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nicknames: Jess or Jemi (don't ask)

I live in Pennsylvania

I am 17 years old

fave music: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Paramore, Boys Like Girls, Jonas Brothers, Christina Aguilera, Slena Gomez and the Scene, Rihanna, We The Kings, Nick Jonas and the Administration, Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, Orianthi, Ke$ha, and Demi Lovato

My fave shows are Hannah Montana, Degrassi, Grey's Anatomy, Sonny With a Chance, and House

My fave movies are A Walk to Remember, the Harry Potter 4, 5, and 6, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, Phantom of the Opera, The Ugly Truth, and The Proposal

Fave books: Harry Potter, Where the Red Fern Grows, Speak, The Clique series, Twilight, Pants on Fire, The Last Song, Pride and Prejudice, My Sister's Keeper, and Just Listen

My friends: what can I say they are all really random. Some of them are super smart, some are athletic, some are normal, some preppy, some are emoish. And I can tell them just about everything.

Appearance: just look at Demi Lovato and you have what I look like.

You'll find that my main character's name is always Jessica or some variation of that. I do that because when I get the ideas for stories, I see them from my point of view and respond how I would if in a certain situation so the character may be having the same name as me, but we're completely different in our own ways. I like to think of the character as me if I was given the chance to be that person. Confusing I know but that's how I see it.

My favorite pairings

Harry Potter:





RonXLuna Lovegood

RonXLavender Brown



Tom RiddleXOC

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Story Progress

~Harry Potter~

Harry Potter: The Series Reworked: In the works meaning i'm still planning how it will go. Harry Potter series except Harry's parents survived. Also, It's not the Golden Trio but the Golden Quad? Harry will have to go through all of his adventures with his parents, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Jessalyn (Jess or Jessie) Thomas. Better than it sounds. RHr, HOC romance/humor/action/adventure

The Daughter He Loves But Doesn't Want: working on chapter 7.Voldemort had a daughter with an old love Elizabeth Swan (OC) whom they named Anna Riddle. The night he was tempoarily defeated by Harry Potter, she was taken to America and given to a muggle family who name her Jessica. Ten years later, she goes to Hogwarts and she is recognized by two people. Severus Snape, and Professor Dumbledore. At the end of her fourth year, Voldemort and Elizabeth take her back, but she is nothing her father expected her to be. Find out Anna's story in The Daughter He Loves But Doesn't Want. romance/humor/drama

My Best Friends Sister: working on chapter 7.Marauder era! James had a sister, Jess, was a year younger than him. He's VERY protective of her but there is one thing he can't protect her from. His best friend Sirius Black. He has loved her since he met her but can't tell her. Jess has secretly loved Sirius since she met him but can't tell him for fear of her brother. Set in Jess' first year very briefly then the Marauder's fifth year through graduation. This is a story of love, betrayal, sarcasm, laughs, family crisis, and friends. romance/drama

Daddy's Little Princess: still in the idea process. Harry had a daughter with Ginny named Jessica. When Ginny found out she was pregnant she fled. It's been fifteen years when the Ministry finds her and Ginny is declared an unfit mother for keeping Jessica away from her father. Harry is now married to Cho and has four other kids. What happens when Jessica's world collides with theirs? CHAOS!! There will be partying, sneaking out, freaking out, rocking out, tears, laughs, hatred, and love. Oh and did I forget tomention that Jessica absolutely hates her father? Coming soon to a computer near you.

Two Years Younger: Planning how to start chapter 1. Marauder era! Instead of Peter being the fourth marauder it was a girl. Meet Michelle Owens. Michelle is a walking contradiction. She is obnoxious but shy, bold but modest, graceful but a klutz. The catch, she's two years younger than the rest. It's her seventh year and she hasn't seen nor talked to any of the Marauders since they graduated because of a fight. Imagine her surprise when the Marauders and Lily return for her final year to be professors. Imagine their surprise to the dramatic changes that is now Michelle. She has edge now, shes also the lead singer of the Hogwarts band The Scene. Watch the drama unfold that is Michelle Owens.


Overprotected: in the idea process. Jessica is the daughter of Bella and Edward. She is three quarter human but has the heightened senses. Like her sight, hearing, and smell senses are better, she's a little stronger than the average human, a little faster than the average human and a little bit colder as well. Living with eight vampires she feels as if she's smothered. The only one doesn't smother her is Carlisle. He knows she is her own person and that they'll have to let her go. But what happens when they protect her too much and she decides to rebel? Guess you'll have to find out in Overprotected. Coming soon.

Past Meets Present: in the idea process. What if Edward had a twin back in 1918 named Jessica? What happened to her? It's 2009. There is a new girl in school and noone knows anything about her. She's beautiful, smart, and talks as if from another time. When the Cullens see her they think nothing of it until Edward gets a second glance. He recognizes her for who and what she is. Her power is something the Volturi want and they've been chasing her since they met. What's her power and what will Edward's reaction be when he realizes who she is? Coming soon.


The Fifth Pevensie: working on first chapter. What if Edmund had a twin? Meet Jessica. She's very different than the rest of her family. She is definately a dreamer. She writes music, plays two different instruments, sings, and dances. Peter and Susan think she needs to get her head out of the clouds and be realistic, Edmund thinks she's crazy but he still will be there for her if she needs him to be, and Lucy absolutely loves her and is her best friend and the only one she allows to hear her music. Sure shes different than them in England but what about Narnia? What none of the Pevensies realise, is she's the glue that keeps them together. But what happens when she's suddenly taken from them? Coming Soon.

The Dutchman's Captain: just an idea. There was a fifth Pevensie until she was forced to captain the Flying Dutchman. Its been ten years and on the day she could set foot on land, her family wasn't there. Only Aslan, Tumnus, and the Beavers were. Her family was on vacation. Enraged, she never sets foot on land again to see her family and holds a grudge against them. Its now been 1303 years (Time from Golden age to Dawn Treader). She is friends with Caspian and he, not knowing of her hatred towards her family, summons her to meet them on the Dawn Treader. What will happen? How will she react? Will she ever forgive them of their treachery? This is just an idea I might not even write it.


Jessica Westerly: working on the plot. Jessica is the younger sister of Braiden and the older sister of Nikki and Derrek. Watch all of the drama unfold from her point of view along with a lot of drama of her own. Watch as she deals with her brothers and sister, her parents death, Jay, Susanna, Johnny, Ava, and all the others in her life. Coming Soon.

My Deadly Secret:in the idea process. Why me? That's what I keep asking myself. Why now? Everything was getting better. Why did it come back? That question is always on my mind. When it came the first time, my parents were the only ones who knew. Now? Only I can know. My name? Jessica Westerly. My problem? I have a secret that I will keep to my grave considering, it's going to lead me there. Coming soon.

~Grey's Anatomy~

Sloan's Daughter: idea. What if Mark had a daughter who was 16 when all the drama of sleeping with Addison occured? What if she left with Derek because she couldn't believe her father did what he did and thus goes with Derek? What happens when he comes looking for her?This Is Me: idea. Derek and Addison have a 16 year old daughter. She is everything they didn't want. So what happens when she's in Seattle? Chaos of course! But what happens when weird things start to happen to her. Scary weird.


The Last Song: A new girl has come to Degrassi. Everything was going well for Declan until SHE returned. She was his best friend, his first love. Then she left; for no reason. Or so he thinks. Why did she leave in the first place and why did she return.

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