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Author has written 5 stories for Dollanganger Saga, Lurlene McDaniel, Cruel Intentions, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Angel.

I'm Jordan. I love to write, but one of my major personality flaws is I am easily distracted, so I have a hard time finishing my stories. So lots of reviews will keep me going. Don't be afraid to review angrily if you think the story sucked. For that is constructive criticism.
I--like my friend (valmontmertueil)--think that age shouldn't matter here, so I am leaving that out. But I'm not old, and I'm not young either. I did have my age up here before, so you might know anyway. I really don't care.
I might get bored with my stories, or stop liking them. That happens. I know it's bad of me, but it's just me. So, my likes, as in the things I like to write about, whether they get up here or not.
Harry Potter. Mostly Draco/Hermione, maybe some Harry/Ginny action. I had a story for Draco and Hermione, but then I hated it so I took it off. But I am working on it again.
Cruel Intentions. K/S, 99 percent because duh, Annette is a freak, and 1 percent cause Katie would stab my jaw if I didn't. Masquerade- okay, so I am still not liking the name, but I thought it kinda fit, and I also wanted it to just get up on my stories deal, so I was too anxious to wait for a reply from Katie as to what I should name it. Too late. It's way AU, and way random, but I think it's okay. I'm hoping it gets a positive response.
Flower's In The Attic (and so on). So, I am completely torn as to what to do with my fic. (No pun intended. In fact, I may just come back and change that. Maybe not) It's Chris/Cathy, obviously, but there's going to be some Chris/Diana action there too, as soon as I figure out how to work the third chapter. I tend to stare blankly at the screen for a good ten minutes and then get up and do something else.
Artemis Fowl. I totally started this fic, and I was using this typewriter which I believe totally gets the juices flowing, but then I got this serious block. It wasn't going to be Artemis/Holly cause I was gonna put him with an original character. I don't know yet. Pending.
Angel's Trilogy
. Leah/Ethan, because her being with anyone else would just be weird. There is no other guy character (that makes sense) for her to be with. I can't decide if I want to even continue Leah's Misery or not. I may just change it to a whole different thing with that beginning. I am so indecisive, I know.

What I read:
Phantom of the Opera
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Artemis Fowl
Harry Potter

New! (December 14th, 2006) Beaty and Two Beasts : Angel fic! (Which is weird, because I was never really into Angel, although Buffy is my life) Okay, I know the summary tells you absolutely nothing, but that is because I can't give anything about my 'twist' away. It's set in 2099-2100, with main characters Spike and Angel. I am determined to finish this one, and as of today I've written chapters 1 and 2, and also chapter 7 and part of eight. I've outlined my other chapters (hopefully to be 13+) and have a really good idea of what I am going to do with it. I just hope the chapters get longer. I seem to have issues with that. Please review for it. I want to know if it sucks. Thanks. :D

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