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Author has written 47 stories for Pokémon, X-overs, Star Wars, Power Rangers, Kill la Kill/ キルラキル, Justice League, Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人, My Little Pony, Metal Fight Beyblade/メタルファイト ベイブレード, Digimon, RWBY, Batman/Superman Adventures, Dinosaur King, Naruto, Gurren Lagann, Storm Hawks, Akame ga Kiru/アカメが斬る, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, Totally Spies, Fairy Tail, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Tomb Raider, Frozen, Castlevania, and Avengers.

Aka infinity Ash

Name: Ash Ketchum

Designation: Pokémon Trainer, digidestined, Ninja, Alicorn Prince, Aura Alchemist, Scout regiment, Founding member of Order of Aura and Infinity Heroes.

Items and Abilities/powers: Pokemon, poke-disk, Delta Rayquaza, master digivice, Legendary J-scroll, Alicorn Magic, Aura, chakra, alchemy, Mimic Pokémon moves, Scissor Blades, Element of Truth, Senketsu #2. Blood blade (made from life fibers, his blood and adamantium strong enough to kill a titan), tiger zero 3d maneuver (belong to his mother then she passes the torch to him).

species: half human half Alicorn

Family: Delia Ketchum; Mother-human, Auran Ketchum; Father-Alicorn sensei Kakashi (Master step-father), Celestia and Luna (older sisters-Alicorns), Ash, Cyclonis (Strom Hawks) and Rey (Star Wars Force Awakens) (All Triplets) Professor Ozpin Ketchum- Uncle, father’s brother- an Alicorn turned human. Simon(Gurren Lagann)- Adopted younger Brother. Natsu Dragneel- Adopted older brother. Kamina- brother like but deceased.

Family Friends:

Hannes (a good friend to Delia but deceased) Dr. Matoi (father in law deceased) Tai Kamiya (brother in law married to Rey), Erza Scarlet (Sister in law married to Natsu), Ingeel the Dragon, Misty Waterflower, Monkey D. Luffy, Tsunade (like a sister to Delia)

homes: kingdom of friendship (in ruins), wall Shiganshina (in ruins), Pallet town kanto (his mother’s birthplace now his home)

Love Interest

Wives: Ryuko Matoi, Mikasa Ackerman, Dawn Berlitz, Kari Kamiya, Twilight Sparkle, Ruby Rose, Lucy Heartfilia, Supergirl, Sakura (Naruto), Serena Yvonne, Wonder Woman, Akeno Himejima, Satsuki Matoi, Yoko Littner, Sypha (Castlevania 2017), Sunset Shimmer, Elsa(Frozen), Riza Hawkeye, Mina Carolina, Nojiko (One Piece) Akame, Esdeath, Cynthia, Blake Belladonna, Starfire, Black Widow, Sam, Clover, Alex (Totally Spies), Lara Croft, Frankie Stien (anime version) Claire Redfield, Gwen Tennyson, Sonata Dusk, Sora Takenouchi, Nonon Jakuzure, and Vados of the 6th Universe

Lovers but not wives and don’t stay with Ash: Android 21, Rukia(Bleach), Tenten(Naruto), Blair (Soul Eater), Lillie (Pokémon), Tashigi (one Piece), Marguerite (one Piece)

Goal: To be a Pokemon Master and save the universe

Title: Champion of regions, king of games, King of Arendal, Digimaster, prince of friendship, and the Pokémon Legend, captain of the scout regiment, the legendary warrior of the universe. Commander of the United Earth Cosmic Fleet. (U.E.C.F.)

U.E.C.F. established in 2032 (year 001 of the new Cosmic Era)

So the fleet Earth has is because of ships rebuilt from Jakku and ships sent over by the New Republic as gratitude for Ash saving the republic. More ships get developed from; mobile suit Gundam, space battleship yamato 2199, and star trek enterprise.

1 Executor class super star destroyer- Freedom

4 Mon Calamari MC80

12 Imperial class star destroyer.

32 CR90 Corellian Corvette

18 EF76 Nebulon B Escort Frigate medical ships

30 DP20 Corellian Gunboat

20 Nebulon B-2 Frigate

15 Assault Frigate

300 X wing fighters

300 Y wing bombers

220 A wing fighters'

150 BTL-S8 K-Wing Assault Starfighter

30 rebel transport ships

Millennium falcon- crew; Rey(pilot), Chubaka(Co-pilot),

Kari(navigator), Finn(gunner), Mako(gunner), and Armin(communication)

Ash's hobbies: Surfing to water and lava, reading, arts, hangs around with friends, saving the universe, Pokémon battles, writing his journey so his future generations will learn his journey, loves eating apples and lemons

dislikes: letting everyone down, seeing others dying, darkness within himself, Ragyo Kiryūin and Nui, most of the all he hates Titans

Timelines of the infinity universe

(10-16 years old) During his journey to become a Pokemon Master Ash goes pulled into the transformers, Dragon Ball, tmnt, digimon, and Winx, One Piece, Akame, and Naruto worlds no time lost on his journey. (not quite girlfriends Sakura, Kari, Dawn and Serena)

(17) became a Pokemon Master and traveled to Equestria and lived there for 5 months then goes back home. goes to Kill la Kill next and stays there for 4 months. Then goes to Fairy Tail to master more magic and understand his past. (1st Wife Ryuko; girlfriends: Kari, Twilight, Dawn Lucy and Serena)

(Late 17) Goes to Beacon and learns to be a hunter, then goes to Gurren Lagann for 3 months to defeat the beast-king then returns home. (2nd wife Twilight; 3rd wife Yoko GF: Ruby Kari Dawn and Serena) He goes and visits Naruto and his friends for some training, but he loses his arm in an accident. (Sakura fully falls in love with him)

(Just turned 18) he goes to the Fullmetal alchemist world and loses his arm. he gets a automail limb but because of his life fibers it transforms the automail into a flesh and bone again but now can use alchemy. stayed for 7 months to work on his powers. The he goes back to Naruto’s world for 8 months learning how to be a ninja (GF Sakura, Kari, Ruby, Dawn and Serena)

(19) goes to the Justice League world to protect Supergirl for 2 months (GF Supergirl, Sakura, Kari, Ruby Dawn and Serena) then goes back to the Titan world to kill the titans and help humanity take back the world stays for 8 months (4th wife Mikasa new girlfriend Mina)

(20-21) goes back to the Justice League world to start the Alliance of the Light and brings all of them together at this world. Take a year and a half to gather their forces and defeat the league of doom and he mysterious Organization 8. Helps Lara take down trinity, Allies Whoop to him, Discovers his long lost triplet sisters And saves the New Republic from the First Order. Visits Castlevania and all the old worlds he went to before. ([5th wife Supergirl, 6th wife Wonder Woman when he's 20, 7th wife Dawn and 8th wife Serena when he's 21; GFs: Sakura, Sypha, Bulla, Akeno, Kari, Sunset Shimmer, Elsa(Frozen), Riza Hawkeye, Mina Carolina, and Nojiko (One Piece) Vados, Claire, Sam, Clover, Alex.

(22-23) after Dracula is defeated Sypha marries Ash followed by Sakura and Ruby later that year. Arceus tells Ash that his daughter Nodika will be the one to defeat the darkness and Organization 8 and to train her and keep her safe. (marries the rest of his girlfriends)

(24) The great Infinity War against Thanos. The Order of Aura is formed. Ragyo switches side to aid Ash in his endeavors. New wives Gwen, Black Widow, Starfire, Cynthia, Blake, Akeno, Esdeath, and Sonata Dusk

Ash's children of the Infinity universe

Ryuko- Ash's first love (Daughter; Nodika and Son Matoi)

Nodika- eldest of the family. She is very timid and shy unlike her parents. Light blue hair and violet She like to take care of animals and wants to be a veteran. But her powers are not to be taken lightly; she as strong aura and is a skilled at swordsmanship. When a family of friend is hurt she goes into rage and her power increases. her Senketsu is white with blue where the red should be. the eyes are the same, but the outside color is blue. Her weapons are; one broad sword (similar to the one Gandalf uses into the Lord of the Rings) but its blood red and reacts to her aura. She also has half of a blood blade while her brother holds the other half. it is small than her sword but just as skilled. She was trained by her auntie Satsuki. One major point is when she is enraged she channels her aura into her blades which increases in size and strength; for both of her blades. she can use guns but not as good with them.

Matoi Ketchum- Look like his dad but has his mother’s eyes. He has a special blood blade made for him and has a Senketsu suit. He's more aggressive and has a major thing against perverts. Very similar to his mother in personality but as Ash determination and lack of embarrassment. He's very overprotective of his family but mainly his sister though she can easily beat him if she is enraged. Tends to jump the gun in choices and other people. Good intentions but tends to get chewed out by his mom.

Dawn- Ash's burning love (son; Natsu)

Natsu Ketchum he has messy black hair with a blue streak off to the side. One of his eyes are hazel but the other is neon blue. He has a lot of aura in his one eye that it gives him an unfair advantage over other Pokemon trainers, so he covers it up with an eye patch. He is a Pokemon coordinator but has an eye for martial arts. He enjoys Pokemon and romantic novels. He does have a stubborn side in wanting to something but has a good heart in helping others.

Serena- Ash's passionate love (son; Keito)

Kieto who looks like His mother with having her hair and eye color. But continues in his father's footsteps in becoming a Pokemon Master and one day surpass him. He has a soft spot for cute things and likes French food.

Sakura- Ash's everlasting love (daughter Sarada and twin daughters; Nami and Ayami)

Sadara; She lives with her mother and her two sisters at the hidden leaf when she learns that her father was Ash when he arrived and test her skills she dreams to become hokage like Naruto has a strong sibling bond with Nodika. She becomes a good ninja but dreams of traveling among the stars.

Nami and Ayami; They have long dark pink hair always tied into a high ponytail. They one eye color from each of their parent but to tell them apart their eyes color are not on the same side. They are cheeky and problem some. They are ninjas in training but have a lot of fun teasing their older siblings since they are the youngest. They love candy and beating up Naruto. Very obedient to their mother and father but to no one else.

Twilight Sparkle- Ash's eternal love (Son; Auran and Daughter Aurelia)

Auran (in pony form same coat as Ash) has blue messy hair with a yellow and purple streak in his bans. Has his mother’s eyes. Very studious like his mother and has very powerful magic. He can use Aura like his father but mainly in determining enemies and others location and in healing. Personality; very intelligent, kind, has a stubborn side when it comes to being right, eats like Ash.

Aurelia (in pony form her coat is light purple) She has dark purple hair with a jet black and blue streak in her mane. She is Archaeologist who travels to many different places and studies their ruins. Her teacher is Nico Robin who taught her everything there is to know. She wants to reconstruct some of the greats lost iconic and historical buildings and make them wonders again.

Ruby- Ash's special love (daughter Summer Ketchum)

Summer rose has short hair with dark red tips with golden eyes which turn silver whenever she is in combat. She has a thing for baking sweets and cooking meals. Her favorite thinks are owls, poetry and playing the violin. She is the youngest of the family but just as adorable and loved. She as both of her parents eating habits and she has thing for making weapons. Summer has her father's strength. She makes custom made gear to help others in almost any situation. Her weapon of choice is a twin crescent bladed scythe which can turn into a ballista which fire homing shots with explosives results

Supergirl- Ash's true love (Son; Allen Daughter; Emma)

Allen has Sort blonde hair like his mother but with Ash's eyes and skin tone. He can have all of powers as Supergirl but also kryptonite can't affect him. But he needs the yellow sun to maintain his powers and he has a severe allergic reaction to uranium and its enrichment. His name will be Allen (kryptonian middle name maybe Supergirl's fathers name) Ketchum. Boy Scout likes to go by the book. He has a rivalry with Christopher over who is stronger.

Emma Ketchum (Powergirl) has short blonde hair but has hazel eyes like her father. She starts off as well-mannered and very open with her mind but one day when she was 15 she got into trouble and she's not strong enough to defeat her adversary. She freezes in fear until Supergirl saves her and Ash defeats the enemy. She became distant towards her family more the fact she is ashamed of herself or being afraid and weak. one day she hears her parents talking whether to let her fight crime on her own. Emma thinks that they believe she too weak to fight. She goes off on her own to train under the Amazons to become stronger, but she becomes more of a one man show. Ash and Kara try to reach out to her, but she doesn't want to see them One day when she is 17 she crosses path with her parents and she gets into a fight with them. She fights them lashing out at them for thinking she was weak not ready not worthy to be a hero. Ash heartbroken by that goes right up to her and slaps her. Emma is shocked silent she looks up to see tears of hurt in her father's eyes. Ash then hugs her say he never once thought she was weak. He always knew he was strong and worthy to be a hero. Just that night he saw her afraid he only wanted train her more, so she never be afraid again. Then Kara joins the hug saying they only meant for her to ready for anything, so nothing happens to her. Emma breaks down crying and hugs her parents saying how sorry she is and she loves them. They return home where Ash and Kara train her al they know. When she turned 19 she decided to join the Justice League as Powergirl and would become the leader of the league as the next Wonder Woman and her bother Allen would be the next Superman.

Yoko- Ash's devoted love (Daughter; Kiki)

Kiki- long red hair mostly in pigtails and has her mother’s eyes but looks like a female Ash. Bubbly personality wants to be friends with everyone. She stands up for anyone who is being bullied and tends to get into fights a lot. Very skillful with weapons mainly sniper rifles and assault rifles. Like to read adventure books and modern music. Has powerful aura sight but only kicks-in in a fight.

Mikasa- Ash's oldest love (Twins; Takashi and Alice)

Takashi is reserved and with a calm presence. Short black hair and Ash's eyes. very tall and stoic. Likes gardening and flower arrangements; biggest of Ash's children. In battle he is very quick and precise attacks. Plus, he never sugar-coats his word; very blunt.

Alice is happy-go-luck with a passion for plush teddy bears. Blonde hair and green eyes. She's pit of an airhead and cries sometimes she never gives up in a battle. She is the smallest of the family she is a sneaky little girl who likes to spy on her enemies and gather information. Specialty sabotage.

Wonder Woman- Ash's unconditional love (Daughter; Sonata, son; Christopher)

Sonata doesn't like fighting. She rather plays than fight. She has long black hair and her father’s eyes she has a special gift. Her voice with her Lyra can calm any rage and use her voice to encourage and strengthen people. She becomes a nurse to help the sick and injured.

Christopher is pretty much a mini-Ash but very proud of his mother’s heritage of being an Amazonian. He has all his mother’s powers and gets a special sword and shield from Hephaestus. Has a good sense of honor and respect for his superiors but has the tendency to go off on his own. He’s a movie lover. But has a rivalry is Allen.

Sypha- Ash's pure love (Daughter; Natasha)

Natasha has long and wavy bright red hair and stunning blue eyes. Outstanding beautiful grown up. Kind and loving to everyone even to her enemies (after their defeated badly). She is a very patient person (Don't get her mad) she like caring for the needy and does a lot of volunteer work. Loves reading science fiction. She follows her mother’s footsteps as a hunter for the church. Is a Christian and has her mothers and father’s powers. Her magic is very powerful, but her aura surpasses even Ash's

Kari- Ash's young love (Son; Linus)

He has messy brown hair with green eyes Ash's skin tone. He's not a fighter but more of a caregiver. He has a heart of gold and loves to help others. He has a thing for desserts and sweets which he can only have so much. He like researching things and how to make things better. He finds new ways to enhance powers and skills for his family later in life.

Bulla- Ash’s unstoppable love (Sons; Hisato and Satoshi)

Hisato is the eldest son of Bulla and Ash. He has sort light green hair and light blue eyes. He becomes a fighter and trains under his Grandfather Vegeta.

Satoshi is a passive person. He has black hair with a few streaks of green. He has incredible power but choices not to use them. He becomes a politician in the government when he is old enough.

Sunset Shimmer- Ash’s guardian of Love (Daughter; Morning Glory. Son; Ash Jr.)

Morning Glory (in pony form is a unicorn) has short yellow hair with red tips at the end. Her eyes are greenish blue. She has Ash’s ‘Z’ birth marks. She kind and shy around most people or ponies but she has a positive outlook to life. She likes doing things for her friends but at time tends to hide and leave it as a surprise gift. She has special magic to bring out the best in everyone. She wants to be a teacher.

Ash Jr. (in pony form is a Pegasus) has red hair with black tips wild and untamed. He has his father’s eyes. He is a high-spirited guy that love to push his limits. He bonds with his aunt Rainbow Dash a lot and she take him under her wing to help him become a Wonder Bolt.

Elsa(Frozen)- Ash’s wonderous love (Daughter; Lily)

Lily has her mother’s ice magic. Her hair is jet black and very long. Her eyes are ice blue but have a war feel to them. She goes to Fairy Tail to study under Gray to gain better control with her powers. She stays in Fairy Tail to become a S class wizard. She bonds with Gray’s son; Gray Jr or Junior for short and her best friend is Rosemary; Ezra’s daughter.

Lucy- Ash’s Celestial love. (Sons; Timothy, Adam, Keifer, William, Daughters; Stella, Rosie)

Adam and William They are identical twins with sort black hair and dark brown eyes. They become wizards with fire and water magic. They join Fairy Tail to become great wizards to make their parents proud of them.

Stella named after their friend bright blonde hair and amber eyes. she is a model for a Fashion show. Thanks with the help of her aunty Stella which Ash let's her visit at her home planet since she was five.

Rosie She is a red head with light brown eyes wizard with plant magic. She works a national forest protection. She had three good teachers who loved nature Fluttershy, Lewa to a of air and also Flora the wind of nature who was like a aunt to her. She also has serperior by her side.

Keifer is the same as his twin brother timothy with blue eyes and a a few blonde streaks in his hair. He is a musician who plays violin very well and preform sat many concerts. With helps of musa, matt, Autobot jazz. He is like his dad made a song that made others cry in happiness.

Timothy has short blonde hair with blue eyes. He loves all the celestial spirits his mom shows him so he set out to be an astronaut to see the stars and constellations for himself. Becomes the first man on Mars in Ash’s universe. Has powerful aura sight and uses it to map out the solar system perfectly.

Akeno- Ash’s redeem Angel (Daughters; Rias and Yuna)

Rias has short black hair and violet eyes. She inherits her mother’s lighting powers and goes out to be a hero to help anyone who needs it. Though she doesn’t have either parent’s wings she can still fly with her lighting. She goes and joins the Justice League.

Yuna is a quiet and very studious girl. She has amber hair left long with red eyes. She was born with high IQ and becomes a well-respected scholar of everything. She helps her siblings out with questions whenever they call. She has her father’s wings but black like her mom. She one outlet that she loves is cats.

Riza- Ash’s knight of love (Son; Nathen)

Nate is a spunky boy with sandy blonde hair cut short. He always seemed happy and outgoing. Enjoying the simple things in life he always makes the best of any situation. He loves to all matter of sports. He grows up to be a train driver for a Steam Railway in Kanto.

Mina- Ash’s precious love (Son; Thomas)

Thomas is a quiet but very handsome man. He very tall with long black hair that is mostly up in a high ponytail. He is a fashion designer who is well-respected and revered across both the Pokémon World and the World of Equestria. He was trained by Rarity in his youth and learned much from her.

Nojiko- Ash’s treasured love (Daughter; Bell)

Bell is a very adventurous person she goes out and finds treasure from other places in the Pokémon World. She goes after the One Piece to become the next King of the Pirates from her Uncle Luffy (who married Nami). She is very calculating and caring about her friends and family. She gets a starting bounty at the age of 19 of $120,000,000 for accidental blowing up a Marine Base and sinking fifteen warships.

Lara- Ash's perfect adventurer. (Son; Roth. Daughter; Emily)

Roth has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He follows after his mother to become a great explorer. Roth has a calm domineer that sometimes gets mistaken for uncaring but rather the opposite. He just has a good control over his emotions thanks to his father's training. His greatest strength is his ability to talk the talk. Like making the deal in order to make fair trade.

Emily has long black hair with hazel eyes too. She become the Ketchum's great recorder. Meaning she writes down all of the past experiences and adventures of the Ketchum house; Including Auran's journeys from what other have seen of him. Also from those grand adventures she turns them into wondrous works of fiction making a best author.

Vados- Ash's Cosmic Love. (Son; Zulu. Daughter; Takao)

The have two children together. Their first is a girl who they named Takao; she has long light blue hair, her mothers eyes and Caucasian skin. She is very much like her father in terms of strength and endurance. She has mastered all of her mother's training and as become a powerful martial artist. But also with her father's aura she as become the unbeatable power house. She loves WW2 ships and tanks and she collected them over the years even building replicas over all of them which she can control. She is an Immortal.

Their second child is a boy named Zulu. He has his mother's skin tone and wild white hair in Ash's style. He is very shy when it comes to meeting others. Like Nodika but more like Fluttershy insecurity. HE love Pokemon dearly and wants to stay all life on Earth. He becomes a well-known scientists like his brother Linus but since his an immortal too he leads the people of Earth to colonize other worlds and how it will effect the animals and Pokemon once they start living on other worlds.

Nonon- Ash's Love symphony. (Son; Toru)

Toru Mozart Ketchum named after two famous music composers. He has red eyes like his mother with neatly combed black hair. He writes music and tries to make the ultimate piece that describes all of humanity and works with his siblings to perfect it. Love reading and making music.

Sam, Clover, Alex. - Ash's undercover loves.

All three of them fell in love with Ash later in their adventures with him. Since are still spice for Whoop their identities are kept safe. They each have a child with him.

Sam's daughter; Liza has short red hair and brown eyes. She follows her father's steps in being a Pokemon trainer but has a talent for art. She paints landscapes whenever she finds one she likes and they are very good. Very air headed.

Clover's son; Arthur. He has bright blond hair and blue eyes. Slightly tanned skin for surfing as his passion. He is a great way of communicating with people and bringing them together. Became the President of the United States when he was 35. Then became Secretary General of the United Nations when he was 64.

Alex's son; James. He is dark skinned like his mom, short black hair, and has hazel eyes. He follows in the spy business to protect the world. He is rather stoic at time but is very kind to others.

Black Widow- Ash's Miracle Love. (Adopted Son; blood daughter; Sonya)

Pete was orphaned in O'Russia when he was 3. His parents gave their lives to save him from the harsh winter that impacted them several years after the War. Black Widow was in the area when she found him. She fell in love with him and took him as her own. Several Days after Black Widow returned with Pete. She and Ash had a special night together and by a miracle of God she conceived a child. She never thought she could have children after what the red room did to her. She cherishes them both.

Pete has short brown hair and soft blue eyes. He has a love for animals and Pokemon and becomes a broader or all creatures. He has his own licensed practice in O'Russia in the southern part of the nation. His specialty is horses.

Sonya has Platinum white hair and red eyes. She gets tired every easily. She is soft spoken but very blunt. She can stand harsh environments no matter what they are without worry. She also has cancellation magic that can stop and suppress all forms of magic with ten feet of her.

Sora- Ash' rekindled Love. (Son; Yashan)

He has his mother's hair and his father's eyes. He is very strong in the force and trains under Rey to become a good Jedi and protector of the peace. He is much like Luke Skywalker in terms of looking out over the horizon and never on where his was. Which he learns later to cherish what he has when he has it.

Claire- Ash's undying love. (Daughter Marine)

Marine has long strawberry blonde hair and gentle brown eyes. She has a unusual power of soul sight and can see beyond aura and the soul to find its frequency. She goes to DWMA to train her powers and bonds with a Melody Eater (The daughter of Soul and Maka)

Frankie-unbounded love. (Adopted daughter Ace.)

Ace was held prisoner by the secret Government agency on the Justice League home world and Ash felt her call to him. He broke her out and desired her to be his daughter. She bonded well with Frankie who can't have children since her transformation. Both felt like outsiders even in the family. So, Frankie vowed to love Ace as if she was her own daughter and be odd together. Ace loves that and she trains with Gym Leader Sabrina to control her powers and live a long normal life. She bonds with Sabrina and Luffy who makes her laugh.

Esdeath- Ash's love Mistress (Daughter Angel)

Esdeath once one of the great generals of Organization 8 now is the mistress to Ash and top lover of his lovers. She moved in with Ash when Angel was 5 years old and has stayed with him ever since. The daughter of Ash and Esdeath her name is Angel. She has short light blue hair and her eyes are both amber color. She looks exactly like her mom except for the short hair and she also bares Ash's Z birthmarks on her cheeks. She's very devious and somewhat of a manipulator and she does get into a lot of trouble. She is Ash's bad girl, but she does have a weak spot for her father like her mother she loves him very much and does things to try and make him proud of her though she grew up in a different environment without him her lifelong goal is to be loved and cherished by her father.

Cynthia- Ash’s Master of Masters. (Son; Red)

Red an exact image of his father but with his mother’s sharp steel eyes. When he starts his Pokémon journey he vows to capture every Pokémon out there and show the world he has surpass his father and what it means to become a True Pokémon Master. He mostly travels alone and away for many years believing that is the path he must take.

Blake- Ash’s natural love. (Son; Shin’ya Daughters; Yin and Sakaki)

Shin’ya the oldest has yellow eyes and long thick black hair. Though he is human he still has a lot of his mother’s cat like instincts and traits. He also follows in her footsteps of being a hunter and is apart of Summer’s team at Beacon.

Yin is a spunky driven girl with short raven hair and green eyes. She loves her cat ears and acts out a lot. She wants to become a professional sports player and she trains in many verities of sports. On the court she as driven as her father and gives it her all.

Sakaki is a tall and beautiful girl. Her long black hair along with her cool deminer makes her very much the center of attention. She does well with sports but her real passion is treating small animals. She is very cool, but she rather be cute. She thinks of herself as not cute and struggles when confronted by cuteness or trying to be cute. She is the second tallest in the family

Akame- Ash’s fighting love (Son Hibiki)

Hibiki has dark blue almost black hair with hazel eyes. Hibiki is loud, stubborn, and immature. However, he also has good sides to him. He is a natural born leader for his own team know as team Vandread which are an elite fighter squad in the space forces. He has great determination, amazing adaptability and quick thinking that were vital to his victory on the battle field, living up to his confidence. Although he seems somewhat immature, his bold words have the effect to boost his teammates' spirits.

Gwen- Ash’s steamy love (Son; Luke)

Luke has his mother’s hair and eyes but his father’s personality. His magic is rather unpredictable being a mix of Alicorn and alien magic. He loves adventures, and this usually gets him into trouble. Over time he masters his powers and becomes a member of the Order of Aura his has several Pokémon but as pets and not for fighting or battling.

Starfire- Ash’s other worldly love (Daughter; Nightstar)

She has long, night-black hair and slightly golden-tinged skin, and her eyes glow green. She loves the was of Earth but also tries to understand her mother’s home world too and becomes a bridge between the two worlds. She became a member of Justice League and continues the fight of justice.

Satsuki- Ash's prodigal love. (Daughter; Akko)

Akko as long brown hair and crimson eyes. She has her father's powers in magic and her mother's relentless determination. But she is unskilled and rather a clumsy person. She really looks up to her mom and dad and her idol Trixie. She wants to use her magic to make people happy and perform wondrous feats of magic. She bonds with her big sister Aurelia and has a rivalry with Rarity's daughter Pearl White and her brother Kieto more from him treating her like a immature kid.

Hear out four installments of infinity heroes

Infinity heroes legend of the heroes, infinity heroes fall of the avatar, infinity heroes darkness of the eclipse, infinity heroes the last stand

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Crossover - Pokémon & Anime X-overs - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,541 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/3 - Ash K./Satoshi - Complete
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Two Dimensions are in danger, Ash and his Pokémon are send to the other dimension to save them and he has discovered that he's both Aura guardian and a Jedi. With the help of the resistance they will stop the first order and find the legendary Jedi Luke skywalker or will the dark side of the force destroys him. AshXRey
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