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I am Katajanmarja, or "Juniper Berry", from Helsinki, Finland.

I really registered with little more on my mind than publishing a one-shot. Things are moving forward, though, very slowly.

I'd like to point out that unfortunately I discovered "Aishite, Love me" by Arcanusvitae only after having published my story. But then again, maybe it's better I didn't set my goals that high. Arcanus, I think you've got all the talent to become a pro. If you haven't already become that in the meantime.

Since I've understood that extended author's notes in the beginning and the end of the story are not encouraged on this site, I'm publishing them here. And one more thing: it'd be great to make friends with one or more Love Hina manga fans who would like to help a non-English-speaker to get it all going.

Author's Notes for "A Dream of Japanese Lanterns"

1. Introduction (for the original one-shot; full version)

"A Dream of Japanese Lanterns" is a Love Hina fanfic, coupling Shinobu Maehara with Keitaro Urashima (well, at least sort of). It is the third fanfic I have ever published on the net, and related to the LH manga by Ken Akamatsu; please note that I have not seen the anime!

I started writing this short story (or perhaps more correctly "prose fragment" or something) soon after I had finished reading LH VI. Volume VII was out of stock, and I was aching for more. I knew very little about the rest of the storyline and simply based my work on the assumption that Keitaro and Naru eventually become a couple. My story takes place on the roof terrace of the Hinata Lodge, about five years after the beginning of Keitaro and Naru's serious relationship. My main goals have been: 1) to create a nice, warm and romantic fragment of soap opera concerning my favorite character Shinobu; 2) to use the LH characters and settings in a slightly more grown-up and realistic spirit, in order to treat subjects I regard important in my own life; 3) to preserve the original LH manga atmosphere – beauty and humor, naïve innocence along with countless panty shots – as far as the first two goals permit; and 4) to try using English for once.

I know way too little about romantic pulp, fanfic conventions and the Japanese language and culture to do this. But since I did not happen to find what I was looking for, I decided to try and do it myself. Hope somebody else enjoys it, too. Constructive criticism, extra information and questions are welcome by PM/e-mail. However, I do not promise to react in any way.

2. End Notes and Credits (for the original one-shot)

Originally I planned Shinobu to be the main character, but in the progress of writing I realized I don't know how to combine her personality with being more active than Keitaro at this point. I feel a bit sorry about that. Sweet little Shinobu would deserve to be clearly more than an object sometimes.

Furthermore, I left Keitaro and Naru's kid out of the story. At an early phase of writing I wanted to include a sequence where Keitaro would have talked about how much he misses his two-year-old daughter whom he cannot see as often as he would like to. I dropped the idea for several reasons.

And hey you guys out there, it's a version of Keitaro speaking in the story, not me! If the LH girls existed for real, Mutsumi would be my choice. I would definitely adore Shinobu and have a crush on Naru, but I doubt that the real me could get along with either of them in the long run.

Many thanks to Ken Akamatsu and his staff for creating the fabulous Love Hina manga and "lending" its characters for this fanfic.

Special thanks to my ex-girlfriend G. S. for introducing the Love Hina Sim Date Game to me; without that little incident I would probably still know nothing about LH and a lot less about manga in general by now. Thanks to S. P. for beautiful memories of Leonard Cohen. Thanks to my brother for listening to my subjective lectures on LH... and whatever.

The authors who have most probably influenced me writing this story: (European and North American sequential artists) Terry Moore, Hugo Pratt, Jeff Smith; (Finnish novelists) Marianne Backlén, Salla Simukka; (Flash artists on the web) SamBakZa; (LH fanfic writers on the web) Lonely_Avenger, Robster80; (Star Wars Expanded Universe writers) Aaron Allston, Steve Perry.

3. The Relaunch

During the first half of 2006, I worked quite a bit on an expanded version of "Lanterns". The storyline, intended to be darker and more complicated than the original, was inspired by my experiences in the online fan community called AnimeB and packed with pop culture references. I do not recall right now whether I abandoned the unfinished manuscript during 2006 or 2007, but it lay untouched on my hard disk for a long while.

I decided to publish much of what I had ready in order to celebrate my third anniversary as a member of AnimeB (which is 7th Jan 2009). I hope some of you like these new chapters, even though I cannot promise the work will ever be finished.

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