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Greetings and Salutations dear fanfiction writers and readers alike! The Last of the Star Makers here, reporting for duty!

Some of you may know me as Star or Last Star Maker or Star Maker or Lotsm or Flotsam. :) Just depends on what site you met me as to which pseudonym you know, but as a general rule those are all me.

I am currently twenty-five years old as of 2014, with a B.A. in Music Business and something like 17/30 hours completed for a Masters in Vocal Performance.

I found this site (as you can see at the top) about 2005 (I was a sophomore/junior in high school at the time), but I didn't start posting things here until 2007. My very first posts had to do with Yu Yu Hakusho, the bulk of which started with an idea I had while playing in my backyard in middle school. Of course...they're absolutely terrible and I don't recommend reading them, heh. I think everyone's first characters are Mary Sues and my dearest Misaki is definitely one of those, so you have been warned should you decide to venture into that nastiness!

Basically everything you see on my profile is on hiatus. I at one point was going back through and revising/rewriting my original YYH fanfic--The Ansatsusha Saga--with full intentions of doing the same to the following story--Tournament of Threes--and eventually getting to where I would post the final installment--Heart of the Elements. However, that's most assuredly fallen by the wayside at this point and I can't say for certain whether I'll ever really get back into it.

If you are looking for a frame of reference for my solo writing style as it is now, feel free to check out my Tobuscus fanfic Chance Meeting at the Coffee Shop. I'm actually rather proud of it! I started that in 2012 and worked steadily on it until January of 2014. The idea of it actually originates from 2008, though at the time I had a single sentence something like 'famous person gets chased by fangirls and saved by girl who has no idea who he is.' This is as everything else however, like I mentioned above: on hiatus.

Now, as to the reason why everything is on hiatus? Well, that's because my good friend CrisicMelody and I started a YYH roleplay November/December of 2013 and it's absolutely CONSUMED MY EVER-LOVING MIND since then. No really. Roughly a year later (we had a hiatus of three or four months in the middle somewhere) and we have over three thousand pages up on GoogleDocs. Tip: Docs starts to freak out after about a hundred pages, ha!

We've just started going back and making some editorial revisions as we're going to start posting the story here on the site, so be looking for updates to Yu Yu Hakusho: An Alternate Reality! ...yeah it's a working title.

Love, Peace, and Afro-grease,


The following quotes are from webcomics (mostly 8-bit Theatre) or around the site and at one point or another tickled my funny bone. Hope you enjoy!

"Wait, how do you know what these controls do?" "Why shouldn't I? I could be a flying ace. You don't know!" "That's like an argument." -Thief and Red Mage; 8-bit Theatre

"Okay look 10:30 is early in the morning to me. I was up late crying." "You were...what?" "I really desperately miss my wife, okay? ...and I got into the liquor cabinet." -Loki and Sheryl; The Modern Edda

"Assume that the universe has been expanding since the planck time. Calculate the necessary value for omega (the destiny of the universe as expressed by a ratio of the gravitational forces and expulsion forces) for all of creation to neither collapse nor expland into formless emptiness eons ago. Calculate omega for a universe that does not expand until after the planck time. Failure to show your work will result in your mysterious and contrived death." -Door from 8-bit Theatre

"Dud3, plan. I set all of this cardboard on fire. You make for the trap door and I'll dive through the window. One of us might survive. Maybe." - Largo; Megatokyo

"Rock, Paper, Scissors in the eye!" -Black Mage; 8-bit Theatre

"Wait…you’ve been stalking me?” “Yeah, half the people in this village do." -Mistress Zelda in her Harvest Moon story, Jill and Bob saying the lines.

"I don't get it. What's that jerk got that I don't got?" "You mean besides a grasp of grammar?" "Me talk good!" -Black Mage and White Mage; 8-bit Theatre

"God and Man love birds. God made trees. Man made cages." -The Fortuna Saga;

"I like that plan. Needs a sword fight in the middle but we can burn that river when we cross a bridge over a bush with two birds in glass houses...That really got away from me after 'sword fight.'" -Fighter; 8-bit Theatre

"If you hate me forever for doing you the injustice of splitting up a comic into these dreaded non-full page installations, drop on by and let me know. But be expected to deal with my man-tears." -Brian;

"Sire! I have new from abroad!" "That's no way to speak of my wife." -A Ranger and King Steve; 8-bit Theatre

"Knock knock!" "Um...who's there?" "Interrupting coefficient of friction!" "Interrupting coefficient of friction wh-" "MU!" -Quilt and Mrs. Deegan; Dominic Deegan

"Use your weapons, they are designed to inflict damage!" -Red Mage; 8-bit Theatre

"Ooooo yes! And while your friends are collecting seven magic spheres to wish you back to life, you can train with the secret martial arts master who lives here in the afterlife!" "...Really?" "No, not really, you moron! Does this look like Dragon Ball Z to you?!?" "Could have fooled me, that last battle was long enough..." -Fighter's Dad and Fighter; Order of the Stick

"That's facinating. Shut up." -Sarda; 8-bit Theatre

"Pyro pixie being difficult again. I'll have to smack him to get him to behave." -Vitanie Tora about Hiei in a review

"Dude, next time you have something to say, raise your hand...then put it over your mouth." -The Petulant Purple Princess

"Since things can't possibly get any worse, Red Mage, we turn to you." "Prepare to be proven wrong!" -Thief and Red Mage; 8-bit Theatre

"Lord Danovich, you've taken more risks in a few years than most take in a lifetime. You have so much to be proud of." "I tried to kill the woman I love in a blind rage. How can I be proud of that?" "You can't. But are you going to whine about it like a puppy? Or are you going to take a risk and do something about it?" "I appreciate the risk you took just saying that to a spellwolf." "Thank you, pleasedon'tkillme." -Nimmel Feenix and Lord Danovich; Dominic Deegan

-thinking to himself- "The most gorgeous woman in the universe is talking to you! Time to turn on that patented Black Mage charm and make a good first impression." -speaks out loud- "I am the Black Mage! I casts the spells that makes the peoples fall down." "...Of course you are. I'm going in here now. Please don't follow me." -thinks again- "I think she likes me!" -Black Mage and White Mage; 8-bit Theatre

"Hey which shampoo do I use? Blue or the white?" "Well do you have dry hair?" "No it's wet now." "No...I mean what kind of hair do you have?" "Red!" "...No I mean is your hair dry or fine or thick or what?" "...Long?" "Now you're just doing it on purpose aren't you?" "Completely...I'm going to use the white one." -Loki and Sheryl; The Modern Edda

-after finding the way back to the front of a cave- "Finally! We've made it back to the entrance!" -Fighter thinking to himself- "Wait a second..." -speaks out loud- "You fools! We're looking for the exit! We can't very well get out this way! It's all wrong! We'll have to turn around and find a proper exit." -White Mage and Fighter; 8-bit Theatre. (You have to understand the fact that Fighter is really stupid)

"The usual reason for Hiei’s moodiness can be simply explained: he can’t wear a hat. That is the true reason for our friend's little temper. He’s tried many different hats, but none of them would ever simply stay on his head. Personally, I’m glad he stayed with the hairstyle. That’s our Hiei, he won’t change for nobody…including himself…" (unknown)

"Considering the laughable state of medical science this age is in, the dragon's better off dead. There's no magical solution to to life-threatening injuries." "There's magic!" "Shut up." -Black Mage talking to Fighter, Red Mage, then Black Mage to Red Mage; 8-bit Theatre

"Light Blue-Green Ranger, flying monkey position!!" "Pink with Sparkles Ranger, fist of defiance position!!" "Mauve Ranger, fetal position!!" -Megatokyo

"There are two things wrong with that sentence and both of them are all of it." -Black Mage; 8-bit Theatre

"Constantly hang around Yukina. Killing one of Yukina’s friends will make her sad, which makes Hiei feel inadequate and insecure. Plus Yukina would be mad at him." -How To Escape Hiei's Wrath, Ch. 2 of How To Get Hiei To Kill You; The Petulant Purple Princess

"By my head! Here come the Capulets!" "By my heels, I care not." "You don't have any heels." "And I care not." -Otto the Specter and Lit Match; No 4th Wall to Break

"I could try being in the same place at two different times." -Fighter; 8-bit Theatre

"I have an idea. It starts with 's' and ends with 'litting their throats.'" -Ranger; The Order of Stick

"I got the thiiiing." -Sung to the 'Link opening a chest' theme;

“You cannot stop what I become as you did not stop what I became.” KowaretaTsubasa;

"Then there was this P.S.I agent with nice legs who fought and got ninjas!" "Well somebody needs to get something done around here." "Next time, on Naruto!" "You're not funny, Bill." -Captain Oni P. Nami, Agent Chan, Ninja 1 (Bill) then Ninja 2; Paradox Lost

"Release zee dogs of war!" "...the sheperds?" "Yesh!" "I'll get the leashes." "Gleeee!" -Chuck, his assistant; Vg Cats

"Sometimes I wonder if there's any point to my existence." ... "Sometimes I think about gravy." -Circle and Square; Neko the Kitty

"Gaara, remember what I told you." "Don't go to sleep." "No, the other one." "Bathe at least every two days." "No, the other one." "Five second rule is good for everything but ice cream." "No, the other one." "Don't kill anyone." "Right." -Gaara and his father; Yukono by Iamjusthappytobealive

"Farewell." "Where are you faring?" "The Fair." "Is there a ferry?" "There's a fairy. A fairly fair fairy." "Is the fare fair?" "Fairly fare for fair fare." "What?" -Otto and Match; No 4th Wall to Break

"Okay, what's the matter?" "Huh? Nothing, why?" "Because it's been over two minutes since you've bragged, complained, or struck a pose. Either you're upset or unconsious." "Shut up!" -Lui Eric and Remmie, Seraphic

"If my daughter said she hated me and never wanted to see me again, I'd DISOWN her!" "-gets a hopeful expression- Tamaki, I hate you." "I take it back Haruhi! Come back to daddy!" -Tamaki and Haruhi; Ask the Hosts, Shasuko the Paisley Maiden

-thinking, after shoving Hiei into a pond- "Note to self: try to control your impulses. This will probably prevent certain death by red-eyed demon." -OC Jaiden Sterling in Something Wicked by Unolai;

"Yesterday was 'Talk like a Pirate Day.' A holiday we do not celebrate of course. A lot of people ask us why there isn't any 'Talk like a Ninja Day' and the answer is easy: true ninja do not talk so there can't be a day to talk like one... We are silent and deadly." "..." "But you spoke!!!" -kills purple ninja- "You did too!! -kills orange ninja- Gasp!" -kills self- -Purple Ninja, Orange Ninja, Blue Ninja; Commissioned Comic

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The Last of the Star Makers reviews
Based loosely on the episode of Courage: The Cowardly Dog entitled 'Last of the Star Makers' This is a poem about what happened to the Last of the Star Makers before Courage met her.
Courage: The Cowardly Dog - Rated: K+ - English - Poetry/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 692 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 6 - Published: 6/13/2007 - Complete
Transported reviews
To a room of Mary Sues, and hilarity ensues! Hey, I made a rhyme! cool. Written with Hiei and Kurama in mind but you could insert any other bishie's name in and it would still work. I think it's funny but then again I have a weird sense of humor.
Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 882 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 5 - Published: 6/3/2007 - Hiei, Kurama M. - Complete
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