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Hey people, i decided to put stuff on my profile, cuz i'm bored! i am a freshmen in high-school, which is stupid b/c i am writing this in the summer and i will be a sophomore next year, and i'll have to change it, but oh well! a little info. about me, i am a blonde, and i tend to go for blondes a lot, which explains my obsessions for Jesse McCartney and Tom Felton. I am a dumb blonde from time to time. I hate twinkies and wish hostess would die, b/c they r makin ppl obese. That was really random, but i'mhope u didn't mind.

fave TV shows: Smallville, Summerland, 7th Heaven, Whistler, Beyond the Break, One Tree Hill, Degrassi,etc. i can't think of any more.

i HATE slash fics, i'm srry but thats just me. and i don't mind telling u i'm straight, which u can prolly tell from my pen name Adams1Gurl. i don't write slash and if i attemted to, it would be really bad, cuz i have no clue how to write a gay fic, i don't have a desire to either. i'm not a homophobic, i actually have friends that r gay.

i LOVE writing summerland fics, but the thing seems so dead because there is hardly anyone on it, and my story "What's It Feel Like To Be a Ghost?" is barely getting reviews, i will keep writing it, whether i get reviews or not. but, its nice to get reviews. so, if u r reading this and u love summerland and bradin (i know i do!) then check out my story and leave a review!

I LOVE the harry potter series, and dracos character is really fun to write. cuz he's like mr. play boy and he's so sexy and his attitude and hes so over-confident and cocky, i just love him. i like odd pairings like Cho/draco or Luna/Draco. my favorite is when draco is paired with an OC cuz i'd like draco to get paired up with someone i like. if ur looking for a good draco story check out mine. "This Is What We're Up Against"

Fave types of music: country,pop, rock.

Fave bands: Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Nickelback, Click Five, Green Day,etc. i don't have my CD collection or i would tell u all of them. my draco fic was inspired by taking Back Sunday's song Up Against (Blackout) i love that song! also my summerland fic came from their song Whats It Feel Like to be a Ghost? a.k.a. Louder Now. adam is sooo HOT! i love his sexy voice. ur prolly thinkin 'thats why her pen name is Adams1Gurl' nope ur wrong cuz i know a bunch of ppl name adam and adam is just a sexy name for a guy. i have a crush on this guy named adam and have had one on him since like the 7th grade. anyway, enough about my love life u must be ready to throw-up.

More about Me: i am a prep, i shop at Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Victoria's Secret (don't get any dirty thoughts, their lotions smell good! lol) and i LOVE the mall and i have great music taste and i like to combine prep/sk8er styles like for example, i'll wear wripped designer jeans and black/white checkerboard vans, with an abercrombie polo with the collar flipped up, which is a big style now. especially if u watch degrassi, i love marco's style. i am in my high shcools band and play the clarinet, i love music. i made the cheerleading squad freshmen year, but i won't do it next year. i have blue eyes that change colors "chameleon eyes" as i like to call them. i am about 5'10 in height, i like tall guys i don't want a guy shorter than me, i won't him to be as tall as me or taller. my ambition: to be a episode writer for a tv show or a movie script writer.

I've babbled on long enough, srry if u got bored. email me sometime at

Also i forgot to tell u, i am from TN. yes i am country, hey ya'll! i'm from Hicktown, USA "i feel no shame i'm proud of where i came from, i was born and raised in the boondocks... love that song btw. we let it rip, when we got the money, let it roll, if we got the gas, its buck wild, thats the way we get down in a hicktown! i love that song too. well g2g c ya'll l8er.

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