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So, it's been a few years since I posted on this website. Many things have changed, and looking at that old profile I'm sort of surprised how odd I was back then. I'm still reasonably odd, but more mellow since ascending to adulthood on the winged backs of centaurs. Actually, I take that back. I'm still extremely odd.

I began writing fan-fiction when I was fifteen, so give or take eight years or so ago, and I have loved three main fandoms in my life: Zelda, Pokemon, and Power Rangers, and have always worked to incorporate little references to each in my fiction. I stopped writing fan-fiction a few years ago, due to an increasingly heavy focus on my schoolwork, but I've decided to return and finsih what some people once described as a great epic of fan-fiction, my PKM Rangers story. The reason for this stems from one of my friends, who is dyslexic, but happens to have a newfound love for fan-fiction. So, since he ran out of chapters on one of the stories he was reading, I told him I would bring this story back and finish it if he could read the whole thing. So I went back and mapped out the rest of the story, which will conclude with its forty-ninth chapter, unless I make the decision that it needs to be longer, or if he tells me he wants to read more. Reviews are also a pretty strong way of letting me know if you want the story to continue, and I have gotten many e-mails and reviews over my hiatus begging me to conclude the story. Let it be known your wishes have been heard, and new chapters will be posted on a schedule of "whenever they're done." Unlike previous chapters, the last remaining bits of the story will be released often all at once, with multiple chapters sometimes showing up within days of each other. So that will be nice, won't it? Sure makes up for the years of delays.

Here's a brief little blurb about the series that has made so many of you send death threats to be over the course of what has now become longer than a third of my life.

PKM Rangers: Rise of the Dark Gems- This originally began as a re-write of a story I did a while ago, called 'Golden Light, Voltaic Strike', and is a fusion of the two most random, amazing things from my childhood: Power Rangers and Pokemon! It stars Agent 0, Ranger Gold of PKM, a security organization whose job it is to protect the Pokemon World from the forces of evil. Our anti-hero 0 is the ex-husband of May Birch, and is assigned to protect her and his daughter, little Sarah, from a terrorist threat. Helping him is his luscious assistant, the White Ranger Serena Brine, the gizmo geek Bakaguru, and the secret agent 415. Can he protect his ex without letting his feelings get in the way? Will he get her back? I know, but you'll have to wait, as every chapter brings the conclusion a few thousand words closer! Expect action, romance and, of course, laughs! It's morphin' time! Get in on the greatest AdvanceShipping story ever!

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