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I come to everyone today with a major announcement, regarding my fanfics. One that I hope will be met with positive responses.

Over time, it has come to my attention that I have simply FAR too many fanfic ideas that I would like to see written and FAR too few hours in the day to actually WRITE them. So I have decided to bring together my own "Coalition of the Willing", as it were. What I'm calling for are fanfic writers who would be interested in collaborating with me to get these extra stories written.

I can already see some of you swallowing hard as your hearts jump into your throats, worrying about issues of quality. For those of you, let me reassure you that this will, IN NO WAY, affect my Danny Phantom stories or my Kim Possible stories. Those are still going to be exclusively written by ME. However, there are OTHER series that I have many ideas for that I would like to see written and don't have time for. These are the series which I will be requiring help with. The series are as follows...

- Spectacular Spider-Man
- Green Lantern: The Animated Series
- X-Men: Evolution
- Justice League Unlimited

If you have any interest in writing fics for any of these series, or have ideas for these series that you'd like to write, but don't feel they're developed enough, by all means, feel free to send a Personal Message my way, or send me a Note on DeviantArt to my Deviant Name, TuxedAaron. And if you know of any writers in the same position, tell them they can feel free to contact me as well. I will give all who respond an outline of what my ideas are for whatever series you're interested in and we'll see how well they marry with yours. From there, we can collaborate and share the load, writing-wise. Remember, the more people willing to contribute, the easier this will go and the faster these stories can be put out there. So I hope to hear from any and all who might be interested. And I hope to hear from you soon._

Thank you in advance.



Well, basically, what you see here is what you get. And as you can see, I AM a fan of Danny Phantom and Kim Possible, based on my works. Each of my stories is based after the series finale ( eg. my Danny Phantom stories take place after "Phantom Planet" while my Kim Possible stories follow "Graduation"). I find it's a lot easier to base fanfics after a series has ended, because then you don't have any worries about contradicting anything. Incidentally, one look at my profile icon and you'll get a pretty good idea what direction I have Sam taking in my Danny Phantom stories.;)

Of course, that's not my only interest. I am a HUGE anime and manga fan, despite what my lack of anime-based fanfics might suggest (don't worry, more anime-based stuff IS coming from me). The truth is, I was into anime before anime was cool. I was watching the old Gatchaman series on TV back when it was still called "Battle of the Planets". I work night shift, which is why my work is so few and far between. YOU try staying up all night and then coming home and rattling away on your keyboard all day.

For those of you who are curious about what to expect from my work, what follows is a brief summary of what my stories have entailed so far. This way, you can see for yourselves and decide whether or not my stories will appeal to you (WARNING: I HAVE tried my best to avoid giving away too much, but there ARE spoilers here, so when you come across them in the stories, just try to act surprised). Ready? Here goes...

Danny Phantom

The story so far...

No doubt about it, Danny's been facing quite a few changes in the aftermath of "Phantom Planet". With his parents now aware of his ghost powers, Danny's entire family has taken a much more active role in his ghost fighting (although most of the time, Jack is more interested in using Danny to test whatever new ghost hunting gear he comes up with, much to Jazz and Maddie's objections). Tucker, as Amity Park's new mayor, has not only become a powerful spokesman to maintain Danny's public image, but has taken a more administrative role on the team, assembling a ghost fighting headquarters underneath City Hall to coordinate the movements of Danny and the others. He's even arranged to keep Masters' Blasters on retainer to defend Amity Park in case Danny is needed elsewhere. Valerie, meanwhile, has taken up a dual role, "officially" fighting alongside the Blasters while "unofficially" throwing in her lot as the newest member of Team Phantom.

But most definitely, the biggest changes in Danny's life have come from Sam. It was one thing when she became his girlfriend, allowing the two of them to finally act on the feelings that have been building up inside them both for so long. But when Clockwork, the Ghost of Time, brings Danny and Sam from the future to recapture an escaped Dark Danny, it's discovered that Sam's future self has actually become half ghost, just like Danny. Driven by this revelation, Sam throws caution to the wind, walking into the new Fenton Portal and recreating the original accident to gain ghost powers of her own. Now going by the name of Sam Tasma, she flies alongside Danny as his partner in ghost fighting. But she's quickly learning that the path she's chosen comes with its own trials and tribulations. Over time, she's not only found herself the target of the media, but has also evolved ghostly flame powers, in contrast to Danny's freezing abilities.

Despite the obstacles, however, Danny and Sam have still managed to keep their relationship strong, although their insecurities have still prevented them from confessing their deeper feelings. But eventually, the two became targeted by Nocturne, the Ghost of Sleep, who trapped them in a dream world and sealed away their memories of each other. Only after a narrow escape were Danny and Sam able to overcome their uncertainties and finally profess their love. Now with their relationship stronger than ever, they look to the future hand-in-hand, with no fear of what they may face next.

Unfortunately, what they end up facing next is the creation another ghost from their future...in their own present. When a fight with Skulker and a fight with Technus converge on a single point and the two end up being captured together, they re-materialize in the Ghost Zone with Technus trapped inside Skulker's armor. However, it doesn't take long for Technus to realize that this merging has allowed him to act as Skulker's Operating System and SkulkTech 9.9 is born. At first, Skulker is thrilled when Technus provides him with valuable upgrades to even the odds against Danny and Sam. But his outlook quickly changes when it is revealed that Technus is using the upgrades in a second attempt to seize control of Axion Labs' Cybertron computer system. Only a combined effort from Danny, Sam, Tucker, Valerie, Skulker and Ember allows them to thwart Technus' plan and separate him from Skulker's armor. But while they do win the day, Skulker still walks away with a brand new suit of armor...and every intention of using it.

Of course, Skulker isn't the only one who's been eager to utilize upgrades of old technology. After months of hiding in the shadows, Vlad Plasmius returns, having received a crash course in the use of Nocturne's dream helmets by Nocturne himself (apparently, to gain access to Nocturne's knowledge, Vlad orchestrated both Nocturne and Vortex's earlier escape from the Observants' captivity). Utilizing Nocturne's information, Vlad shrinks down the technology and converts it into a brainwashing device which can be conveniently placed behind any ear and instantly puts the wearer under his control. Once his first experiment to control Danny's clone, Danielle, succeeds, he turns to his real plan. Overshadowing board game millionaire Bradley Milton, Vlad goes to Fenton Works, claiming that his mansion is being haunted and using Danielle as bait to lure Danny into joining Jack and Maddie on the hunt. Once the Fentons arrive, Vlad and Danielle capture them one-by-one, so Vlad can use his new brainwashing technology to turn Maddie and Danny into his very own wife and son, and then eliminate Jack, Jazz and Danielle.

Desperate to stop him, Danny snaps and morphs into a more powerful and FAR more vicious ghost form (a form he'd changed into once before, to protect Sam from Dark Danny), pummeling Vlad to within an inch of his life. At that moment, Sam arrives with Tucker, having managed to track down Danny through an increasing bond that's grown between them ever since Sam got her ghost powers, allowing her and Danny to sense each other. Using that connection, along with her love, to pull Danny from the brink, Sam is able to return Danny to normal and Vlad escapes, after leaving one of his duplicates behind to take another vicious beating at the hands of Maddie. With the crisis averted, the only issue that remains is Danielle, whose existence has now been revealed to the Fentons. But instead of disapproving of her, the Fentons feel a sense of responsibility towards Danielle's well-being and completely throw her for a loop, using Tucker's mayoral connections to actually ADOPT her. Now living at Fenton Works, Danielle is happily enjoying the experience of finally having a normal family life. Or at least, as normal a life as a 12-year-old, half-ghost, clone girl can have.

Still, Danielle's bonding with the Fentons has proceeded quite rapidly, especially in light of her first adventure with them after becoming adopted. When Danny and Sam have a run-in with the Guys in White (who have managed to rebuild their operation after Future Danny and Future Sam destroyed it), they're exposed to a weapon intended to eradicate ecto-based molecules, but instead ends up reverting them into five-year-olds. When Danielle is captured, trying to protect Little Danny and Little Sam from the the GiW, Tucker and the Fentons must utilize the Fenton Portal in a unique way to return Danny and Sam to normal. From there, they launch an invasion of GiW headquarters to retrieve Danielle. A moment that proves very touching for Danielle, particularly when she hears Danny actually call her his "little sister".

Kim Possible

The story so far...

Everything has been coming up roses for Kim in the wake of "Graduation". With high school behind her and college beckoning, she and Ron are still going strong, happier and more in love than ever. Kim has elected to pursue her college studies in England, but thanks to her car's rocket speed, she is still able to stay in Middleton with the family and remain close to Ron. Ron, meanwhile, is managing to find his own way since "Graduation". His Mystical Monkey Power has made him an invaluable asset in his new role as Kim's partner. However, brief lapses in concentration have led to cases of minor property damage. He has also been accepted into Middleton Community College, but has discovered, much to his dismay, that Steve Barkin's cousin, Kevin, has just been appointed as the new Dean, leaving Ron with yet another Barkin peering over his shoulder.

But without a doubt, the biggest surprises in this newest chapter of their lives have all come from the new Campus Councilor at MCC, Maximillion Ambro. If the name sounds strange, the man himself is even stranger, having been revealed as a reincarnation of none other than the wizard, Merlin. With his offbeat personality and centuries of magical skills to draw from, Max laughs his way into danger without a care in the world, while at the same time driving anyone he goes up against completely nuts. Max quickly integrates himself as Team Possible's newest ally, having been inspired by Kim and Ron's heroics and has even managed to drop a pearl or two of wisdom their way. But Kim and Ron haven't been nearly as astounded by Max's abilities as they have been by the people he knows. Not only is he an acting big brother for their longtime scourge, Bonnie Rockwaller, but can he ACTUALLY be...Shego's ex-boyfriend?!

Surprises pile on top of surprises and even though they have accepted Max into their inner circle, Kim and Ron are still not quite sure what to expect whenever he shows up. In fact, it's been discovered that one of his past lives not only had close ties to the Yamanouchi ninja school, but even rescued the school from Yono, The Destroyer. And even more recently, That same incarnation was also revealed to have been close friends with the great-great-great grandfather of the American Dragon, Jake Long. This knowledge was key in Max brokering a partnership between Kim and Jake, allowing them to upset the Dark Dragon's plans of returning to earth's dimension.

Of course, Max isn't the only one who's been full of surprises. While in the middle of a conflict with Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior Junior, the fight is interrupted by two mysterious women...who happen to be none other than Senior's older sister, Señora Nora Senior and her teenage daughter, Señorita Rita Senior. A woman of impeccable morals and honor, Nora appears with every intention of putting a stop to Senior's villainous "hobby". But things quickly become complicated when Ron ends up saving Rita's life. Naive and instantly smitten, Rita is determined to make Ron her own. Unfortunately, when Ron rejects every one of her advances, a heartbroken Rita is approached by Senior, who offers his aid. But matchmaking isn't first and foremost on Senior's mind. Having seen Ron's Mystical Monkey Power in action, Senior plans to use that power to build a robot army and take over the world. Luckily, thanks to Nora's help, Kim is able to foil Senior's plans and get Ron back to her, where he belongs. But despite Nora's harsh discipline, Senior has still managed to fan a spark of evil sensed in his young niece. One that could easily re-ignite at the right (or wrong) moment...

After a while, a constant barrage of missions leaves Kim and Ron frustrated that they can spend no romantic time alone. So for 24 hours, the pair swear off missions so they can finally have an uninterrupted date. Unfortunately, their day off happens to be the same day the noted robotics genius, Dr. Vivian Frances Porter, is mysteriously kidnapped and Wade has no one to take the case. Or does he? Contacting all of Kim and Ron's closest friends (Monique, Felix and Zita) who have all had at least one adventure with Team Possible before, Wade opens his own investigation, allowing Kim and Ron to have their date in peace. But things quickly take a bad turn when the ragtag team discovers that Vivian has been kidnapped by the Bebe robots, who have once again been mysteriously resurrected. Planning to rebuild their hive, The Bebes use their hive mind to siphon Vivian's knowledge of combining AI with nanobot technology and "Queen Vivi" is born...an AI queen who can finally lead the Bebe's properly, built in Vivian's own image with nanobot technology. Buckling under the pressure, Wade finally calls Kim and Ron, who crash the hive with Max. In the ensuing battle, however, Wade and the others finally learn that Vivi is not Vivi at all, but simply a nanobot avatar being controlled by Vivi's actual supercomputer brain. Using this information, Wade and Felix shut the computer down and Vivi is finally defeated. After Max destroys the Bebes hive, the group reconvenes with Kim and Ron at Bueno Nacho where Max confirms that Wade and the others actually have a decent array of skills when the chips are down. Skills that may be called on again if Kim and Ron are ever unavailable in the future...

Justice League

Well, "technically", my stories are based on the "Justice League UNLIMITED" animated series, but you get the point.

These are basically just random stories, with no overall plotline revolving around them. My first story focused mostly on Captain Marvel (a character that I've felt has never been fully appreciated) while at the same time, introducing my take on DC animated versions of both Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior. The second story was an "unofficial" crossover story of "Justice League Unlimited" and "Teen Titans", featuring Batman & Wonder Woman teaming up with Nightwing and a grown up Starfire. While there has been some controversy as to whether or not the "Teen Titans" series exists in canon with the rest of the DC animated universe (there have been some small indications in "Teen Titans" to suggest that it does, but nothing has been definitively stated one way or the other), I feel the potential of the Titans characters to "graduate" into the mainstream DCAU is a prospect worth exploring.

Already, readers have begun encouraging me to continue in this direction and I'd be more than happy to oblige, but I have yet to finalize any plans at this point. What I'd LIKE to do is next is write a story for Raven, teaming her up with the likes of other magic users, such as Zatanna and Dr. Fate (and possibly Blue Devil for a little muscle). A story teaming up Beast Boy with Flash and Green Lantern sounds like it might have merit too (a throwback to Wally West's Kid Flash days while at the same time giving the straight-laced John Stewart TWO knuckleheads to watch out for). And Cyborg...well...I got nothin'. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't LIKE to do something with him. I'm actually kind of thinking about teaming him up with Martian Manhunter, but against who and for what reason?

As I said, the above suggestions are ideas I'd LIKE to do, but at present, I have no ideas for stories to put them in or even what villains to pit them against. In Raven's case, I'd obviously like to do something with Trigon, but that's about as far as I've gamed it out. So as of right now I'm issuing an open challenge to all my JLU readers. If you'd like to see me keep bringing the Titans into the DCAU, maybe you'd like to give me some ideas on what to do with them. All suggestions are welcome. You can e-mail me (my adress is available right here in my profile), send me a fanfiction.net Personal Message or you can even suggest them in story reviews, I don't care. Just bring those ideas in. I look forward to hearing from all of you...


For those of you who have already read my story "The Path Unfolding", the basic gist has the clan meeting Adam, Goliath and Elisa's future son (which turns out to be oddly good timing, as the story also reveals that Elisa has just become pregnant). Initially, I planned this story to simply be a one-shot tale and for what it's worth, I think the story stands on its own quite well. However, I would not be adverse to following it up if enough people wished it. The only question is, how? Like my Justice League Unlimited fics, I have a few tiny tidbits and concepts, but nothing concrete and certainly not enough to write with. So if anyone happens to have any new ideas as to where to take the story from here, I'm not to proud to accept them.

Well, that's my blurb. I hope you find my stories enjoyable. Reviews are always welcome and of course, if you have any questions or comments, you canalways send me a personal message or e-mail me (my address IS available here). Hope to hear from as many of my readers as I can.



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