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I'm just your average teenager working her but off trying to find a job while getting ready for the SATs and getting ready for her senior year of highschool. CLASS OF '08 ROCKS!!!

Random fact about me: My favorite color is red.

As you could tell by my penname I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan. I have seen every episode 30 plus times and I'm reaching the point where I can say the dialogue with the actors line by line depending on what the episode is. My other TV shows Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, and Smallville. Yes, most of my favorites have been over for a while (Buffy, Angel.) or will be over in the not so near furture (Smallville because I really don't see that show going anywhere past this upcoming season.)

And now it's on to the favorite pairings with some random facts about me in between.

Favorite pairings from Gilmore Girls:


Rory/Dean: My favorite Rory pairing. I really wanted these two to last at least longer then they did. But alas, they didn't. The writers abused Dean. They made Rory put him through the whole Jess thing. Then they had him marry Lindsay who he was not in love and cheat on her Dean's not a cheater, but they made him a cheater. And I feel so bad for Lindsay who was innocent in all of this. So now my goal is to spread Rory/Dean love!

Rory/Jess: If Rory and Dean could not have worked out couldn't at least they have lasted? But nooo...stupid ASP! And you do realize that if Luke and Lorelai got married on the show that they would have been cousins. I know it would have been my marriage but that just a little creepy.

Rory/Finn: I think they are just too cute together. And I also have a thing for guys with accents. Leave me alone...

Lane/Dave: We didn't get closure with them. The writers just had to have him leave because the actor had to go on the OC.

Lane/Zach: Sweet and funny factor.

Least favorite pairings from Gilmore Girls:

Lorelai/Chris: AAAHH! No, no, and NO! As far as I'm concerned that wasn't Lorelai that married him. That was somebody trying to be Lorelai but failing to live her life the right way until the REAL Lorelai kicked the fake Lorelai out as well as Chris. And can I just stress how WRONG these two are? WRONG!!!!

Rory/Tristan: No comment.

Lorelai/Max: See above.

Rory/Logan: Before any of you hard-core rogan fans start chasing after me with tar and feathers let me explain that I think these two are OKAY. They aren't as good together as Rory/Dean or Rory/Jess but I would just take Rory/Dean or Rory/Jess OVER Rory/Logan and I like Logan as long as he's not being a world-class cheating jerk or just a jerk in general.

Random fact about me: My favorite food is pizza.

Favorites from Buffy/Angel: Willow/Tara: These two belong together!, Angel/Buffy, Spike/Buffy,Spike/Angel Fred/Wesley.

Least favorites from Buffy/Angel: Riley/Buffy Xander/Anya, Willow/Kennedy, Fred/Gunn, Connor/Cordelia

Me On Supernatural:

Best show on the CW! (Now that Gilmore Girls is gone. sniff. )

So who's hotter? Jared Padalecki (Sam) or Jenson Ackles (Dean)?

While they are both smokin' hot and uber sexy I have to go with Jared Padalecki.


Let me just say this: Hell House. Heart. Guhhh...

Anything else I'm leaving out?

I have a wide varity of music that I listen to. You name a song or artist and I most likely will have heard it at least one time in my life.

I love to read. I'll read anything that I think I would enjoy and most of the time I do.

Stories that I plan to write in the future:

Title: Her Richard Gere:

Summery: It was Rory Gilmore's wedding day. She was Julia Roberts but standing at the end of the asile wasn't her Richard Gere. Rory said yes to Logan's wedding proposal at the end of Unto The Breach but everything doesn't go like Emily Gilmore planned. Will be Nacro.

Title: After Dark is a Great Time For a Walk.

Summery: While walking around Stars Hollow in a funk over Logan breaking up with her viva Honor, Rory runs into an ex of hers. Nacro.

Title: Ironic

Summery: Dean wasn't the only one who cheated. Takes place during A Messenger, Nothing More. Can you guess which paring this is?

Title: Calling Luke Danes

Summery: Lorelai calls Luke, not Chris, at her bacherlorette party. JavaJunkie.

Title: Loans and Luke

Summery: Lorelai accepts Luke's offer in Serets and Loans. What happens from there? JavaJunkie.

Title: 3 Months.

Summery: Finn is ordered to stay three months in rehab after causing a car accident while drunk. What can happen during those three months. Rory/Finn.

Stories that I am currently working on:

Title: Whirlwind

Summery: Previously titled A Flash of Lighting. AU. Post Sadie, Sadie. The results of a car crash alters the life that Dean became so used to living. With those results Dean must face the grief, pain, and everything else that comes with such a trauma? Mainly about Dean but yes, it's Narco.

Title: The Party Hasn't Even Started Yet.

Summery: An accident, and not of the call-an-ambulance type, leads to something both Rory and Dean thought would happen at a much later time. Inspired by Knocked Up. Narco

I hope you enjoy my stories and review. Please and Thank You.

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