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--A Note to Spencer (reviewer of Desire of the Bleeding Heart)--

I think you've completely missed the point of my piece. I'm not a Snape hater at all. Next to Hooch, he's my favorite character (well, the movie and fanfiction version of him, anyway). And the marauders were bullying idiots. However, you can't honestly claim that Snape is a great guy. Sure, he left Lily alone... and joined a movement that said her kind were worthless creatures, not even human, deserving of death. And he only switched back when she was in danger, not because he had an epiphany about the evilness of his movement. With how obviously angry at the world in general he must have been to join such a group and what with his abusive background (which you yourself point out), it's not a stretch to imagine that he would secretly really resent and even hate Lily for leaving him. That's the point of the piece. People aren't so one-dimensional as most books would have you believe. You can very well desperately yearn for a person's approval and simultaneously hate their guts because they deny it to you.

Look, I'm a horror fan. I enjoy exploring the darker facets of the human personality. I get that you love Snape. But while you accuse me of blindly hating him, I could accuse you of blindly loving him. This piece was meant to explore some of the interesting darker impulses lurking within Snape, instead of just depicting him as this mopey, tragic, misunderstood hero. He really isn't. And he's far more interesting for that. Further, you're right. Pure love is the only thing that can change a patronus. However, who's to say the doe wasn't his patronus to begin with, eh? There's no evidence he had one that was different initially, so it's a completely valid argument to say that the doe doesn't necessarily represent love, pure or otherwise, but merely a good memory.

If you wish to discuss this issue more, leave me a signed review.

UPDATE: I've noticed particularly in the Harry Potter section that people keep posting story inquires. You're not actually supposed to do this, so I made a forum where people who are fans of any category can go to post such things. So if you're looking for a fanfic, go here: http://forum.fanfiction.net/forum/Whats_the_name_of_that_one_fic/94093/

Since I just started it, it's not going to have much in it, but please do try to use it and spread the word.

So, stuff that I'm working on:

Judging Duty: I actually, LE GASP, I WILL finish it eventually. Honest, I will.

Jhonen in Zimland: Again, I WILL finish it in the future, when I have time. And when I can actually remember what I was going to do with it.

Master's Tales: Holy...crap. I actually just went back and read this and I have to ask myself, WHAT CRACK WAS I ON? Okay, considering I wrote it shortly after I turned 12, I suppose it's not so bad, but geez. My 12 year-old mind confuses the heck out of me now. Those of you out there who don't think you ever changed your attitude and outlook on life or that you're never going to change are sorely mistaken. If I ever need evidence of how much I've improved over the years, I just have to read this. Anyway, I plan to add a few more chapters (after at least fixing the grammar errors in the first two), like maybe 3-4, and then it'll be done...again, eventually. Okay, maybe just one chapter. My sister requested one a long time ago, so hopefully I'll get around to that.

A Day of Complete Insanity: Likely to be scrapped.

Dark Soul: Whoah boy. My fisrt attempt at drama and it sounds like a soap opera. I'm probably going to just kill it. I love Digimon fiction and miss how popular it once was, so I might completely revamp it/take it in a completely different direction. Sorry, bear with me and if I do redo it, I promise it'll be much better and have a big old band-aid on it!

From a Prince to a Pauper: It's been brought to my attention that I've made Eileen Prince a Mary Sue. I also know that the first chapter is sorta crappy. The overall story I have all planned out makes up for it, I assure you...well...maybe. One of my friends liked it and the other thought it was a bit too out there and laughed in my face. That jerk. 0_~ Anywho, I'm having issues getting the ball rolling the way I want it to roll, so this is yer another one on hold.

Desire of the Bleeding Heart: 0.0 A...COMPLETE story? BUT NO! Yes, it is true. This one is done, but it's really short. Ah well. I think it came out okay. The idea amused me, so I just wrote it up at 3AM this past Black Friday before I had to jump in the shower and book it to Best Buy.

Anyway, let's get on to stuff about moi, ookies? I'm short, and own a fluffycat, she is my muse along with Puppetmon on occasion. I like Digimon, Naruto, Harry Potter (althoughI HATE reading the books, the writing style makes me want to rip my eyeballs out of my skull, I will give Rowling points for greatly improving by the seventh book), Invader Zim, JTHM, Mushishi, Trigun, Gungrave (Harry's SO the king!),Yu Yu Hakusho, Twelve Kingdoms, Lost, CSI, Law & Order: SVU, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stephen King novels, Patricia C. Wrede novels, Artemis Fowl, swords...etc...

If I tell you any more, it might make you wanna barf. Oh, but I will let all you anime fans know about a sweet site: myanimelist.net. It's a HUGE archive of any and all anime imaginable where fans get to write reviews. I've found it to be very useful and it's kind of fun to chat with other people who share similar anime tastes. So, if you're into anime, check it out. My name on the site is Tsumayouji (means toothpick in japanese .) if you'd like to see how compatible we are or just say hi.

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