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Author has written 22 stories for Naruto, Harry Potter, Dragon Age, Warcraft, Rise of the Guardians, Maleficent, Transformers/Beast Wars, and Elder Scroll series.

My name is Vassilina Vassileva and I've been writing things for more than 13 years now. I'm a fourth year medical student in the Medical University of Pleven. My writing is mostly considered as a hobby as medical studies are hard and they take up a lot of my time. As of late, however, I've been working more and more on original works and I am hoping to publish some of them in the near future.

My interests lie mostly in writing fairy tails with lots of adventure and some romance along the way. I am a firm believer in sending messages via symbols and metaphors and I also like to say that my time spent writing stories for Fanfiction.net is a time well spent, developing my writing skills and helping me realize exactly what I want to see in my works. I've tried a lot of things, from writing the epically long Moons of Red (which is still a WIP) to writing fast-paced shorter stories and so on.

I've also dabbled into some poetry but I doubt I'd post any of said works here, as they are all original works and not fanbased in anyway. But enough about that.

I enjoy listening to various soundtracks while writing, as usually it is the music that inspires my imagination into a wild frenzy of images and stories. Sometimes I have a hard time catching up with it and there are many times that I dream of fantastic worlds that leave me with a bittersweet sensation in the morning, yearning to see and feel more of those worlds. That sense of yearning is essencially why I write. I don't find myself a particularly good artist when it comes to drawing or painting, but words are something that easily weave out of my brain and that is the medium I have chosen to express myself.

My longest lasting work on this site is Moons of Red. That is basically the story that developed my writing into what it is today. It is an ongoing project that I hope to finish soon, or at least the first part of it. Essencially the entire story is finished but mostly in paper-written drafts and I often rework the chapters, trying to bring them as close as possible to what I want it to express. The ridiculous amounts of characters and character development that has gone into this story will probably make the more ordinary people dizzy. More than 70 percent of the cast didn't exist prior the final rendition of the Akatsuki Fanclub : Crisis in Akatsuki project. Of course, there was the main cast. Hatorri, previously known as Orochimaru's pet project Shiro, the sickly brazillian Gaara cosplayer, now turned into what we know and love as Charlie. The enigmatic Leader-chan will probably remain as the most iconic figure in the Akatsuki fanclub project. Her character took on so many changes that they became part of her history within the story. One could say that the characters grew up as I worked on the story over the years. Then there's Tifa, who earned her name thanks to the release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent children. Leopold was one of those side characters that actually earned his entire development thanks to an original character of mine - Darius Vhang. Basically, Leopold was to be somewhat of a copy of Light Yagami, in order to have some sort of comical rivalmance with fellow leader Rose. Now, however, he is so much more.Let's not forget Fia and MJ, which were the typical best friends that were complete opposites. They were supposed to be the main focus of the story.

To this day I find it funny how people determine my story to be a massive Self Insert into the Naruto-verse. While it makes me laugh, it also makes me kinda proud of myself for a job well done, concerning character development. And here is a simple advice to you people: In order to make any character realistic, put them in realistic situations and make them react to them. Dont write with the seat of your pants. Characters are like people, they are complex creatures, with complex emotions and thinking patterns. You have to be aware of that before making, say Naruto, angry at Iruka-sensei or Kakashi-sensei for something and them making him so angry with them that he'd never forgive them. He isn't like that, just like Sakura isn't a shallow centrofuge of irrational hatred and obsession with the Uchiha. Even if you don't like a character, there is always at least one aspect that deserves our respect. It's the same with people in real life. A polite and mature member of normal human society would never mock or bash anyone in public just because they do not agree with something they did or believe in. That would be, for lack of a better term, discrimination. And as far as I remember, everybody is bitching about discrimination and equal rights nowadays, so why not start putting those nice things in proper use by treating every character with equal amount of respect? But enough ranting.

Ghosts in the Past is an interesting derivative of a dream of mine in which the main character was supposed to be Hyuuga Seishiro - a futuristic marksman with little of the typical Hyuuga traits of the contemporary Naruto Hyuuga. Now, with my sister's constant nagging, it has turned into a larger group of people ending up in the past. I hope I will be able to keep the focus on Seishiro, though, as , at least for me, she is the main protagonist. The story itself is called Ghosts in the Past for many reasons. The title itself was inspired by A Christmas Carol,as strange as it sounds, but since I like having symbolism and or metaphors in everything I write, I found it quite appropriate. What we do now has consequences, whether we like them or not. My second most favourite character in this story is Uchiha Yuki, the socially inept creature that was at first known only as Ghost. She is what i firmly believe to be my mascot of the story, what with her scary white mask and dark clothing. Last, but not least, is Satsuki Ryo, which, while not one of my favourite characters, was present in my dream. She is one of the few people left in the futuristic Naruto world with the fire element (in a way representing the nearly extinguished Will of Fire). Saying anything else about this story would be just too much spoilers, so I will move on now.

Team Cannon Fodder is a derivative of Ghosts in the Past and will essencially be a stream of consciousness concerning the various aspect of ninja life in a pseudo-modern feudal world. But still, the plot of the story revolves around Team Hideyoshi, whose only remarkable trait is their perfect teamwork. The team sensei, Jounin Hideyoshi Kuro, is as ordindary as Jounin go, not part of any major or minor clan, but still just there, like many, many other ninja that aren't in the spotlight. He is a bit of a conspiracy buff and also quite the bachelor, even though his mother constantly tries to get him a wife, whether he wants it or not. The plot is rather simple - Kuro has to prepare his team for the upcomming Chuunin Exams in Kumo all the while trying to remind himself why the famous ninja of Konoha are either all crazy or have some sort of unhealthy pass time or something of the sort. It is, in a way, introspective view of the day to day lives of the ninja in a hidden village.

Best of Both Worlds is my other notable huge project that I hope to find time to update in the near future. It is complete in draft form. It is about Leopold, Hatorri, MJ and Fiona from Moons of Red ending up in the Harry Potter Universe. It isn't in any way a multi-cross over, as the cosplay fandoms do not exist in such an extent as they do in the MoR universe. But still, most of the characters are there, even though placed as Cameos, save maybe for Rose, who is just too awesome to be left alone, even though her role will show up much later. Unlike Moons of Red, in which the OCs try to follow the way the story progresses most of the time, in BoBW, the main characters actively work on their own projects, more often than not drisrupting the plot line. Some of the elements are inspired in a way by other famous fanfictions, for example the very brief presence of a Voldemort!Quirrel and some other things that I refuse to indulge. The story also posseses many dark themes, such as the mysterious massacre of the entire Keats family, Hatorri turning up an orphan, Fia's different mother and so on. There will also be a mystery that they will have to unravel together, along with all those minor things that had been hidden or never mentioned for some reason in the books or by Rowling herself. Since these characters were part of MoR, there will be a lot of things that people would find to repeat themselves, Fia's questionable morals, Leopold's cold sharp wits, MJ's cooler-than-though attitude, Hatorri's athletic nature and so on. The reason the story is called Best of Both Worlds is based on Fia's philosophy and her continuous battle to find a place for herself in a world that she feels both foreign and beneath her. Oh yeah, also lots of conspiracies, political drama and world-changing events. And a young Tom Riddle Jr.

Hinata the Dragonborn started out to prove a point to my sister that I know what people want to read. While I do enjoy writing for myself as much as every other author, I wanted to try my hand on writing with a character that is not my own. And to further up the challenge, I chose Hinata, a timid girl that was never a capable leader but had a compassionate heart and the will to persevere and never give up. But I did not stop there. I sent her for no apparent (at first) reason to the world of Nirn, where she has to find her way back home all on her own, or with the help of some newfound friends. She'd be an interesting experiment in terms of realistic character growth. And yes, Hinata will eventually find her way back home, after dealing with many of Skyrim's numerous problems (cough main quests cough). I had an interesting time trying to make a nice meld of the two worlds. My biggest problem was relating chakra to the world of Nirn, as there they use magicka. It was easy, though, as chakra is made of physical and spiritual energy, while magicka is purely spiritual. Based on that, I had an a lot easier time working out the various kinks and quirks of her adventures and misadventures in Skyrim. Since there are so many lovable and notable characters, I decided to keep Hinata true to her heart and she would not have a romantic relationship with anyone from Skyrim, though many would try to woo the poor, shy Hyuuga heiress. But never fear! Lydia (and eventually Cicero) would be there to beat them off with the proverbial stick.

Timeless Enchanted Adventure and the Legacy of Silvermoon are from the same story-verse, so to speak. TEA is a warcraft/ harry potter crossover, in which a connection is made between those two worlds and select few of Kirin Tor's most prestigious mages are chosen to attend Hogwarts for a year. Said connection happens to be Sirius Black, who was saved by the Dragon Aspect of Time when he had fallen through the Veil in the Ministry of Magic. Many of the Warcraft universe's more iconic characters would make an appearance, but also two original ones, who happen to be my sister's and mine's characters from WoW- a young, cocky, prodigious half-elf (sorta) mage by the name Firraley Sunchild and the ancient female druid of great renown, Akasha, whose real name is rarely or never mentioned for some reason. The Legacy of Silvermoon could be considered a prequel to TEA, as it follows the druid's attempts to raise a child born in the midst of Worldly turmoils. Little before the beginning of the World of Warcraft timeline, Akasha hears the Call to Arms once more and joins the Alliance to help their efforts against the Horde. That leaves a her young, adopted charge, with no small magical potential, in Shadowglen under the watchful gaze of a fellow druid. As King Varian Wrynn disappears on a diplomatic mission, Akasha recieves word that her charge's magic is growing out of control, and she finds little choice but to bring her with her to Stormwind to be taught by the highly acclaimed wizards. Further on, the story will follow the adventures of the taciturn druid of the Talon and the rambunctious child mage, along with many, many characters from the Argent Dawn Realm, with whom we've played for many, many years.

As for my ideas for the future, I am thinking of writing an Avengers fanfic starring some of my OCs and also the Avengers cast, Phil and Loki, because no Avengers fic is complete without those two lovable sweethearts. I am also thinking of writing an interesting Harry Potter Fifth Year AU in which a young American prodigy witch applies for the position of DADA teacher in a final attempt to find something to keep her in the magical world before going resigning herself to the Mundane sciences. The latter is based on an interesting dream I had, resolving around the girl's first years of life. I might write the prologue sooner than other projects, since it was a fascinating (albeit in a dream) experience.

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Sasuke is traumatized by the Uchiha Massacre. One day he stumbles upon an ancient and mystical book about Rock...and Roll
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Yet another adventure for the blonde bimbo genius. In this one Fiona Johnson, somehow ends up in Ostagar, a few months before the fabled battle doomed to fail.She wields her wits and her tongue in a crazy attempt to thwart the Blight, blonde bimbo style.
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