilities more openly and it leads to a confrontation between her and Paul. Lizzi returns. She tries to get Katie to meet Lucifer. Meanwhile Paul meets Castiel, who wants Paul to prevent Katie from going dark side.

Guest Stars: Lucifer and Castiel

Episode 9 - Dream a little dream

Published: Coming Soon

Katie has a vivid dream about what will happen if she says yes to Lucifer.

Guest Stars: Sam Winchester and Castiel

Episode 10 - Witch Hour


Katie and Paul run into Sam and Dean in L.A. - They join forces on a case that takes place in a hospital. Katie is shocked by the news about Ellen and Jo's death and Sam confronts Katie about her magic and why she didn't help him after Dean went to hell.

Guest Stars: Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester

Episode 11 - The Prophecy


Guest star: Chuck

Episode 12 - The Winchesters are duschbags


Paul and Katie run into the Ghostfacers.

Guest Stars: The Ghostfacers

Episode 13 - Passion of the Christ


Paul needs Rufus' help to save Katie's life.

Guest Star: Rufus

Episode 14 - Reunion


After Katie and Paul have decided to go their seperate ways for a while, is Katie attending her highschool reunion and it's not going quite as Katie had imagined.

Episode 15 - Meat Train


Episode 16 - City of Angels


Episode 17 - Bread of Shame


Episode 18 - Bride to Be


Episode 19 - Untitled


Episode 20 - Untitled


Episode 21 - Untitled Part 1


Episode 22: Untitled Part 2


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