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Hi!! I'm RedPanda56! I love reading, and I read pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. For fanfiction, I definitely enjoy writing the Hunger Games the most, so that's going to be what all of my stories are :) I also love writing stories of my own. Remember to read and review my stories! Thanks!

I'm going to try and update as often as I can. School is taking up all of my time, so I can't update as much. But definitely expect an update at least once a month, on the weekends.


Current Stories:

100th Hunger Games - The Lost Island (SYOT)

Arena: A recreation of Atlantis

Status: Complete!!

Freezing Cold - The 101st Hunger Games (SYOT)

Arena: Forest in the Winter

Status: Currently writing Day 2; 0/2 POVs Completed

Expect an update on Sunday!

Some Rules for Submitting Tributes:

1. The limit for tributes is 3. If you would like to submit the third one, they have to die in the bloodbath. (Just say bloodbath in your submission)

2. Please, if possible, private message your tribute.

3. Try to make the names as original as possible. Please no resubmissions!

4. If I find out it is a resubmission, I will kill that character off the next chapter, or as soon as I can.

5. Reservations can only be held for 48 hours!!!

SYOT Form:






Hair color:

Eye color:


Other features:





Interview outfit:

Reaping outfit:

Parade outfit:

Weapon of choice:


Family and background:

Reaped or volunteer:

What they hope to learn in training:

Bloodbath strategy:

Remainder of the games strategy:

Open to an alliance?:

Suggested placement:

Sponsor Point System:

1. If you submit a tribute, you get 20 points per tribute submitted.

2. If you answer the questions at the end of a chapter, you get 10 points per question.

3. When the tributes are in the arena and you want to give something to your tribute or the tribute you want to win, PM me with the item you wish to send and the tribute that it's going to and I will make sure to put it into the next chapter and deduct the necessary points.

4. If you can think of anything else that I could add, PM me and I will come up with a price for it and post it here.

Sponsor Points for the 101st Games

Kkash4: 160 pts.

Revenant12: 100 pts.

trisandtobiasismylife: 140 pts.

twirlergirl: 40 pts.

Team Shadow: 80 pts.

rising-balloons: 40 pts.

matts0688: 340 pts.

hollowman96: 20 pts.

Greywolf44: 140 pts.

strawberrypoppingcandy: 100 pts.

YungXave: 20 pts.

nicholas h: 20 pts.

z-fun2001: 220 pts.

Sponsor Items:

Healing Cream: 20 pts

Water Filter: 40 pts

1 Piece of Bread (Price doubles for each piece purchased): 15 pts

Water Jug: 30 pts

Backpack: 60 pts

Sleeping Bag: 70 pts

Matches: 40 pts

Lighter: 50 pts

Full Meal of your choosing: 120 pts

Tributes for Freezing Cold - The 101st Hunger Games:

District 1

male: Glint Cobalt, 18 (z-fun2001)

female: Lyla Perry, 18 (Team Shadow)

District 2

male: Julius Augmentim, 18 (strawberrypoppingcandy)

female: Vita Castorum, 18 (twirlergirl)

District 3

male: Milo Zirconium, 14 (Revenant12)

female: Apple Zurshia, 18 (Kkash4)

District 4

male: Kaiden Marsden, 18 (Greywolf44)

female: Maria Angelias, 17 (trisandtobiasismylife)

District 5

male: Boris Maddox, 18 (hollowman96)

female: Fate Falcy, 15 (strawberrypoppingcandy)

District 6

male: Arlo Vale, 14 (rising-balloons)

female: Ashlee Wendell, 16 (TeamShadow)

District 7

male: Salix Maidenhair, 18 (z-fun2001)

female: Grove Treemblay, 13 (trisandtobiasismylife)

District 8

male: Walter Mendez, 18 (matts0688)

female: Elora Nitelle, 18 (YungXave)

District 9

male: Poale Hall, 15 (twirlergirl)

female: Iulia Donovan, 15 (rising-balloons)

District 10

male: Jona Skinner, 16 (strawberrypoppingcandy)

female: Terracotta Yale, 15 (Kkash4)

District 11

male: Yatsuhasi (Yatsu) Howson, 18 (nicholas h)

female: Anya Marshall, 17 (Revenant12)

District 12

male: Mist Crawley, 12 (Kkash4)

female: Laila Violet, 16 (matts0688)

Tributes for The Lost Island:

District 1

male: Eagle Rose, 17 (RA Johns)

female: Sadie Daylock, 17 (RA Johns)

District 2

male: Ajax Romero, 18 (Greywolf44)

female: Telula "Darwin" Loncar, 17 (The Voice of Night Vale)

District 3

male: Jollin Kraser, 14 (MonkeyPower435)

female: Bug Lumen, 17 (Puddleglum Beers)

District 4

male: Blaze "Turbo" Coil, 18 (Nautics)

female: Serena Waters, 18 (Greywolf44)

District 5

male: Marvlo Atkinson, 12 (Honeyburst)

female: Emalynn Coria, 13 (MonkeyPower435)

District 6

male: Aston Axle, 17 (04darkwarrior1)

female: Finleigh Marrone, 16 (InfinityBook)

District 7

male: Briar Dogwood, 14 (IciclePower33)

female: Raylie Hatchet, 14 (IciclePower33)

District 8

male: Flax Burton, 18 (04darkwarrior1)

female: Stitch Wilson, 12 (Little Clover)

District 9

male: Lennox Thorn, 16 (Nautics)

female: Barley Kleid, 15 (Author-Hime)

District 10

male: Falco Gael, 17 (04darkwarrior1)

female: Shey Nox, 17 (04darkwarrior1)

District 11

male: Cobalt Roots, 15 (HarryPotterIsLit)

female: Lilac Amrin, 16 (MonkeyPower435)

District 12

male: Ellis Wilker, 17 (IciclePower33)

female: Liva Mentris, 18 (IciclePower33)

My Tributes:

Deceased tributes:

Colt Skyflake, District 1 male - A Lost City by greywolf44

Bolt Brightburg, District 5 male - The 29th Hunger Games by Nautics

Cole Solidstar, District 10 male - Betrayal by greywolf44

Max Ashberry, District 12 male - Betrayal by greywolf44


Moss Lockleaf, District 7 male - Betrayal by greywolf44

Anti-Bullying Message

The girl you just called fat? She is overdosing on diet pills. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. Put this on your profile if you're against bullying. I bet 95% of you won't put this on your profile, but I'm sure the people with a heart and backbone will. Which percentage are you? 5% or 95%?

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