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First of all, here's my list:


Saintfan ;)

daniel-zukolover ;)




Sacred Fire Gem


The Fanfic Rebel

Mew Aqua Spirit


Raaon Teisha

Sugar High Water Uma



Element Girls

Temple Of Isis



Zuko's Flamethrower PWNS j00


constructive criticism

Zuko's Flamethrower PWNS j00


constructive criticism

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"Hey, Aang, ready for something that'll cheer you up?" -Katara throws an acorn at his head. "That cheered me up."-Sokka started to laugh. Katara throws an acorn at his head. "Yeah, I probably deserved that."

"Maybey we can find you a nice puddle to splash in." -Sokka. They found a huge-ish lake. "Nice puddle."


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"Yuck. It's like a party in my mouth and everone's throwing up." -Fry from Futurama

"I'm having one of those things... You know, a headache with pictures."-Fry from Futurama (F.Y.I: He means an idea.)

"You're a freakin' genius you idiot!"-Clamps (or something like that.. ya know, the robot that always says "...and then me clamp 'em!?" ) from Futurama

I'll probably add more, once I think of it!


1. Avatar: The Last Airbender (DUH!)



4. Danny Phantom


6. Fairly Oddparents


8.Family Guy




12. Simpsons



1. Waffle (Catscratch)

2. The box ghost (Danny Phantom)

3. Cosmo (Farly Oddparents)

4. Bender ( Futurama)

5. STEWIE! (Family Guy) Duh!

6. Brian ( Family Guy)


1.Phantom of the Opera

2.Rent, Rent, Rent, Rent, Rent! ;D

I am new here, SO DONT FLAME ME!

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