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Hi! I'm R8CH3L. I changed my FanFic Account because EVERYTHING was all messed up. I was getting so annoyed and messed up. I am On AIM so here's my name:

AIM:GawdxRAWKSxDEWD My Yahoo Name is:in_my_dreams38

I have some cats at home. VERY CUTE... one of them juts had kittens we are getting rid of them soon.

Well here is my ABOUT ME list:

Name: R8CH3L Call me Rae, Rach, or Chelay if you want

Age: 13

Birthday: March, 26, 1993

Height: 5"2 aww I a shorty...

Sex: Chica!

Things I Love: Boyz, animals, TV, Sean Flynn, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Music, Fics!

Things I Hate: Matthew Underwood, All the idiots me N Tessia Hate, New York Yankees, Steelers, Celary, Liars, President Bush, Ricky Martin!

Fav. Colors: Green N Pink N Black

Fav. Animal: Kitty, Penguins!


Fav. Bands: BOWLING FOR SOUP!Black Eyed Peas, Nickelback, Fall Out Boy, LifeHouse, Green Day, QUEEN, 50 Cent, Destiny's Child!

Fav. Singers: STACIE ORRICO! Kelly Clarkson, Natasha Bedingfield, Eminem, Mariah Carrey, Chris Brown, Britney Spears, Drake Bell!

Fav. Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, SEAN FLYNN, Matthew Underwood, Robin Williams, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Ricky Ullman, Adam Lamberg, Will Smith, Branden Frasier, Drake Bell, Josh Peck!

Fav. Actresses: Hillary Duff, Emma Watson, JAMIE LYNN, Debi Derryberry, Lindsay Lohan, Raven Symone, Elizabeth Hurley, Renee Zellweger, Angelina Jolie!

Fav. Hobbies: Singing, Listenin To Music, Writing Songs, Writing Stories, Chats, Talking OnPhone, Shopping, Volleyball, Swimming, Tennis,Watching TV!

Fav. Shows: ZOEY 101, Jimmy Neutron, Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven, Phil Of The Future, Kim Possible, SOuth Park, Punk'd, Next, Crank Yankers, Made, Mad TV, Drake and Josh!

Fav. Movies: ZOEY 101 SPRING BREAK, CROSSROADS, Harry Potter (all), Jimmy Neutron The Movie, Hey Arnold The movie, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, A Cinderella Story, The NoteBook, 50 First Dates, Titanic, Sky High!

Fav. Quotes:

MBFSW: Cindy: "Clothes make the man?"OOU:Cindy: "Bring it WRINKLES!"

OOU: Cindy: "That old lady? She looks so innocent and harmless... Jimmy: "So do child stars."

REAL LIFE: Tessia: Mark stays in like all Winter... I THINK HE HIBERNATES!


MY BUDDIES: Tessia, Kristi, Raver, Ko, Skye,Glen, Amanda, Megan!

OK! I also wanna make sure you guys know a lil bit more about me as an "author" LOL!

Well, I was born in Kenner, Louisiana. We went to Metairie, Lousiana for about 6 months then we traveled toMaine for a quick visit. ALL my relatives lived in Maine besides my sister... but I was just a baby.

A while later I started Kindergarten had quite a good group of friends I was ALL set... except for my parents fighting ALL THE TIME!

One thing led to another up in NewOrleans! It was SO beautiful there. So many people running aroudn in the streets, you would here Jazz Music all the time. But, Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn was my idol because she grew up in Louisiana and EVERYONE where I lived that young loved her... so except my sister LOL! She is 11 years apart from me. And we hadto share a room for a LONG time. Well... I went to Harold Keller I lived in Metairie but we were at New Orleans like every day... THAT'S ALOTTA DRIVING! My dad worked there.

Soon, my sister moved out ofthe house to go live with her best friend because she was getting mad at Dad. WellIliked my dad and despised my mom and I still do! But everything was different. I even went to a new school because I thought the one I was at would be hard... BOY! I was having MORE trouble at theschool that was new. NO ONE liked me, I was in gifted and talented and acted like a FREAK! We also had to wear these HIDEOUS uniforms! SO that sucked... but then... so did this.

My parents got into so many fights wegot evicted. For THAT we lived in different hotels for months... it SUCKED! But, my dad got SOO stressed from the fights and the hotels that we were moving around in, he had a heart attack at work. Which sucked muchly. I didn't really know what was going on. I remember it was a Thursday and my SISTER came to pick me up from school early. I WAS FLIPPED! But, I just figured my mom couldn't do it so I was happy I got to ride in her boyfriend's dad's car, yea she moved from her best friend's house to her boyfriend's dad's. LOL! But anyways, she told me Daddy was sick. I thought it was just a cold... but we went to the hospital! He was there for about 4 days and was fine. But he now has to take a THOUSAND pills.

Things turned around for us... sorta. It was the day of my Gifted and Talented tournament. AND a few days before my birthday... when we got on a train and went to Maine.

We all went except my sister who stayed with her boyfriend's parents and stuff but... yea. MAINE! It was a LONG trip. But I finally met my aunts and everyone. I did when I was 6 months but YEA... long time ago didn't remember. Well actually I remembered my Aunt Pam because she brought us on a cruise after my dad had the heart attack but... well... yea.

I was now 9 turning 10. At my grandmother's we stayed. It was cool! I started at a new school and got friends ASAP!

Then we moved to Water Street. I had found a friend named Elizabeth that lived down the street from me and guess what? SHE WAS RELATED TO ME! Her mother noticed my dad one day and was like... Chuck? It was SO freaky!

I even made a friend that is near and dear to me today. Emily Walker. She is the best! We don't have the same classes now, but that's ok. I JUST LOVED IT THERE!

Well, then Kevin came and tryed to mess around with my dad. He was our landlord so we moved! YES! Up to North End! ALL my friends were down there, and my cousin Chucky and his mom and dad lived up the street from me.

PLUS so did my best friends. Tessia and Kristi! LUV YA GUYZ IF YA READ THIS! Well, to get to the point I kinda skipped some important things but now my dad has a good job we have been here for a while and it is New Years Eve so tomorrow will be 2006! Everything is going PERFECT! And I think my life will straighten out on it's own! So read my fics guys! Oh yea and 2 things... 1) SAVE HURRICANE KATRINA VICTIMS! 2) My sister is now getting married to that same boyfriend I told you about earlier and I am the bride's maid! They live in Georgia now because of the hurricane! HELLS YEA!

Well.. it's March 2006 now and I would give my eyesight and hearing to marry Sean Flynn... I love him dearly and he is MINE. I LOVE HIM...



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