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Hey everyone, and welcome to my profile!

My Bio:

Name: Hmm...lets call me cheesecake

Age: Young enough that I don't have my drivers liscence, old enough that I have so much homework to i could drown in it.

Other: I dunno... I love reading, playing soccer, and watching TT, oh and yes, hugging tree's too.

Pairings I luv:





I'll usually give anything a try though if I think it has a good summery

I usually won't read a story if...

-There is too many typo's- One or two or even 10 is fine, but if the whole thing is in lowercase with no punctuation marks, or all capitilized, or every single word is misspelled then I start to get a headache. Let me know if I'm being hypocritical.

-There is extreme OCness. I don't mind if people change the charactors a little bit to make them fit their plot, but when people take away the things that make the teen titans the teen titans, and just turn them into people with the same names, it bugs me. Take away Raven's darkness...ordinary. Take away Star's innocence and nieveness.. boring. Take away Robin's obsession... blah. Take away BB's perky additude and stupid jokes... WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Take away Cy's motherly protection for... his car. Thats just not right.

-Made up Charactors that have the same powers as the titans. If you are going to make up a charactor, I think it should be original and beleivable. But thats just my opinion.

-Rushed Relationships- The teen titans obviously have to struggle to even hint that they like one another, so i don't like it when people rush into it in a long story. In order for a relationship to be good, they have to go through denial, acceptance, and all that otha stuff in the trama cycle.

-When people leave out the summery's- The summery gives a taste of how good you are at writing and what your story is about. Its usually very hard to judge that on your title, if your not good at writing a summery then its very likely your story isn't going to be all that great either. I along with more then a handfull of people usually won't bother with that.

Play Neopets? Have a Myspace? What about a Xanga? If you want my username for any one of these 3 feel free to message me!

Buh bye for now, remember Jesus Loves You!

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