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Author has written 24 stories for Beyblade, Kyo kara Maoh!/今日からマ王!, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Glee.

About Me

Good things 'bout me

Surprised that I have anything good 'bout me? I am too!

Good things 'bout me:

- I can cook!

Kai comes in, eats cooking, seconds later sirens can be heard.

Sweatdrops- I said I could cook. I didn't say it wouldn't kill you.

- I have a great personality!

Marik - If having a mental disorder is what you call great. Then you must be excellent.

Sighs. Cries. Laugh.

- I'm pretty!

Everybody barfs. That's mean! I am pretty!

Looks into mirror and it breaks Ok so I'm not...

- I'm smart!

Kaiba looks at my school report book and raises an eyebrow.

Ok so I'm not that smart.

Kaiba shows me the F.

Runs away crying.

- I'm very funny!

With a mike, I stood in front of the audience.

Why did the chicken walked across the road?


Becuase it wanted to get to the other side!

Crickets sounds...

Funny. Where did everyone go?

-I'm very mature!

Stands in front of the store room that's full and stuffed, smiling weakly. Heh

Room bursts and I'm covered in teddy bears and plushies.

Erm. April fool's?

-I can do my chores well!

Kyouya comes and pushes his glasses back, holding one of his secret files.

"So far you have broken 25 dishes. There's roaches under your bed. And the clothes you ironed are all burnt. And you owe me 1000."

Kyouya bows and walk away.

Life's unfair...

-I can sing!

Starts singing to nickelback's Far away.

Greta comes in and cries. Wolfram guards her and glares at me.

"Wolfram-papa make her stop!"

Sweatdrops, Ok I'm terrible.

Bad things bout me

- I have a mental disorder.

Everyone nods.

Unfair people. Starts to cry, smiles. screams, shout , laughs crazily.

Everyone sweatdropped

Marik does the same thing.

-I'm mean

I did the most childish thing a girl should ever do. BASH! I can't believe I just bashed mary-sues and worst! It felt so good . Damn it. I just couldn't stand it so I decided to delete it. So now you won't see me with it. If I offended anyone I'm sorry but when I saw my story again I saw how childish it was. But I still stand by it. I hate mary-sues. Just that I won't right a childish fic like that ever again!

My Hates

Tyson bashers or any bashers for the matter. I mean that's so childish. I'm 15 and hello do you see me bashing other characters? For all the bashers out there! GROW UP!

My Likes

Writing, Cycling and rollerblading. Drawing if I can manage a decent picture. People who are nice I guess.

My Loveliest Character in order of 1,2,3

Beyblade: Tyson/Takao Kinomiya(My darling sweetie) , Max Mizuhara ( How can you not like Mustard? ) , Tala Ivanov

DNangel: Daisuke-kun! ( Gosh what a cute thief ! ) Satoshi (My hunk of a policeman ), Riku ( She's really sporty. And I really like anime girls like her)

Saiyuki: Son Goku ( My cutie) Genjyo Sanzo, Kougaji! ( Squeel. Have you, seen that hot bod?)

Kyou Kara Maou: Wolfram ( My strong bishie ! ) Murata Ken ( The cute weirdo!) Conrad Weller ( Sensible and hot)

Clamp: Nokoru ( Sweet lady-talker ) Sakura- chan ( How can you not love her?) Fye ( Have you seen this irritating magician= Kurogane)

Gravitation: Shindou Shuichi ( The pink haired fluff ! ) Ryuichi ( My all time fave chibi! ) Tohma Seguchi

Ouran High Host Club : Kaoru Hitachiin ( The sweet sensible younger twin!) Hani Honey ( Blond On The Run ) Kyouya ( Tell me you don't love this greedy, obnoxious but totally cool money glutton?)

Sukisyo: Sunao Fujimori ( My sweet Nao-kun) Nanami ( My fave nurse! ) Matsuri ( And all the chaos he brings with him)

Tactics: Kantarou ( My clueless lover) Haruka ( Hot Goblin On The Loose) Suzie ( So Kawaii!)

Get Backers: Ginji ( Have you seen the blond with the big heart?) Kazuki ! (The perfect uke! ) Makubex ( I have the same dolphin necklace! We're fated!)

Yu-gi-oh: Yugi ( He's so adorable) Serenity ( What a sweetheart) Ryou ( EEk I love him ! He's So soft!)

Naruto: Naruto Uzumaki (I love how he always smile even when he's sad.) Gaara (He is actually my number one like Naruto, he's damn cute) Hinata ( The girl is really sweet!)


I know I'm a total yaoi fan but I do like hetero too but within the characters. So pls if you're angry fine with me. But get this even if I do make yaoi of normal hetero anime. There are lots of those kind of anime. There are so little yaoi anime so pls don't be an idiot and write a mary-sue in a yaoi anime. You have to know that yaoi fans would attack you head on as like I say there are already very little yaoi comic. So pls get a grip. Don't like yaoi don't watch the anime!

Pairings I love ( In Construction)


Tyson Kinomiyax Kai Hiwatari

Max Mizuharax Rei Kon

Rei Kon x Tyson Kinomiya

Tyson Kinomiyax Tala Ivanov

Kenny x Tala Ivanov

Rei Kon x Bryan, Tala

Max Mizuhara x Rick, Micheal

Kenny x Hilary Tatchibana


Son Goku x Genjo Sanzo

Cho Hakkai x Sha Gojyo

Nii x Kougaji

Son Goku x Kougaji or Homura

Kougaji x Dokugaji

Yaone x Kougaji

Yaone x Hakkai


Davis x Tk

Hikari x Tk

Hikari x Davis

Tai x Matt

Mimi x Joe


Sora x Sunao

Nanami x Shinichirou

Nagase x Gaku

Kyou Kara Maou

Wolfram x Yuuri

Wolfram x Maou

Conrad x Julia

Wolfram x Conrad (Incest)

Sick I know. But it was tempting

Conrad x Yozak

Conrad x Greta

Yozak x Murata

Murata x Ulrike

Wolfram x Murata

Gunter x Gwendal

Gwendal x Annisina



Yugi x Yami


Bakura x Ryou


Marik x Malik


Jou x Seto

Noa x Mokuba

Ouran High Host Club

Kyouya x Kaoru

Hikaru x Kaoru

Tamaki x Kaoru

Mori x Kaoru

(I'm obsessed with Kaoru)

Tamaki x Kyouya

Mori x Hunny

Tamaki x Haruhi

Yami No Matsuei

Hisoka x Tsuzuki


Shuichi x Yuki

Shuichi x Hiro

Shuichi x Tatsuha

Shuichi x Tohma

Tohma x Sakano

K x Sakano

Hiro x Suguru


Haruka x Kantarou


Daisuke x Dark

Satoshi x Krad

Daisuke x Satoshi

Daisuke x Riku

Satoshi x Risa


Nokoru x Suo

Takeshi x Kentarou

Idomu x Akira

Syaoran x Sakura

Yukito x Touya


Ginji x Ban

Natsumi x Ginji

Kazuki x Juubei

Shido x Madoka

Hevn x Natsumi

Makubex uke x Guy oc

Akabane x Ginji

Level - C

Kazuomi Honjiyo x Mizuki Shinohara


Naruto x Sasuke

Naruto x any Boy except Kiba

Naruto x Sakura

Kiba x Hinata

Kiba x Shino

Gaara x Neji

Kakashi x Iruka

Haku x Zabuza

Sasori x Deidara

Deidara x Itachi

Sakura x Lee

Temari x Shikamaru

Tenten x Neji

Pairings I Have no belief in


Kai x Rei

EEK Too alike. Can you see them talking? Or even a connection?

Max x Takao

EEK too hyper chibi no way

Kenny x Takao

Do I see a connection?

Hilary x Takao , Kai

Just don't like them but I will still like hilary. I mean Kai and Takao kinda don't show any affection towards her.

Tala x Kai

Two people sulking. How fun?

Tyson x Daichi

I don't wana know why the person put this up


Genjo Sanzo x Cho Hakkai

No way too calm sensible people together? No way

Homura x Sanzo

Erm Just don't like it?


Sora x Matt

Sora x Tai

(Basically any of them with sora. Don't ask why.)

Kyou Kara Maou

Wolfram x gisela

Basically there's not much interaction and no base for them

Yuuri x Sara

Sara x Anybody

(I just don't like Sara's character)


Sakura x Sasuke

I'm not a sakura fan I hate her. She did get better in shipudden but Naruto is my fave character I can't stand how she treated him so I don't want both idiots to be together. Sakura and sasuke

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Beyblade - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 11 - Words: 17,824 - Reviews: 67 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 11/11/2006 - Published: 3/25/2006 - Tyson G./Takao K., Ray/Rei K.
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