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.:Info About Me:.

Name: Lindsay

(Wanna be friends? Lindsay's on facebook )

Age: 26

Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon mostly.

Favorite Book: The Gemma Doyle Series right now!

Favorite Place: Italy, I would love to go there...

Future (Career): Something to do with my music.

Lindsay's reasons for becoming a more stable human being: I've learn to deal with the loss of relationships, and finding my inner child to help me get through the hard times. My family is finally back together, and closer then ever. I have a new nephew and a newer niece and they take away all my sadness no matter what. xoxo

"To Have You Once Again" I started writing in 2002-03. I went on a on a really long hiatus do to relationships ending and what not.. I suffer from writer's block a lot lately, and life gets in the way a lot as well.

I am currently trying to wrap this up, but not rush it. I would never rush it. I've spent the better part of 8 or so years on it, why ruin it with a rushed ending?

Well, my updates.

I'm 21 now. I've been working for the last year.. finally. Music has been the main thing I've been working on for the last few years, aside form working on getting my life back in order.

Update (10.08.08): I went on a long hiatus from my story, but came back engines a blazing. So far writing the 19th chapter, at this exact moment in time. I'm currently taking a break from it. .

Update (10.08.08) So we're back from hiatus, and things are doing pretty good. Hope you are enjoying the story, or that the story is still as good as it was for the readers who started reading a while back.

I've given myself a deadline for this story, March 31st of 2009, I will try to have this story finished!

Update (01.11.11): So I've just finished and uploaded the 22nd chapter to my sailor moon fanfic. I finally broke through my writer's block that has been since I uploaded chapter 21. I had picked up my notebook on many occasions, but could never figure out what to write... Eventually it became on the back burner, I moved to a beautiful apartment with my sister. Got a new kitten in June of 2010 to add to our two others. Lol. I am a new Auntie now, as of Sept 2010, to a beautiful little boy. Life's been busy. I currently hold my own Child Abuse Awareness Events every April now. April 2011 will hold the 3rd one. So if there isn't much updates between now and end of April, it's because I am planning my event. . I hope everyone has had good holidays, and Happy new Years!! xoxo

Update (11.28.13): Sometime in the year of 2012 To Have You Once Again finally came to an end. After months of debating different endings, i was ultimately writing this story with a disaterous rnding, killing Serena off and not bringing her back at all.. When i began writing the shocking storyline turn, i had been going throuhg a rough break up and it definitly showed through this story. Now, ten years in the making, it's come about and ended up with a happy ending.. Years after the ex and i broke up, i finally came to grips with my depression, also caused by life's many lemons it decided to throw at me. Today I am a healthy, happy lady, and looking forward to finding a good New SM story live to stick with. as Ive started many a few since the end of THYOA. Hopefully, I can work it into my busy schedule.. :)

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