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About me:
Age: 19
Interests/Hobbies: Computers, Music, TV, Anime
Favourite Group/Singer: E Nomine, Evanescfence, Lil Jon, Snoop Dogg
Favourite Animes: Shaman King, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Elfen Lied
Favourite Sport: Volleyball
Favourite Computer Games: Warcraft III, Silent Hill, Starcraft (Awaiting the release of the 2nd Part)
Things I Like:
Potato chips, Rap, Metal, cats, and, of course, computer games
Animes I plan on watching: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star
People I Admire: George Carlinf (R.I.P.), Freddy Mercury
Subjects I like: English
Subjects I hate: Math

Things I Hate/The Four Great Evils: There are three Great Evils in this world. I will list and describe them here in my profile:

- Stupid, simple-minded people. REASON: They are worthless idiots with no future. They harrass you, get on your nerves and there is no possible way to argue with them. PURIFICATION METHOD: Through napalm usage. Clubbing them to death is also very effective.

- Cosplayers. REASON: There is nothing more embarrasing and horrifying than watching a fat, ugly guy with no life dressing up like a fictional Anime character. People like them cannot make the difference between real and unreal. They are completely consumed by their addiction to Anime. PURIFICATION METHOD: Get them a girlfriend/boyfriend, then tie her/him to them, as there is a high probability that the girl/boy will run away with screams of terror from the cosplay maniac, unless the girl/boy is also a cosplayer. In this case, use the purification method used on Stupid, simple-minded people.

- Bulgarian pop-folk. REASON: It is not Bulgarian at all and it is the worst kind of music in all existence. Bulgarian pop-folk, more commonly known as 'Chalga', is a terminal brain disease that causes the victim to become addicted to 'Chalga' and listen it whenever possible, if not 24-7. The addiction is 45 times stronger than the addiction to any drug known by mankind and it is extremely difficult, if not almost impossible to overcome the addiction. The effects of this disease make your brain turn to mush and urge you in wearing prostitute-like clothes, consuming large amounts of alchocol and worshiping the Devil. PURIFICATION METHOD: An all-out war against all 'Chalga' clubs and discos, as well as the government and the entire Bulgarian nation, accompanied by lots of Heavy Metal music. Victims of Bulgarian pop-folk, known as Reprobates, can only be cured from the 'Chalga' disease by being strait-jacketed, locked in a room and forced to listen to Megadeth, KoЯn, Cannibal Corpse, Metallica, Nightwish, Evanescence and 87 other Heavy/Trash/Death/Black Metal bands for 136 hours straight. If this method does not work, the Reprobate must be immediately treated with a silver bullet in the forehead and his remains purified by a priest. If no priest is available at the moment, burn his ashes and scatter the dust in the forest.

- Homophobes/ (Rabid) Yaoi Fangirls - The former are stupid bigoted assholes and the latter are stupid fanatical bitches. The former will discriminate and bash gay people, while the latter will rip through anyone who criticizes gay people. Damn, can't those girls take a joke? AND THEY JUST KEEP COMING! DEAR GOD! SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET A LIFE ALREADY! PURIFICATION METHOD: Lots and lots of napalm.

"Everything is in my hands."
"I am anti-conformist; I am the black sheep in the herd."
"Religion is useless; The only thing necessary is God."
"Stop hoping and start believing", Five Seas

I've noticed something frightening...Over 90 of the writers in the Shaman King section, and probably any other section, are GIRLS!

I'm alone!

I can be a real asshole sometimes. Proof:
I am not narrow-minded, it's just that my tastes are superior to yours.
2) There are times when tolerance is just another form of hypocrisy.
3) Arguing is one of the best ways to get to know a person better.
4) I yearn for the day when having sex with another person won't be considered adultery.
5) I also yearn for the day when couples, regardless of their sexual orientation, will stop slobbering, drooling, kissing and screwing through the clothes in public areas.
6) Wouldn't it be beneficial for homosexuals if their sexual orientation was considered the result of an inborn mental disease rather than some peculiar psychological disposition or a character trait?

If any of these five statements pissed you off, post it in your profile and add my name next to it, as well as a brief comment. If you are so infuriated you are willing to get in a verbal spar with me, feel free to write me a message. I can defend any of these opinions with the exception of the first one. Please, don't nag at me about this one. Just don't. ;)

Favorite characters:

Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach)
Ishida Uryuu (Bleach)
Stark (Bleach)
Lilinette (Bleach)
Zaraki Kenpachi (Bleach)
Nnoitra Jiruga (Bleach)
Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)
Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!)
Minorin (Toradora!)
Marion Phauna (Shaman King)
Matilda Matisse (Shaman King)
Kanna Bismarch (Shaman King)
Lilly (Shaman King)
Sally (Shaman King)
Nnoitra Jigura (Bleach)
Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach)
Hanataro (Bleach)
Kiyone (Bleach)
Etna (Disgaea)

Favourite Couples:

Lyserg x Jeanne - OR - Lyserg x Millie (I can't decide.)(crack)
Tamao x Manta (crack)
Anna x Yoh
Hanatarou x Kiyone - OR - Hanatarou x Isane (I can't decide on this one either.)(crack)FavouriteSongs - Te Quiero Puta

- Der Meister
E Nomine - Das Omen
E Nomine - Nebelpfade
E Nomine - Jetzt ist es Still
Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion OST - Invasion, Showing off, Treachery, Nightmare
KoRn ft. Xzibit - Fight the Power
Lil Jon ft. Pitbull - I don't Give A Fuck

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About me as a Writer: I joined FanFiction.Net only to write about Shaman King. I like that anime a lot, it's a real shame that there won't be a sequel. Recently, I've been watching Bleach a lot and I'm having plans about writing Bleach fiction in the near future. Anyway, I'm a little bit on the pervert side and you'll find some of my M-rated fics around the Shaman King section. I hope you like them...

Current Stories I'm working on: SoreLoser: Bleach; Rated M; Drama/Romance
Knight in the Moonlight's Shadow; Shaman King; Rated M; Romance/Drama
Espada Elegies; Bleach; Rated M; Humor/Parody


14. 05. 2007. I'm having certain difficulties at school. The F-mark from the German test came as a nasty shock to me. Hopefully my grades in English and Bulgarian are getting better. I haven't worked on my stories yet; I've been feeling kind of lazy recently, and with my grades slowly slipping away, I probably won't have a lot of time to concentrate on my fics... If I'm not exhaused from school tomorrow, I'll probably write another chapter from TLLOA (The Legend Lives Once Again) and upload it. Maybe I'll even write something in my Witch Coven story. :)

19. 05. 2007. Crap! That text I was supposed to translate took me a lot of time, so I wasn't able to write anything new. Perhaps I'll write something today. I'll be going out with a friend and I'll probably be gone most of the day. Who knows? Maybe when I'm back... Anyway, we won't be studying at Monday (yahooo!), so I'll find some time to update TLLOA.

My Current Project: Shaman King II: Hand of Magic
started on: 03. 06. 2007; 11:39

TheArchon's comment:

Shaman King may have been dead for over eight years, but that doesn't stop me from writing a sequel to the series. That was one really good Anime. It pains me that Takei finished the Manga in such a cryptic, confusing way. In the Anime it is quite clear that Hao is defeated, but what does really happen in the end of the Manga? And Yoh's Oracle Bell rang, signifying that the Shaman Fight had begun once more... is that really a good way to finish a story!?... So, I've decided to make my own sequel, based on the Anime and what I know of the Manga. It will take a lot of time to plan this, and eventually start writing it, so I'll first upload my ideas about SK2: HoM here in the profile. I'm also planning on making a forum, dedicated to making this story, as long as the guidelines allow something like this (I'm going to read them as soon as I finish writing this). I'll be searching for other FanFiction authors who could give me a hand in writing this story and support me with fresh ideas.

Well... that's all for now. I just hope I have the patience and perseverance to go all the way with this. Wish me luck:)

-- Notes, Characters, Elements and other Info about SK2:HoM --

WIZARDS - Wizards are former shamans who discarded their spirit guardians and shamanic abilities for the sake of magic and immortality.

There are two major differences between shamans and wizards. The first difference is that shamans require a spirit guardian in order to fight, while wizards can fight independently. The second difference is the versitility between shamanic abilities and wizard abilities. Shamans are limited to the usage of abilities inherited from their guardian ghosts and a few other abilities which can be taught later, while wizards can learn to use a huge variety of unique spells. However, the wizards have retained several traits that render them very similar to their shaman counterparts. One similarity is that both shamans and wizards can manipulate the elements of nature and use their powers in combat. The second similarity is the energy they both use: Shamanic Furyoku and Wizard Mana. Both shamans and wizards need an amount of energy to perform their attacks or use their special abilities. The only advantage of Mana in this case is that a wizard can conjure an attack with the same destructiveness of his shaman counterpart's attack by spending less Mana. According to different sources, most of them being wizards themselves, a wizard vastly surpasses a shaman in every aspect of power, claiming to be physically indestructible and unbound by any law of nature or physics. However, this statement was proven to be invalid and far from correct after the Wizard Legion accepted Phoenix magic as its new primary energy. Unlike when the wizards drew power from the core of demon magic itself, Hell, and acquired unstoppable god-like powers, Phoenix magic barely renders them tenth as potent as during the Descent.

A wizard's attire consists of a long-sleeved jacket, trousers, leather boots and the classical pointy peaked wizard hat. Though it is a compulsory for every member of the Wizard Legion to wear a uniform, every wizard's uniform has elements and small details that distinguish him from his comrades, for example the pattern on their jacket (Stuciel's water curves), an ornament (Serenity's silver crescent hanging from the tip of her hat) or some other object. The wizard garment is rarely used as a weapon or a shield, though there are few who imbue magic in their clothes to give them protective or disguising properties.

03.06.2007; 13:01
Spirit of Metal
Current Age: As old as the world

The Spirit of Metal is the embodiment of Metal, one of the five elements of nature (fire, metal, wood, earth, water). Ages ago, before humans constantly used metal in their everyday lives, the Spirit of Metal had a form similar to the one of the Spirit of Fire and the other elemental spirits, but eventually, as humans started forging and refining metal, they steadily bound their essence to the one of the Spirit of Metal, "civilizing" it, making it more human-like with the form of a towering warrior clad in metal, armed with a large shield and a sword, and even bestowing feelings upon it. When the Spirit of Metal joined the shaman Lancelot Silverglove in an unbreakable alliance, the link between the Spirit of Metal and humanity was made eternal.

Just like the other elemental spirits, the Spirit of Metal possesses immense powers. Though less powerful than the Spirit of Fire (fire melts metal), the Spirit of Metal is a force to be reckoned with. With unlimited control over everything which is made out of metal, the owner of this Spirit (Lancelot, in this case) can move a piece of metal from one direction to another, or transform it into another metal object, a sword for instance. The Spirit of Metal can provide a stout protection from enemy assaults and various attacks to severely weaken its hapless opponents' defences and vanquish them for good. One of the Spirit of Metal's most powerful attacks is the 'Rain of Metal': The Spirit of Metal shatters into hundreds of pieces which then transform into swords, raining upon the enemy.

The Spirit of Metal can separate parts of its power into independently-existing Metal Swordsmen, which are used as spirit allies of the Troops of Metal. These spirits are of equal power and can be Oversouled in any metal, and when needed, the Spirit of Metal can summon them back to it to restore his powers.

Another ability of the Spirit of Metal is his Aegis of Steel. He separates a small particle from his body, concentrated with healing and protective energies. Other shamans can attach this Aegis as a medium-sized buckler to their body (e.g. arm, shoulder, leg) or their Oversouls (e.g. Jack's back), which will strengthen their defences and increase their Furyoku. The Aegis of Steel is the element which unites telepathically all UECS warriors with Lancelot and makes them exceptionally strong.

05.06.2007; 16:13
Lancelot Silverglove
Current Age: 28; Height: 186cm; Weight: 75kg; Furyoku Amount: 286,400

Lancelot Silverglove is a shaman hailing from England. He was born in Liverpool and raised in the prosperous family of Harold Silverglove, one of the many descendants of Sir Lancelot, the founder of the Silverglove family and the reason for their wealth and power. Lancelot was brought up with the teachings of elemental shamanic arts, a trait with which the Silvergloves were famous for. He studied law in university and worked as a lawyer in his early years, but eventually got tired of this job as he realized that this profession did not suit him. He concentrated in the shaman art and the secret of Metal, an enigma kept veiled by the Silvergloves for centuries. His first spirit guardian became Lancelot I, one of the legendary Knights of the Round Table and a family guardian ghost for centuries. After five years of training and perfecting his shaman skills, he was let in the secret of Metal: the secret was that under the Lancelot family mansion, there was a shrine of the Spirit of Metal, built hundreds of years ago by the natives who lived in this place. It was from this locus that the Spirit of Metal's power could be summoned, but up till now no one of the Lancelot family has been completely successful in entirely summoning the mighty Spirit. When Lancelot turned 26, he felt strong enough to actually perform the summoning ritual himself to bring the Spirit of Metal into this plane of existence. After seven hours of tireless prayers, the Spirit of Metal finally manifested itself before Lancelot. After striking a deal with the Spirit of Metal, Lancelot set out with his new powers to gather up shamans who would follow him in the Shaman Fight and help him accomplish his greatest dream: to wipe out all the pain and suffering in the world.

Though not as powerful as Hao Asakura and Iron Maiden Jeanne, he was still a very powerful opponent and a skilled shaman. Many have falled before his powers over metal, sometimes killed by their own weapons. Lancelot can manipulate anything which is made from metal to do virtually anything, from protecting his allies to killing his enemies. Even without the powers of Metal, Lancelot is a formidable swordsman and wields his sword, sometimes accompanied with his axe, to slay anyone who would oppose him.

Lancelot is a pleasant, generous, and easy-going man with a very strong sense of justice, similar by character to Yoh Asakura. One significant difference is that he shows less mercy towards his enemies: he pitilessly fights his enemies till they are down and kills those who he considers deserving punishment. His dream is to erase all the pain in the world, as he believes that this is the key to creating a paradise on Earth. According to his philosophy, all negative things in the world are caused by pain, as well as dissatisfaction. The only way to create a perfect world is to erase all the feelings of pain the in human souls, bodies and minds and replace them with fulfilment and satisfaction. Lancelot is tolerant, respecting other people's dreams, but willing to fight with everything he has to achieve his goals. He sees all the wizards as abominable defilers of nature and the balance on Earth, as well as a threat to the entire shaman society, which is why he hounds and fights them so zealously.

01.08.2007; 01:43
Erik Ferguson
Age: 13; Height: 172cm; Weight: 52kg; Furyoku Amount: 8,740

Erik Ferguson was the very first shaman who had joined Lancelot in his quest for becoming the Shaman King.

Erik, the son of Scott Ferguson, a police officer, used to live a happy life with his twin sister, till one day, when he was 11, several cars stopped in front of Scott Ferguson and went out of their cars with guns in their hands. Scott, immedialy realizing that the local mafia had sent thugs to kill him for snooping around in their affairs, ordered Erik to take his sister and run as fast as he could to the police station. The boy reluctantly left his father, who was left behind to defend himself with his handgun against the approaching thugs. Unfortunately, Erik was not fast enough. The thugs caught up with him and shot at him and his sister, hitting her in the head and instantly killing her. Left broken and terrified by the loss of his father and sister, Erik hid behind a trashcan in a deadend street and escaped the thugs pursuing him. It took the boy some time to recover from the shock he had just undergone, and the first thing he did was to return to his father's house. There, lying next to the body of his deceased dad, was the family axe, the relic rumored to be wielded by William Wallace himself, stained with the blood of one of Scott's murderers. Erik, now steadily plunging into mindless rage, hatred and lust for revenge, recovered the axe and set out with only one task: to hunt down all of his father's killers and avenge his death. Using his knowledge and skills of a beginner shaman, he was able to track down all eight of the thugs who assassinated Scott and kill seven of them. When he had cornered the last of them, Lancelot was near the spot of the crime to stop Erik from commiting the last murder. The last thug was taken in by the police, despite a demented Erik's protests to finish his work and completely avenge his father's demise. Lancelot was Erik's lawyer during the trial and eventually, Erik Ferguson was considered mentally irresponsible and sentenced to a sanatorium for a whole year, where he was threatened to lose the remains of his sanity. Before he was sent away, Lancelot came up to him and promised him that he will come and retrieve him from the sanatorium in one year. This only promise, coming from the man who had stopped him from commiting the last murder and helped him in time of need, was the sole reason Erik survived for so long in the sanatorium and was able to heal his mind and soul. One year later, Erik was discharged from the sanatorium, now officially sane, and in front of the gates awaited him none other than Lancelot himself.

For the next two years, Erik lived in the Silverglove family mansion, studied and perfected the shamanic arts and became a skillful warrior. Lancelot taught him how to use his rage and hatred as a deadly weapon against the enemy instead of repressing them and turning them into a poison for Erik's mind. When Lancelot set out to gather followers, Erik Ferguson was the first one to follow him.

Erik is a kind, friendly and rational boy with a strong sense of justice. He has, however, one major flaw: he is extremely short-tempered and easily gets angry. Lancelot has stated that this is not merely irascibility; the memory of his sister's and father's death has left a dark mark on the boy's soul, which is the result for all the hidden anger, fury and hatred that boils deep inside of him. Lancelot has taught Erik how to release those feelings so that they won't eventually destroy his mentally, and use them as a weapon against those who oppose him. Though some would venture a guess that a shaman who loses his temper easily is a weak opponent, Erik has also mastered one other amazing and unique ability which enhances his skill to use the anger as a deadly force: the control over his emotions. He can get angry as if on his own will and pour out the flames of his anger upon the enemy, and moments later stand composed and tranquil once again. Erik's control over his feelings is not absolute, though, as a sudden shock or a very angering event can send him into uncontrollable fury that endangers everyone around him, including himself.

02. 08. 2007; 02:42
Edward Doyle
Age: 14; Height: 180cm; Weight: 57kg; Furyoku amount: 6,450

Edward Doyle, an Irish shaman born and raised in Cork, was the second man to join Lancelot and the UECS.

As a young boy, Edward sincerely believed in all of the stories his grandfather used to tell about elves, leprycones and forest spirits. Even when he was mocked and ridiculed by his classmates, he didn't stop believing in their existence for one second. Ed would often walk around the hills and forests alone, searching for a leprycone or other mystical creatures that were rumored to dwell in the wilds. His grandfather was a shaman, adept at using the powers of nature, particularly the forest, had spoken that leprycones have nearly gone extinct; though powerful spirits, these creatures were now very difficult to find, as they would hide under the ground during the day and come out at nightfall. And so, at the age of 12, while venturing through the woods, Edward's gaze came across one of the legendary spirits. The boy, who was overjoyed to see a leprycone for the first time in his life, scared the spirit away, and so Edward was forced to pursue the little creature. He chased him for hours till he finally caught him in his hands. The leprycone was rather pissed that a human had laid hands on him and without any regrets blasted Edward with a salvo of magic, hurling him against a tree. After a quarrel with the leprycone, whose name was Bragney Rootstone, he agreed to become his guardian spirit...or at least for the next five minutes, as Bragney escaped the moment the boy turned his back. A broken Edward then trudged through the woods towards his home, but he wasn't able to get out of the woods, as a pack of wolves was after him. He tripped in a root and just as he was about to be torn apart by the beasts, Bragney came back, answering the boy's cries for help. Edward Oversouled the leprycone in a stick and drove the wolves away. After the fight, Bragney and Edward became friends, and the leprycone thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea to hang around with the boy for a while.

Two years after Ed met Bragney in the forest for the first time, Lancelot Silverglove, who had set out to search for followers in England, came across Ed, who was training in a field near his house. Edward was surprised to see other shamans around here, so he was enthusiastic in talking with the two. Though he liked Lancelot's affable character, Ed found it somewhat difficult to communicate with Erik, who was getting pissed and annoyed at a lot of things. At a point, Erik got so pissed at Edward's cheerful character, believing he was 'saying stupid things all the time', challenged Ed to a fight. The two fought, with Erik overpowering in the beginning, but in the end losing to Ed. Lancelot saw Ed as an excellent shaman fighter and invited him to join his team. Edward, finding Erik and Lancelot's quest very interesting, set out with them gladly.

Edward Doyle, though at first sight resembling an average school geek, is actually something far more different than what he looks. In truth, Edward is the person every depressed and hapless geek dreams of becoming: dexterous, athletic, with considerable amount of strength, cool, respected and feared when needed, intelligent and witty. Ed is a moody person, and his spirits can change from cheeful and active to calm and pensive. He is a complicated and somewhat introverted persona, but this doesn't prevent other people from liking and befriending him. Edward has an amazingly good potential for an actor, as he can instantly impersonate the facial expression, behaviour and even the voice of the person he mimics. In most occasions this person is Kanna, whom he finds annoying at times and imitates her smug demeanor to ridicule her (which usually ends up with a punch/kick/Ashcroft's lance directed towards him). Edward has an adamant belief in the power of luck and the fortune four-leaver cloves, horse shoes and other charms like that bring, which is the reason why he carries two horse-shoes on silver chainlets which he keeps hidden under his jacket. His weapon is a one-meter long black umbrella, which he Oversouls with Bragney and makes use of it as a sword, a spear, a shield and a submachine gun.

18. 09. 2007.
Michael Shipkov
Age: 23; Height: 192cm; Weight: 74kg; Furyoku Amount: 7,760

Michael Shipkov is a Bulgarian shaman who used to do a lot of things with his live. First working at a market, then as a truck driver, and finally as a grave-digger. Michael's birthplace is in Sofia, in an average Bulgarian family. He discovered his shamanic abilities at an early age but never did anything to develop them to the level of a competitor in the Shaman Fight, nor is he interested in the title of the Shaman King. He studied philology but ended up working low-paid jobs. Michael lead a relatively happy life with his girlfriend Yana. He would often hang out with his best friend Rosen and go watch soccer games with the rest of the gang. Michael considered himself a lucky man till the moment he lost the two people he valued most in a car accident: his girlfriend Yana and his best friend Rosen. He had to bear with the pain to bury both of them in the cemetery where he worked. Mourning over the graves of his lost friends, he heard a voice behind him. It was Lancelot Silverglove who was searching for potent shaman warriors to follow him in his quest. He explained for Michael that pain was the main cause for people to stray from the right path and end up committing monstrous crimes against the world and themselves. Lancelot offered Michael to join him in his fight for a better world to prevent other tragedies like his from ever happening again. The gravedigger set out with Rosen's spirit, who had not yet passed away to Heaven, and since then has been loyally fighting for Lancelot and the slowly growing in size UECS.

Michael is a responsible, serious man with realistic views of life. He never conceals the bad sides of a situation, nor does he depreciates the positive aspects of a condition. He is a tall, well-built man with black eyes, chestnut hair tied in a horse-tail. He does not seem to shave very often as there is always a stubble growing on his chin. He is clothed in a black T-shirt with BG (Bulgaria) spelled on it, trousers and dark brown shoes. He has a cross tattooed on his back. Michael is a smoker, he usually smokes a cigar or two a day. He wears his UECS band on his Oracle Bell. Though Michael is the most mature, physically and mentally, in the group, he sometimes acts pervertedly (peeking in Kanna's cleavage, either unnoticed or smacked hard in the face). His favourite weapon is the shovel he used when working at the graveyard. He is specialized in 'grave' attacks, which relate to summoning the powers of the soil to his aid.

His Oversoul Avatar is called 'Reaper's Substitute' and takes the form of a grim reaper, clad in a dark grey hooded robe and armed with a scythe. The effects of his Aura cause fear in the souls of his enemies. Michael's Aura has a deadly effect on his enemies; every second spent in the presence of the Reaper's Substitute reduces the life span of enemies by one day.

27. 10. 2007
Karl White
Age14; Height: 186cm; Weight: 52kg; Furyoku Amount: 9,000

Karl White, a shaman originating from Sheffield, England, who is known among his UECS comrades for his impulsive character. Karl's customary clothing is shabby brown trousers, a black Megadeth T-shirt, a heavy spiked bracelet on his left hand and a silver cross dangling from a chainlet on his neck. His UECS band is tied around his right hand. He has long, thick chest-nut hair and dark green, almost black eyes. Karl is an active, warlike person who serves Lancelot with zealous willingness. He will fight any enemy of the UECS with zest unimaginable to his squadmembers, very often to the end, not even hesitating or considering whether they deserve to be killed. Karl's impulsiveness, the primary trait of his character, is often the reason for many reproofs, directed to him by Lancelot, as well as a weak spot that can be used by Karl's enemies to cause his defeat. Karl is a member of the War Wing.

Karl's spirit ally is the ghost of an ancient dragon that died centures ago beneath London. Karl once had a dream of a large emerald dragon summoning him to help it. Karl, learning from his dream that the dragon's lair lies somewhere in the sewers of London, set off with the tast to find this mysterious creature. Eventually, the boy found where the creature resided, but to his amazement he found not the magnificent dragon that soared in his dream, but a huge pile of bones that had obviously been there for more than a hundred years. Beneath them, there was the dragon's nest, and within it - a fossilized egg. Karl, now feeling disappointment and sorrow about the dragon's death, pondered as to why he had been summoned here in the first place. He then looked at the fossilized egg, that had begun glowing in green and trembling. Karl picked it up and sensed a spirit inside the fossil; it was the dragon's spirit. The dragon, whose name was Jadewing, recounted that she was the last female creature of her species that had died out thousands of years ago. She, being 3,214 years old, explained that neither she, nor her egg were able to survive long enough to preserve her species. However, Jadewing beared knowledge of an event that would happen very soon. An event that would utterly change the world; the Shaman Fight. She believed that this event could be the key to the revival of the long-lost dragons that once inhabited the planet. Jadewing thought that the only way to influence this event in behalf of her kind's resurrection was by contacting with a human being that was capable of participating in this event: a shaman. Jadewing's soul wandered across the land in search of a suitable shaman who would be the best one to carry out the a mission, examining their minds, consciousness and soul in their sleep. When she found Karl, she instantly realized that he would be the perfect person to help her: honest, devoted and determined to whatever goals he sought to achieve. And so, Jagewing asked him to help her revive the dragon kin that had become extinct countless centuries ago. Karl, having no real goals in his life, and feeling admiration towards the majestic species of the dragons, and sadness towards Jadewing, agreed to be her shaman partner and together find a way to bring the dragon kin back to life. When they emerged on the surface, they chanced upon Lancelot, who was at that time looking for shamans in London to join him. Karl, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to accomplish his goals, immediately allied with Lancelot, thus becoming the third person coalesce with the UECS.

Karl uses the fossilized dragon egg as his Oversoul. With Jadewing, he can shoot fire at his enemies and manipulate the flames to protect himself. His Giant Oversoul is Jadewing, her corporal form of a towering emerald dragon with large, robust wings and claws that can raize down buildings. Jadewing's incinerating draconic power is a fierce force on the battlefield which only a few can evade or block without getting burned.

14. 11. 2007
The Vasilyevs brothers, Luba Vasilyeva

Sergey Vasilyev
Age: 67; Height: 154cm; Weight: 56kg; Furyoku amount: 7,700

Sergey Vasilyev, the older of the Vasilyev brothers, is a Russian shaman born and raised in Moscow, along with his two younger brothers Dimitri and Grigory. Living in poverty with his mother and father, Sergey has been the smartest and most cunning of the three brothers, always contriving ways to make a living, though just barely. Usually performing acts using their inborn shamanic powers, they were accepted differently by people; sometimes feared, sometimes hated and shunned, the Vasilyevs lived and grew with almost no friends of their own, just the three of them always together. Sergey is a veteran from several wars Russia has led, in the last one he and Dimitrii deserting from the army and escaping in Siberia. After spending one year in hiding, ill news come to their ears that Grigory has passed away from a terminal disease, leaving behind an infant and orphaned 5-moths-old Natassia. After they adopt Natassia, they come to the conclusion that they cannot give their niece a decent life here in Russia, seeing as they are persecuted by the government, so they being to plot an escape from Russia by sea. They secure a boat and set sail through the Arctic Ocean and barely make it to Finland. There they live for a whole year until they come across Harold Silverglove, lost and nearly frozen dead in the cold forest. They bring him in their shed and show him hearty hospitality. When Sergey realizes that Harold is an English aristrocrat he suggest his brother to work for Silverglove, a wealthy man with many possibilites who is certain to give them and Natassia a brighter future. Harold hires them as his personal bodyguards and the Vasilyevs spend the next thirteen years by the side of Harold Silverglove, serving as guards of his property, his family and Harold himself, while raising their niece to a healthy, smart and beautiful girl. When Lancelot succeeds his father and sets his plans of becoming Shaman King in action, the Vasilyevs themselves begin to train and improve their shamanic skills, so that they can aid their master better in his quest.

Sergey is a short, wiry old man, with a long white beard and bald head. He is usually clad in a flat jaket, an old ragged soldier uniform, black soldier flat boots and fingerless gloves. He always carries a pair of revolvers hanging on his collar, two relics he keeps in shape for more than thirty years and serve as his primary weapons. Sergey also carries a number of grenades under his flat jacket which he will only use in desperate situations whenever he is in a disadvantage or out of any other ammo. Sergey is a man with a lot of experience and knowledge of the world, very pragmatic, with a sense of pride and patriotism, strong loyalty to his master, Lancelot. Though he gives the expression of a cunning and cheerful old man, he may sometimes lose his temper and lash at whoever is closest to him. Sergey's spirit ally is Afanas, a Russian archer who died during the reign of Ivan I. With a skilled marksmanship such as him, Sergey's greatest knack in battle is his unfailing accuracy in shooting bullets at his enemies. He can fire a large amount of bullets at his opponent, each of them aiming them with magnificent precision at any point of the body he wants. Sergey has the ability to use Soulmerge, which combines his guardian ghost and Dimitri's in the same Oversoul object, increasing its power ten times.

Eiji Tsukuda
Age: 21; Height: 179cm; Weight: 55kg; Mana Amount: 12,671

Eiji Tsakuda is a former Japanese shaman, a Recruit in the Wizard Legion, also being a White Robe and occupying the Footman rank, the lowest of the three achievable ranks in the Legion. Eiji was raised by non-shamans and lived in Osaka when he was younger, but because he was abused and shunned by his classmates for seeing spirits, Eiji grew to be a cold, vengeful and sadistic person. His ideas that humans have no real value to the planet are very similar to the ones of Hao, but Eiji never had the chance to ever meet the Asakura. When Eiji turned 19, he left Japan and travelled to America to participate in the Shaman Fight. However, he could not locate Patch Village in time and could not make it to the final round of the fight. Completely despaired and with broken dreams, Eiji turned back and was planned to return to Osaka, but on his way he met a very peculiar-looking stranger. She was a young woman with long red hair and yellow eyes, dressed in a dark red mantle, wearing a pointy hat. Eiji was attracted by the strange energy radiated by that woman and spoke to her, asking whether she was a shaman. The woman answered him that she was far more than a shaman, and she was also aware of Eiji's misadventures and the goal he could not achieve. She explained that she was a wizard, a former shaman who had discarded the weaknesses and disatvantages of mortal life and shamanic art and replaced them with eternal life and magic, a mystical energy far more uses than ordinary Furyoku. That woman was Sonia Gregorovich, the Captain of Hawk Patrol of the Wizard Air Force (WAF). Eiji, who was power-hungry back then, accepted her invitation and joined the ranks of the Wizard Legion. He prove himself to be a very skilful wizard, seeing as he was able to reach Adept level for less than six months of training and studying.
Eiji Tsukuda is tall, with small black eyes and edgy red hair combed backwards. Eiji wears the standard wizard uniform, but he is never seen wearing the wizard hat or wizard gloves. Unlike the majority of wizards, he does not use a staff or a sword to fight. Instead, he uses both of his hands as a devastating weapon against friends and foes alike. Two notable features of his appearance are that Eiji has the word 'Greed' tattooed on his left hand and the word 'Wrath' tattooed on his right, both in gothic-styled letters. These two words are closely connected to Eiji's two favourite spells: 'Life Steal Cannon' and 'Crimson Handshake'. 'Life Steal Cannon' is a lethal spell that absorbs all of the life essence of a living creature (Humans have most life essence; Crucified Wraiths cannot be used as a source of life essence for the spell) and converts it into a destructive beam of light that deals tremendous amounts of damage in a broad straight line. 'Crimson Handshake' is a curse that requires the caster to grab his target by the hand, he then transfers large amounts of damaging energy in the target's body, literally tearing it to pieces. Eiji always casts 'Life Steal Cannon' with his left hand (the one with the 'Greed' tattoo) and performs 'Crimson Handshake' with the right (the one with the 'Wrath' tattoo), a symbolical meaning tied to the effects of his two spells and the meaning of the two sins. Eiji has stated that he hungers for gold, power and life, which he covetously seizes with his left hand, while he unleashes his anger and fury upon all those who defy him with his right hand.

Stuciel Ravenhoff
Age: 443; Weight: 67kg; Height: 189cm; Mana Amount: 35,200 (without Chastity Ring: 26,850)

Stuciel Ravenhoff is an Ancient Wizard, the second Supreme Advisor of the Water Demigod, Aequotis Quiver. He is an expert Water Conjurer and is in charge of training Cloaks and teaching battle spells and fighting techniques. Stuciel is also a bearer of the Chastity Ring, a proof of his adamant will and endurance. Stuciel is a tall and slim man, dressed in the traditional dark blue Water Conjurer uniform with his rank embedded to his right shoulder. He has short brown hair with two small locks of hair projecting above his forehead. He has dark green eyes. He is very rarely seen wearing a hat, except on formal occasions.
Stuciel is a rational, pragmatic and calm-spoken person, who sometimes gets irritated at sloppy, sappy or irrational behaviour. Stuciel claims that the Wizard Legion must not indiscriminately slaughter shamans, but instead should pick out the strongest and most intelligent among them and train them to become wizards. Stuciel is seen reading a lot of books and wizard scriptures, which shows his fondness towards written knowledge and progressiveness.
Stuciel is a calm-spoken, sometimes cold and indifferent person, who tends to be introverted at times. He rarely displays emotion and is mostly seen as a strict and punctual individual. He conceals his feelings of sadness and anger from other wizards, keeping a composed exterior and trying not to smirch his rank by looking weak in front of others, especially his subordinates. Stuciel will not show anxiety, sadness or anger, even when it is concerning a person whom he helds dear. It was only because of pride that when his closest apprentice was killed 500 years ago shotly after being sealed away by Hao, he only uttered in front of everyone: "Why should I care that the stupid boy died?", but after he isolated himself from the others, he raised a Velvet Wall, muting all sounds coming from withing the Wall, and cried in helpless anger and grief.
Like the other Supreme Advisors of the Water Demigod, Stuciel can manipulate water around him. He can reshape water in anything he wants. His favourite attack is 'Frozen Fangs', which shoots a pair of giant icy stalagmites from the ground, impaling his enemies in surprise. He also makes a lot of use of the water around him by forming it as a long whip and lashing his enemies from a long distance. Stuciel is rarely seen summoning Pawns, which further stresses his decisiveness to duel his opponents personally, evading indirect means to battle.

21. 06. 2008
Roberro Anamuta
Age: 35; Weight: 74kg; Height: 182cm; Rank: Footman; Level: Cloak; Specialty: Earth; Type: Arcanist; Mana Amount: 12, 770

Roberro Amamura is an tiro Wizard who serves under Valkius Shimmerfall. Very little is known about Roberro's past; he is of Spanish origin, his Human name is unknown to anyone. He was introduced to the Wizard Legion by Gampfur Tiriazex whom he met while on a journey through Texas. Though Roberro is a very enthusiastic learner, enthusiasm and motivation is the only thing he has; he barely managed to earn the mantle of a Cloak and he is ridiculed by many of his peers. Roberro is a tall, middle-aged man with shoulder-length raven hair and a beard, shaven from the left half of his face. This style often incurs the bafflement and laughter of almost everyone who sees him for the first time and is an object for many snide jokes. Roberro is a materialistic, self-centered person who only plans on using his magic to become rich. Valkius suspects that Roberro will betray the legion one day.

Ezor Fury
Age: 659; Weight: 65kg; Height: 186cm;Rank: Advisor; Level: Supreme; Specialty: Necromancy; Type: Arcanist; Mana Amount: 29,900

Ezor Fury is Kiorin's older brother. He has remained in position of a 2nd Necromancer Advisor ever since the Wizard Legion was formed. He was formerly one of Robus Methodias' Advisors, but during The Counterattack Robus and his other two Advisors were killed, leaving Ezor the only remaining representative of the old Necromancy Branch top. During the Exodus, Ridius Schachwarser was appointed as the new Necromancy Demigod and When the Archmage took control of the Spirit of Fire and created the Powersource, Ezor used his newly-gained mana to reforge his sword in the form of a black scythe with a sickle-shaped blade. Ezor considers himself death incarnate, the Grim Reaper himself, and brags with the 430 shamans he had killed during The Descent. He is a sadistic and vicious man who mercilessly reaps through his foes with his scythe. His favourite attack is the Kaz Rez Loch spell, which causes massive damage and complete destruction in a vast area.

23. 07. 2008
Hikari Tsukimizu
Age: 15; Weight: 48kg; Height: 174cm; Rank: Footman; Level: Cloak; Speacialty: Earth; Type: Summoner; Mana Amount: 4,310

Hikari is a New Recruit who serves under Valkius Shimmerfall in the Earth Branch. She is one of the Wizard protagonists in SK2:HoM. The only child in a family of Japanese immigrants, she was returning from a field trip in a bus with the rest of her schoolmates when the driver suddenly had a stroke and the bus went out of control, crashing into a gas station. Everyone was killed in that explosion, except for Hikari, who was left buried under the ruins of the flaming bus with her body trapped under the collapsed and bent roof of the school bus. Just as she had lost all hope of escaping alive, Demigod Valkius Shimmerfall appeared and pulled her out of the burning bus. He asked her if she wanted to be as strong as him. With a single silent nod, Hikari was accepted in the Wizard Legion as an Apprentice in the Earth Branch, Summoner Class. These events happened one year before Hao was killed.

By the time Hao Asakura had been defeated, Hikari was barely progressing in the magical arts because of the exiguous amounts of faint demon magic she was granted by the Archmage. When Nigel captured the Spirit of Fire and used its power to construct the Powersource, the phoenix magic Hikari obtained boosted the power of her spells and she was able to unfold her true potential, achieving the level of a Cloak. She bears romantic feelings towards Ashil Okamura.

Chastity Ring

The Chastity Ring is a magical artifact presented to wizards who have accepted Satan's deal but their minds and souls have endured the darkness that was cast upon them and retained their sanity during The Descent. There are only a few bearers of the Chastity Ring, two of them being Stuciel Ravenhoff and Luna Starmark. Except for symbolizing their mental strength, the Chastity Ring is also a powerful item which boosts the fighting and magical capabilities of those who wear him, also increasing their mana amount between 5,000 and 20,000. The effects of the Chastity Ring vary depending on the element a wizard is specialized in; A Water wizard can shift forms between solid and liquid without using any mana, while a Wind wizard can use the air in a vast area around him as means of observation, defense or offense constantly without costing them any mana, as well.



Apprentice - The first level of power in the Wizard Legion. Rookies who have just entered the Legion start off from Apprentice level of power. An Apprentice is obliged to learn the basic spells of all two types and eight branches of magic. Wizards of this level are forbidden to participate in battles unless conveyed by a wizard of Adept level or higher. Apprentices of each branch are taught the arts of magic by wizards of Adept level and above. A tutor wizard can form a group of up to 50 Apprentices, but he can also concentrate on tutoring an individual apprentice. Apprentices are equipped with the standard 118-centimeter-long sword and a short oak staff powered by a shard from the Powersource with a diameter of 23 milimeters. The average Mana amount of an Apprentice varies from 500 to 1,500.
Cloak - The second level of power. The bulk of the Wizard Legion consists of Cloak-level wizards and they serve as its backbone and basic fighting unit. This is the level when Cloaks can choose the branch of magic in which they will specialize, though they are still obliged to study magic of Cloak level from all branches. Also, the Cloak level is the first level that permits the promotion of wizards to the rank of Overlord. Cloaks are defined by colour depending on the branch they are specializing in: Cloaks studying the art of Fire magic are defined as Red Cloaks, wizards who study Water Magic - Blue Cloaks, wizards who study Air Magic - White Cloaks, Natural Magic - Green Cloaks, Earth Magic - Brown Cloaks, Necromancy - Black Cloaks, Soul Magic - Grey Cloaks, Chaos Magic - Orange Cloaks. The average Mana amount of a Cloak varies between 1,500 and 4,500.
Adept - The third level of power in the Wizard Legion. Adept wizards study and perfect in the branch and type of magic they have chosen. Adepts are wizards of above-average power and are skilful swordsmanships and spellcasters. Most of them are appointed as Overlords and serve as sergeants or commanders of small groups of wizards. They have the right to tutor Apprentices and are permitted to use magical artifacts or wield weapons, different from the standard wizard sword and staff. An Adept's Mana amount varies from 4,500 to 10,000.
Supreme - The fourth power level in the Wizard Legion. Supremes are known for their great knowledge of magic, endurance, swordsmanship and battle experience. So far, the ranks of the Supremes consist only of Ancient Wizards, seeing as no New Recruits have managed to advance this far. Supreme wizards are all ranked as Overlords or Sages and have authority over wizards below Supreme level. However, their control is limited only to the wizards of the branch they serve; attempting to give orders to a wizard from a different branch is considered a violation to the authority of the ruling Supremes in the said branch. Supremes are appointed as lieutenants and have control over large battalions and strike teams in battle. The strongests and most intelligent of the Supreme wizards can be appointed as Advisors of the Demigod governing the branch. Supremes of Advisor rank gain authority over other Supremes below Advisor level, but are still forbidden to give orders to wizards from other branches. A Demigod can only have three Advisors. A Supreme wizards' Mana amount varies from 10,000 to 25,000.
Demigod - The fifth level of power in the Wizard Legion. Demigods are extremely powerful wizards who have fully mastered the art of the branch they serve. A Demigod is the most powerful Conjurer of each magical branch, he/she stands as the head of all wizards within that branch and takes decisions concerning its internal activities and governance. Once every two weeks, there is a convention between all Demigods, headed by the Archmage, during which important issues concerning the economy and the internal rule, the number of new recruits, the condition of the Powersource, the scouting and spy reports from WAF, the elaboration of battle plans and strategies of upcoming campaigns. Demigods serve as generals of the Archmage's armies, having total authority over their entrusted branches. Currently, there are 12 people of Demigod rank and level: 8 of them are the heads of the magical branches, one of them is the commander of WAF, the other is the commander of the Crimson Brigade and the last two are of Archon rank: the Archmage's advisors. The current Demigods are as follows:

Fire Demigod - Penox Asha; male; Mana amount: 100,000
Earth Demigod - Valkius Shimmerfall; male; Mana amount: 81,400
Water Demigod - Aequotis Quiver; male; Mana amount: 102,000
Wind Demigod - Samuel Haste; male; Mana amount: 98,450
Nature Demigod - Magda Rosethorn; female; Mana amount: 142,800
Necromancy Demigod - Jinta Schwarzwasser; male; Mana amount: 90,700
Chaos Demigod - Eizel Sturmfeuer; male; Mana amount: 166,600
Soul Demigod - Alessa Edelweiss; female; Mana amount: 112,100

WAF Commander - Arcturus Tallen; male; Mana amount: 175,350
Crimson Brigade Commander - Bartholomeus Gried; male; Mana amount: 184,440

Archon - Felen Oakwood; female; Mana amount: 410, 500
2nd Archon - James Blackhound; male; Mana amount: 402, 870

God - The sixth and final level of magical power in the Wizard Legion. The only God level wizard is the Archmage, Nigel Kelanim, the sovereign ruler of the Wizard Legion. As the name of this level states, a wizard of God level is an omnipotent entity with limitless control over all aspects of magic and known for his comprehensive knowledge in the arts of magic. The Archmage is also referred to as 'The Omnimage' and 'The Hand of Magic'. His authority encompasses everything withing the Legion; he is the one who creates, passes and rescinds laws and commandments withing the Legion, his opinion and decisions are the ones with most influence during the High Assemblies with the Demigods. He is hailed as the most powerful warrior and the wisest magus in the entire Legion. Because of the absolutismic nature of his authority, a lot of people have sought to overthrow him over the years, but all of their attempts at coup d'etat have ended in failure. Traitors among the wizards are either chained and incarcerated or executed.

French blues

The wine is drank, the cards are rollin’

A gal is smoking, a guy is drunk

Out the door, the rain is falling

Eleven strikes-another perfect night

From the door, I see her standing,

By the bar. The light goes dim.

The stage is calling. She turns

And takes it in a flash

Her eyes are fine, her hair is golden,

Her legs are worth killing for,

The voice is rich, the smile is blinding,

A glass of fine champagne

But I don’t see her legs, her hair,

I feel nor rich voices, nor eyes so fine,

Her smile is late, my eyes are blinded,

And hell, I don’t even drink champagne

Her dress and jewels are not what gets me

(I can’t tell Cavalli from Loran)

Herself, her spirit is what hits me

(the spark behind the snobbish clothes)

I wait her gaze to meet me,

I’d sell my soul for just one look,

And yet she passes me,

Without a second glance,

Oh, poor heart, poor soul

That knows no light, nor warmth,

Oh, sweet flower, Captured

By the cold,

Sweet kisses, lost forever.

By Five seas, taken from her story 'Beware of roses, for they have thorns'.

Bleach II: Arrancar

This, my friends, is a story which Five seas, Kristine93 and myself will be writing. As you may have already guessed, this is a Bleach story, it will take place after the end of the Bleach series (after Aizen's defeat) and it will serve as a sequel to the series. It revolves around Akaki Katsuo, an ordinary human who becomes an Arrancar under tragic circumstances and must overcome many obstacles to reunite with his childhood friend, Midorikawa Kasumi. The story will be mostly OC, but characters from Bleach you are familiar with, like Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Hitsugaya, Byakuya, etc. will appear as well.

I will post the profiles of my character, as well as Five seas' and Kristine93's


Surname: Akaki
Name: Katsuo
Age: 16
Height: 186cm
Weight: 58kg
Hair style and color: Short chestnut hair, with some locks covering the sides of his face.
Eye color: Dark blue
Clothing: While alive/human form: Dark green trousers, white snickers, white T-shirt.
In death/arrancar form: black Espada uniform without a collar. He wears black trousers instead of a hakama and a sash.
Race: Formerly human, currently an Arrancar
Special Traits: His hollow hole is positioned on the right side of his chest. There is a round scar on his left hand.
Zanpaktou: Has the appearance of an ordinary katana. The hilt is dark red and the guard has the shape of a cross.
Character: Katsuo is generally a very caring person, especially to Kasumi, whom he considers as a sister. He does not approve of senseless violence and will never torment someone weaker than him. Katsuo is a very impulsive person, though, and he will lunge in an argument or a fight with people who challenge or doubt him.
Background: Katsuo was a highschooler from Tokyo. He used to be the first-born son in the family of Seta and Hikari Akaki, with a 12-year-old brother, Sayu. Katsuo is killed two days after Kasumi’s death by the hands of her father.
Relations: Katsuo holds a powerful fondness towards Kasumi Midorikawa, a girl the same age as him. She and Katsuo have been close friends since they were 7-year-olds. They shared many happy memories together, studied in the same elementary, middle and high school together and have promised each other that together they will walk the same path on earth. The camaraderie between the two has never withered for even a moment. Katsuo is the older brother of Sayu, whom he holds dear. During his life, he has did his best to protect his little brother from danger, comfort him and tutor him.
Habits: While he was alive, he used to spend a lot of time outside playing basketball. He is never seen sitting properly, as he will always put his foot on the table or sit on the chair Turkish-style.
Likes: Cherries, pizza, cats
Dislikes: Watermelons, sloppily-done jobs, red-haired people (which is sometimes a cause for comic situations)


Name: Tatsuo
Surname: Oshiro
Age: 15
Height: 182sm
Weight: 56kg
Hair style and color: Short red and quite messy hair, grows in whatever direction and manner it pleases, undisturbed by nothing even slightly similar to a comb
Eye color: Black
Rate: shinigami
Zanpakuto: Dagger
Character: overall a good person, with wonderful sense of humor, likes to attract attention with his goofy-act and carefree attitude. He’s famous for being extremely vulpine and gifted liar, argumentative, sharp-witted and imaginative.
Background: He doesn’t remember much from his previous life for he’s never considered it important. However, he is known to have been the son of a rich business man with pretty much provided for life. His death he describes as ‘joke of the fate’ since he choked with a kernel while he was alone at home and suffocated.
In Soul Society he lives completely alone until he meets Kasumi and Katsuo. His main activities are to lop about the streets, pickpocketing just random strangers, cheating, gambling, cheating AT gambling, etc. Has no street band, unlike other pickpockets, swindlers and palmers, but is pretty famous among such and is treated with respect.
Skills: Extremely light-footed and nimble
Likes: music, playing the guitar, teasing people, scary stories, taking chances (often when less needed and less reasonable), swimming in lakes and rivers
Dislikes: boredom

Five seas

Name: Kasumi
Height: 165
Weight: 50 kg
Hair: Bright green
Eyes: Grey
Special characteristic: Blind
Character: Kasumi’s role is rather passive, as she just looks after the camp, cooks for the others and looks after Katsuo if he gets into trouble with anyone, solving the problems with words other than violence. Despite being blind, she’s very perceptive and understands things around her. She doesn’t tolerate unneeded violence and stops fights between her comrades before they even started. Though she’s pretty weak, most of Katsuo’s comrades are fond of her and treat her like a baby sister.
Skills: Though she can’t participate in a battle, when it comes to fighting she isn’t any worse than a Shinigami. She knows the forests around Rokungai like the palm of her hand and is very good in leading enemies into traps when necessary.
Zanpakuto: Kasumi has a zanpakuto, though she never actually makes it clear how she got one-she says it placed itself in her hands the moment she died and never left them. It had been pulled out, stolen, Kasumi even got beat up once for it, but it still came back. Its name is Cygne, and its shikai is “Sing”. The sword does no harm to anyone, but it makes sound waves that help Kasumi ‘see’ anything or anyone who is hidden. That makes her especially sensitive to traps and spies, and she is usually the one staying on guard at night.
Likes: Berries and singing.
Dislikes: Green peas

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