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Author has written 11 stories for Firefly, Stargate: SG-1, and Star Wars.

I usually go by Fish, but use Jiolee on

I write for Stargate SG-1, Firefly, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, although it's more Firefly and KotOR these days. Feedback is awesome and greatly appreciated, I think a "hey, great job" is a very constuctive comment!

Also, all Firefly stories (unless otherwise specified) were coauthored with the fabulous RSB.


- Fish/Jiolee

Fish’s Seven Rules for Fanfic Writers

1. You may not care about spelling and grammar, but WE do.

The Rule: If your story is written in some tortured mutation of English, the kind of lingual abuse that makes me cringe in sympathy for your word processor, I can guarantee that it will go unread no matter how great the plot. If writing mechanics are not your forte, accept this weakness and get a beta – most of the errors on the net are just plain embarrassing, people.

The Exception: If English is not your first language. I know how hard it is to write in a non-native tongue. If this is you, put it in an author’s note somewhere and I promise to be sympathetic rather than critical. This doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t use a beta, however.

2. You can’t change cannon without a good reason...and laziness is not a good reason.

The Rule: I read fanfiction because I enjoy the TV shows, movies and books behind it. When writing, you must operate within cannon, not outside of it. If you misspell proper nouns and indiscriminately make up facts and backstories to avoid doing a little research, your story will not measure up to its original. This is a surefire way to alienate your readers.

The Exception: A deliberate AU. Put those two letters in the summary and you can take all the liberties you want with cannon. I quite enjoy AU stories, mostly because I like the hypothetical worlds that evolve from them.

3. Characterization

The Rule: Cannon characters should remain as true to the source as possible. This means no “reinterpreting.” An infamous character often subjected to this treatment in Salazar Slytherin. I’ve run across so many fics that protest that, no, he wasn’t really an evil guy who hated muggleborns...thus conveniently ignoring that he built a secret chamber housing a lethal snake whose sole purpose was to go around killing off muggleborn children. I could come up with several (hundred) more examples, but I believe I’ve made my point.

The Exception: AUs.

4. Titles

The Rule: Your title should be unique, intriguing, and at least vaguely related to your story. It should NOT be trite, overused, or filler (“Help me think of a good title” is not a title, it’s a do-not-enter sign).

5. Summaries: How to bait your hook

The Rule: A summary should be a one to three sentence description of the plot, mood and/or themes of the story. Ideally, it is a brief teaser that entices readers to follow the link. Summaries should:

1. In addition to the description, at minimum, include the rating of the story (i.e. PG-13, T, etc.), note any romantic pairings present, and warn of slash or graphic sex or violence (the rating should reflect these). I would also strongly suggest indicating any crossovers or AUs.

2. Not contain phrases like “I suck at summaries” or “it’s better than it sounds” or “better summary inside.” If you can’t describe your story properly, why should I believe that your writing is any better?

6. Romances

The Rule: All pairings, no matter what, should be listed in the story’s summary and should follow these guidelines.

1. If your story is slash, put a warning in the summary, not on the third page. This also goes for sexually explicit stories, no matter who’s having sex with whom. Stories that include rape, incest, threesomes (or more), molestation, mpreg, and anything that would fall under the label of “sexually deviant and/or graphic” also MUST have a warning in the summary. I don’t care if you don’t want to “spoil” the nature of the story; people need to know these things before they begin reading, not after. If no pairings or warnings are listed, the reader should correctly assume that the story is gen.

2. Whatever romantic pairings you’ve got going on should be plausible. If your summary makes fans start snickering in disbelief and/or horror, this is a bad sign.

3. Your pairings should also be legal. The biggest offenders in this category are in fandoms involving teenage characters and older adults. I assure you that a teacher involved in a romantic relationship with an underage student is considered statutory rape in the US, Canada, Great Britain, and most other places you can think of. Incest would also fall under this category. If you want to go this route, then fine, but put a warning in the summary.

The Exceptions:

1. None. Never. It is your responsibility to clearly and properly label your stories with the appropriate warnings.

2. and 3. While it is possible to construct improbable (and even illegal) pairings that are appealing, you will have to work three times as hard to make them work.

7. Original Characters

The Rule: In fanfiction, original characters are most often an opportunity for writers to insert idealized versions of themselves into the world of their choice. When creating your OC, here’s what you should consider:

1. Your OC should not be you. Writers seem to think this is okay because “you write what you know,” but inevitably the only person who doesn’t find the story boring is the author him/herself.

2. Giving your OC physical flaws is a good start, but it’s not enough to prevent Mary Sue syndrome. Real people have physical flaws, yes, but the most impactful and severe flaws that we all have are internal.

3. Which reminds me. The adjectives stubborn, curious, fiery (or any synonym thereof), impatient and hypersensitive are not flaws that anyone cares about. Everyone has all of these traits to some extent, and often times they are positive rather than negative. True flaw adjectives are bigoted, close-minded, vengeful and egotistical. These are not traits that anyone would freely admit to having and have no real benefits.

4. Be very, very careful with OC romances with cannon characters.

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