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My name is Katie/Kate...most people have started calling me Kate, only because it sounds older. I'm 24 and I absolutely love movies. I also absolutely love Lost. It's definitely the best show on TV ever. My other favorite TV show is/was Buffy.

I write Lost stories because it's fun. Almost all of my stories are Skate related. I enjoy writing because it's something that winds me down and somewhere where I feel like I can express myself without getting judged. My stories are just stories. And Lost is just a TV show. I like writing because I've always liked to write. I've always liked to come up with my own scenes from any TV show that I've watched.

Fav. Characters and reasons why.

1. Sawyer-Um do I need a reason...ok. Um he's adorable and he's hot and he's just such a cool character. Even though he's a little rough around the edges he has good reason. I just really think he's a great character and if he ever dies I'm going to cry for days and never watch another episode...lol Jk. But I definitely won't be happy.
2. Kate-She's cool. I love her with Sawyer...not just because I like them together, but I just like who she becomes when she's hanging out with him. (although, 3rd Season (series) Kate really pissed me off a lot because she was using poor Sawyer and not only did she break Jack's heart, but she also broke Sawyer's.
3. Sayid-He's just kickass. He broke a guy's neck while his hand's were tied behind his back, and his legs were also tied. Damn that was awesome. He's just cool.
4. Hurley-Teddy bear and hilarious
5. Season 1 Jack, Locke, Juliet, Ben (I love to hate him), Desmond...I pretty much love everyone on the show.


1. Skate
2. PB&J
3. Jacket


1. Jate
2. Des/Claire
3. Shoone


Fav. Characters: Spike, Buffy, Willow, Angelus, Angel (yes there's a difference), Giles and Drusilla.

Least Fav.
Riley-He annoyed me to all hell. I didn't mind him and Buffy together at first, but I was really glad when he left.

Ships: Spuffy and Bangel (I enjoy them both.)
Willow/Oz and Willow/Tara, and Xander/Willow

Lost Quotes

Charlie: No one knows their blood type. I don't know my bloody blood type.

(Charlie hands Kate her shirt)
Kate: It was...um full of bees.
Charlie: I would have guessed C's
(Kate glares at him)
Charlie: Sorry

Jack:You ok?
Kate:Yeah. You?
Charlie:I'm fine...Charlie's fine, by the way.

Locke:Don't tell me what I can't do!


Charlie:I heard you shout. I heard you shout Jack...I'm Charlie by the way.

Sawyer: What's wrong with you Jumbotron?
Hurley: Shut up red...neck...man.
Sawyer: Touché

Shannon: Kate and her two boyfriends found a case of guns that fell out of the plane, but they decided they didn't really need to tell the camp.

Rose: If you say 'Live together, die alone' to me Jack, I'm gonna punch you in the face.

Jack: Where were you today?
Kate: I'm gonna ask you to trust me, just trust me.
Jack: (Pause) Where were you?
Kate: Jack, don't.
Jack: No, I heard you on the phone last night, who were you talking to.
Kate: Just let it go.
Jack: No, no, I wanna know.
Kate: No Jack.
Jack: I wanna know where you were, I wanna know who you were with.
Kate: It doesn't matter Jack, please.
Jack: Tell me, TELL ME!
Kate: I was doing something for him.
Jack: For who?
Kate: For Sawyer. I made him a promise.
Jack: What?
Kate: It doesn't matter. It has nothing to do with us.
Jack: Then why won't you tell me.
Kate: Because-because he wouldn't want me to.
Jack: But he's not here is he? No, no he made his choice, he chose to stay. I'm the one who came back, I'm the one who's here, I'm the one who saved you.
Kate: Jack, you can't-you can't do this. If you have problems, you need to figure them out, alright 'cause I can't have you this way around my son.
Jack: You're son? You're not even related to him!!

Now the reason this is one of my favorite scenes is NOT because of Jack. To me it does show that he obviously has trust issues still and he needs to get over them before he's with Kate, but that isn't why I like it. I like it because it shows that she's still not over Sawyer. I also think that the acting was phenomenal for both Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly. I wish that Lost got more credit for writing and acting because I feel that it doesn't get nearly as much credit as it deserves.

SKATE Quotes-Pretty much all their scenes are amazing, but these quotes are my all time favorite

Kate: You expect me to work in this dress?
Pickett: That's up to you, you can take it off if you want.
(Sawyer smiles at Kate suggestively, and she casts him a dirty look.)
Sawyer(looks at Pickett): How dare you!

Kate: That's it, get up.
Sawyer: What?
Kate: You're going to see Jack.
Sawyer: Do I get a lollipop?

Sawyer: You taste like strawberries.
Kate:You taste like fish biscuits.

Sawyer: You ain't gotta use me Freckles, all you gotta do is ask.

Sawyer: I mean, look around us Freckles. We've got roofs over our heads...electricity, showers, beds.
Kate: How long Sawyer? How long do you think we can play house?
Sawyer:Why don't we find out?

Kate: He wants me gone by tomorrow.
Sawyer: What he banished you?...well I unbanish you. You can stay right here. This is my house...ok me and Montezuma's house. You're gonna be alright. I'll keep you safe.

Sawyer: Hey!
Kate: Why are you telling me this?
(Spectacular Kiss)
Sawyer: Just do it Freckles.
(Jumps from helicopter)
Kate: Sawyer! Cries

So I was contemplating the moments when I think Sawyer and Kate show the most love, and each of them have been either when they're separated or reunite.

Season 1
Both of them look for each other when Sawyer is leaving on the raft, and both of them are disappointed when they don't say goodbye.

Season 2
When Sawyer comes back half dead, you can see the look on Kate's face of how scared she is.

Sesaon 3
When they get reunited at the cages, the look on Sawyer's face when he sees her and then he makes her smile, even though she's scared.
Then when they come back to the beach and everyone is hugging them, they share a look, which says love.
When Kate comes back with Jack, that hug is one of the most romantic things I've ever seen.
In the finale when Sawyer goes back to the beach without Kate, you can tell that she just wanted to go with him.

Season 4
When Kate goes to Otherville, and is 'kept prisoner' by Sawyer, he asks her to play house, which was like, the cutest thing ever
When Kate is leaving Sawyer's room, they share another look.
When they get reunited in the middle of the jungle, even though both Sawyer and Kate are just concerned about Claire, they share another look
They also are reunited at the helicopter and have another look. They don't need apologies, or I love yous to speak volumes
And then finally, when Sawyer jumps out of the helicopter...the act of jumping and then also Kate's reaction.

Season 5

The shocked look on Sawyer's face when he sees her again. He thought he was over her, but he was WRONG. And then Kate's smile.

Top 10 TV Couples-Both Current and cancelled shows. I know most of them are shows that are over but I can't help that.

10. Dexter and Rita-Dexter
9. Barney and Robin-How I Met Your Mother
8. Logan and Veronica-Veronica Mars
7. Jess and Rory-Gilmore Girls
6. Luke and Lorelai-Gilmore Girls
5. Sam and Sookie-True Blood
4. Spike and Buffy-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. Pacey and Joey-Dawson's Creek
2. Jim and Pam-The Office
1. Sawyer and Kate-Lost

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