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name: i perfer not to tell.

age: i'm in high school

sex: female

race: Asian


e-mail me for any comments/questions/requests or simply to chat (don't add me to msn): xXcherrystrawXx@hotmail.com

hello everyone. i am a fictioncritic. this doesn't mean that i flame, i just comment on your stories and add suggestions so that you may improve your fic. i hope that no author is mad at me for my comments but it is strictly what i feel and nothing offensive is directed at you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you feel that i dont have the right to critize because i don't know how hard it is to write stories well then your wrong. i do have an account for my fanfictions. i felt the need to seperate the accounts because i do not wish for other authors to come and flame my fanfictions just because i critized theirs and they didn't like it. i know how a flame feels like and i have no intention to flame anyone, i am merely commenting.

My C2 archive is where all the fanfictions that i have reviewed and found worthy are stored, please drop by and have a look, most stories are finished.

answers to questions:

Do you write fanfictions?

Yes, i do write fanfictions, but i put them on another account. i do this because i don't want people reporting and flamingmy stories just because i have critized theirs and they get mad. i also will not tell you my penname because then... well a bit obvious dontcha think? if you really want to find out who i am, well here's some clues:

1) my pen name of the account is on my author bio... somewhere.

2) so far i have 3 stories out in that account (2 InuKag and 1 AsuCaga)

3) that account only has Inuyasha stories and GS/D (GundamSeed/Destiny)stories mentioned.

4) my personal description is the same as the one here.

Have fun finding me! LOL.

How do you pick the stories you critize?

well i only critize stories that i feel are worth my time, if i read a story that i felt had used no effort then i do not review, i mean what's the point if the author doesn't even try in his or her writing? i like commenting on authors that have interesting and original summaries because i feel that a summary is the most important part of a fiction. if it isn't captivating then i will loose interest in it.

Will you do requested reviews?

courseI will!I feel honoured that someone would ever request my opinions! althoughtI am a critic I'm pretty new to this.Any requests will be done. just e-mail me at xXcherrystrawXx@hotmail.com

Ihave recently added a C2 called Inuyasha and friends please visit this and i hope you'll have a good time reading the stories because i know that i did. All the fanfictions in the archive have been read and reviewed by myself. i only add stories i feel are good.

Can we add you to msn messenger and chat?

Sorry, i would love to chat but because this e-mail is not my main account i do not log on in MSN messanger, this account is created only for e-mails from ff.net. Although i don't go on MSN you can always just e-mail and i will reply asap!

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