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Just a little about myself, in the remote possibility anyone might be interested in 'Lil 'ol me...

Hiya...My name's Dave, and I was born Feb. 4th, 19something or other in a little town called "Hollywood", Ca. Yeah, Hollywood. Lucky me. Family came from the Philadelphia area to Calif. early in 1948 with, Mom. Dad, and 2 brothers, 1 sister. My Mom and Dad kinda were having a rough go at keeping the marriage together, so they moved to the west coast. Too bad it didn't work out, they divorced when I was 2. Would have been nice if they had stayed together after 18 years of marriage, but they split in '56. by the time I was 9, all of my sibs had moved out, so Mom and I stuck it out 'til I was 17. Asked if I could join the Army to get away from it all, and Mom said yes. Went volunteer Army, signed up for 4 years to be stationed in Germany. Wound up in Viet Nam...who would have thought at the time? (DUH!) WELL, got out after being shot up a bit, got discharged, and knocked about for a while. Friend of mine got a part-time job at a tour bus company, and wanted to know if I wanted to drive for them for a while. School was boring, I didn't know what the hell I wanted to be ANYWAY, so I took the job part-time. Wound up only staying at it for 26 years. Well, it WAS fun. I went all over the North American continent, saw everything for free the touristas paid BIG bucks to see, stayed for free at fine hotels, ate free, AND got paid for this? After a while, the tips got really good, too. Gee, I WAS good at what I did, ya know. Back in '98, I hurt my back severely loading luggage for a group of German folks. That ended my career. Had major surgery on my spine, and the danged Doctor blew it. Cut something he wasn't supposed to cut, and now I can barely walk. I discovered this fansite while yahoo searching for Kim Possible stuff, and found all of this fantastic work. My faves are Captainkodak1, Hobnob-rev, StarvingLunatic, and MANY others. Let your imaginations run wild, my friends. Lots of entertainment on this great site!

Update: 10-8-06 Well, after having been a voracious reader for oodles of months now, the grey matter finally overflowed. I hadn't ever considered attempting to write anything, but just the other day, the dam burst. Funny thing, and this is a lesson for me, and could be for you, dear reader, the biggest contributor for this outpouring of respect was a flame I got from doing reviews of stories. And what a flame. OOOOOH, bad words, too. Profanity seems to be so easy to write. (Sigh) I guess that's what I get for being so honest. Some folks just can't take sincere criticism, I guess. This debacle was the catalyst for me finally getting off of my mental butt. I sincerely want to thank you SO much for that note, so bless you and keep you always. Ya got me cookin'. You know who you are...

This little 3 or 4 chapter story is my small tribute to all of the magnificently talented writers in the world of FF. I First discovered CaptainKodak1 and Lionhearts' "The Lotus Bloom", the illustrated version way back when, and I was instantly hooked. Found FF through that, and off I went. Thanks, Cap. A snap to attention and a heartfelt salute! Hobnob-rev, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Your KP contribution is, and will be for years to come, the dramatic capstone in this wonderful world of fanfiction. Thank you, Maestro. A certain StarvingLunatic that lurks in a basement gets the credit for opening my eyes to an amazing world of AU. I can't thank you enough for depicting a world of such angst, depth, and beauty. Mike, the Dark Ferret still lives! Zaratan ROCKS...

As Ron would say, "Aw, MANNNN." There just isn't enough space on this site to pour out my respect for all of you guys.

Finally, to Bob and Mark. Thanks. It's amazing, isn't it? Just one little girl that can save the world...

Results in all of us.

Let your imaginations run wild and free.




Well, it's been quite a while since I've been back to FF.NET after a long absence. I'm basically OK, but depression was devouring me at an alarming rate. Being stuck at home while disabled CAN be debilitating, but I decided recently to make the best of it.

I am a brand new "Brony", a name used by fervent fans of the animated TV show "My Little Pony". I'm excited about the debut of the third season of the show firing up. I have watched the entire 2 seasons of the show on Netflix. If you have that service, you should definitely check it out. I recommend it highly! The show has great writing, and an animation style that in my opinion is one of the better styles, such as the show Kim Possible.

I have delved into a few stories here for MLP, and I'm glad to report that several writers here are doing a SUPERB job of capturing the characters and spirit of the show. I congratulate the authors! You know who you are, LOL!



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