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Well I guess this is where I tell a little bit about myself. Well I love horses and I have two horses of my own at

my house. My first horse that I have had for four years is a gelding, his name is Jake he is 11 years old and

had hock problems and can't canter. After I mastered the walk and trot I showed Jake for 3 years and after

we found out about his hock problems we just showed English walk trot. After I got more interested in the

canter I got another horse. A gelding also and he was7 years old when we got him, he is a paint gelding that is

a Hidalgo look a like, his name is Mickey as in Mickey mouse, I say this because some people think I am

saying Mikey as a people name and I am just trying to clarify, anyways Mickey is a great English horse.

When we bought Mickey he was green broke and my trainer named Vicky gives me horseback riding lessons

and my mom and I (I am the one who did all of the work with Mickey) got him much better. Mickey was also

just a trail horse and I took him to his first show and worked with him there, by the way I amin 6th grade and

did all this by myself (No lieing!). I am a very experienced rider and I am very short, only 5'0" so I am a pretty good rider

for only being in 6th grade I started riding when I was 7 years old. I am writing this profile on new years day so tomarrow Mickey will be 8 years old. My sister has a horse of her own but she shows western pleasure on her horse, his name is Hunter but my sis likes doing Gymkahna events too!

Interests: Horses Horses and did I mention HORSES! I LOVE HORSES! well anyways I like to draw,

paint, color, ride my horse(s) go on trail rides with my sis play with my dog or cat and go online (especially

fanfic) and horses

Number Of Animal(s):I have two finches(birds), one dog, 3 horses,3 cats(indoor), one cat (outdoor), 3

kittens(indoor),one rat(kept in a cage), one rabbit, and my brother Ben! LoL

Names Of Animal(s):The two finches don't have names, My dog is a half beagle half basset hound female

dog named Belle, My two horses Mickey(Malegelding)and Jake(Male gelding)the third one Hunter is my

sisters he is a male geling also. My cat Snickers is a long hair tortise shell cat mostly black fur with carmel

coloring mixed in also a white tipped tail. Dana my sisters Becky's cat she is move out and married but I take

care of Dana while she is goneDana is mostly white with black blotches. Spooky a all black cat with yellow

eyes (Kind of freaky) We saved Spooky, she was a few days old and her mother kept taking her out of the

group because spookywasthe runt of the pack. We bottlefed Spooky with formula until she could eat solid

food. We litter box trained her and kept her in the house ever since. There was two other kittens left that

lived under out chopper box (where we store out bales ofhay) and there mother got hit by a car so we took

the other two in also and fed them until they were fit enough to leave our house and we took them to the

pound and people took them in for adoption. The one cat outdoor is a stray that we give food and waterbut

my father says that wecan't have any more cats(Bummer!) His name is Busterand is a tom cat. We rescued

3orange tabby kittens(Triplets) and they are so cute! My one rat named Marylyn who is a blonde colored

rat that I take out to play with every so often. One Rabbit thatmy sister is going to take to fair to show this

year. And Brother BenSpecies: Senior in High school (I think that says enough!)


Nickle Back

Hawk Nelson

Avril Lavigne

Kelly Clarkson

Kenny Chesney(Some songs)

Will Smith(One of my Favs!)


Simple Plan

Gwen Stefani

Linkin' Park

Mostly Pop, Rock, and Rap




The Black Stallion

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

And can't wait until Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire comes out on DVD!

Ghost Busters

Van Helsing


The Emperors new groove

The Lion King

My Big Fat Greek Wedding(Loving it!)

Mystic Pizza(Loving it too!)

Signs(Coolio Freaky!)

Misery (So flipin' freaky scary!)

The Matrix (so good!)

Rush hour (1st and the 2nd)

Mission Impossible

Freaky Friday(cool!)

Napoleon Dynamite

And a lot more!

TV Shows:

That 70's show

(I don't have cable so I don't have a lot of shows I can watch!)

Law and Order

Criminal Minds


CSI New York , Miami, Regular


Teen Titans(Try to watch every week)

Thats so Raven

Flight 29 down(Thought it as very stupid until I saw an episode and I am hooked!)

Weel of Fortune


I can't think of too many right now.

Things I Hate:


Girls that are too girly

Girls that don't know how to laugh or giggle right

(I love to laugh and giggle though, I just hate when girls sound so stupid when the giggle girly)

People say that they love horses then two days later they say they don't like them(Make up your mind if you

really love a horse you will never say you don't like them)

People who don't like horses(Just kidding but I would like a friend who likes them)

People who abuse animals

People who pretend they aren't home on halloween when you can see in the window they arethere they just

don't want to get up to give you some frickin' candy (Real experience)

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