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Toa-Hero Fan Art:

greenswind: Matau: It's our favorite former Dark Hunter, the ultimate, the show-stealer - Nidhiki: Get on with it, already. Matau: Fine. It's Nidhiki!

shadow dragon: Our favorite Toa Metru of Ice - Nuju.

Saya of Purity: Nuju shouts at Nokama as she rescues Vakama when he falls overboard and is knocked unconscious. / Matau: It's HARD to be this awesome. Vakama: (tied up) Huh? Nuju: ICE CREAM! Nokama: Vakama's cuter... Onewa: Someone get the bug spray! Whenua: (sigh) That's our Matau! / Nokama minus wings equals a very happy Vakama. / And then Vakama and co. in the slammer. / Whenua: What about "Kolhii"? Onewa: Ha! Kolhii? Who would choose a stupid name like that? Whenua: Kolhii was my first Ussal Crab's name... Onewa: Kolhii's a good name!

Secret of the Mask 2 Fan Art:

shadow dragon: Tahu: Takanuva, and Takanuva again... Oh, here, I like this one because I'm actually in it.

Guidelines for submissions: Let's keep it G-rated, folks. Please make sure it's kid-friendly and keep in mind that Nokama and Vakama are still in the friend stage. I'd prefer that the Toa not be humans, but if you decide to do this, I have dress standards (they must have sleeves, high neck lines, and please, no shorts, bare backs or stomachs). I like it when women respect themselves enough to dress modestly, so that's what I try to promote. Also, if you have web space, I would appreciate it if you would email me the link as I don't have my own website. If you don't have a website, that's okay too. If your pic fits these requirements, then go ahead and email me. I reserve the right to reject a pic for any of the above reasons.

Goals: I want to bea children's author (books for ages 8-12 or so) andwrite under a pseudonym. I have proven to myself that I am capable of writing book-length manuscripts through my experience of writing "Toa-Hero." Though it is no longer featured on this website, it is a 48,000-word, 150-page completed manuscript. For those who are curious, the end of the last chapter I posted was page 85.

I'd like to take this opportunity to give a few shout-outs. The first is to Toa Lhikan, who answers my questions about Bionicle. The second is to greenswind, who is graciously hosting some of the fan art made by other people featured on this page. I'd also like to thank my friend Omega Whenua for being my test audience for a scene in "Toa-Hero" that I needed some feedback on. I really appreciate his and everyone else's feedback.

The next shout-out is to my wonderful reviewers: (in no particular order): kaibasgirlx, Bioniclefangirl, bionicle-girl, Omega Whenua, crazydbzfan, Toa Irma, Eagles heart, shadow dragon, Dragon of Atlantis, greenswind and cheesedude, Fighting Fox, neosun7, Jason Kent, gamingal, Lavina Toa of Thunder, Feline Freak, Unlucky Seven (aka Cecilia/Anna), Tahalli, Raicathre/Coelurus, Infinite Inferno (Kitanga), Kim Kinne, Akatsuki Will, Tollian, Saya of Purity, Goldenrod, Half Dragon Half Human, Noontodusk and hordikanui. You guys rock. :)

I'd also like to take the moment to give a special thanks to the following: Jason Kent, Omega Whenua, crazydbzfan, Bioniclefangirl, bionicle-girl, kaibasgirlx, shadow dragon, greenswind, Fighting Fox, Unlucky Seven, Raicathre, Infinite Inferno (Kitanga), Akatsuki Will, Tollian, Saya of Purity, Goldenrod and hordikanui. You've all been great friends, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of the support you've given me. Mark Twain, the famous American author, once said, "...Those who are really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." I feel that each one of you fit Mr. Twain's definition of a great person. I can honestly say that I feel honored to have known you. :) Keep in touch, okay?

Questions? Comments? Concerns? If you have any, feel free to e-mail me at whaleshark7@gmail.com.

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