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Hey, my name's Raf and I'm 13. I know some of you don't understand what I'm saying sometimes, and that's basically because I'm from the Philippines. I'm currently a high school freshman, since we don't have middle school here. I'm a Christian and a proud one. I've been writing since I was in second grade, at eight, so I'm improving as time passes by. I was born on Halloween and it doesn't give me much advantages, since I don't go to malls during October (don't ask...).

My nicknames are "Jonas Bronas," by my friend Camille S. (since I'm obsessed with the Jonas Brothers) and Fiel. I can't tell you about the others because they're super-embarrassing.

I am way obsessed with the Jonas Brothers (as you can see), and they're my favorite band. My favorite brother is Nick, and my favorite song of theirs is Goodnight and Goodbye from their latest self-titled album. My favorites from It's About Time are Underdog and One Day at a Time; I can't really choose.

My favorite book is a toss-up between Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven and Jennifer Echols' The Boys Next Door. My favorite movie is 10 Things I Hate About You while my favorite show is Gossip Girl. I love to read, write poems, stories and songs, listen to music, play drums and guitar, draw, study (heh) and blog. I'm an avid poster collector, and I think my collection has seven hundred or so posters. That's a lot, huh? I also love surfing the net, as well as Limewire-ing and YouTube-ing. I also like the rain, but I'm not really sure why. I think it's because I'm a natural water baby (my star sign is Scorpio, which is a water sign). I'm more of a night person, and I'd love to visit Paris, France when I get the chance.

I've had my heart broken once, but I'm way over that now. I'm currently crushing on Nick Jonas (of course... :p) and some guy from my church, both from afar, LoL.

I find myself constantly saying things that make me double over with laughter, and you can find those below. My sense of humor is more witty and sarcastic than goofy.

I'm into jewelry making, and I've made three earrings and two bracelets so far. Cut me some slack, I've only been interested for five months. I also like making posters and graphics. My avatar, whose quote is based from Aly & AJ's Chemicals React, is one that I made myself.

My favorite pairings for Hannah Montana are Jiley, Loliver, Loe/Jolly (LoL... My best friend Melissa, whom I co-write Zombie: Hide! with, coined "Jolly," while SMiH fans coined "Loe."), and the newest, Nickly (I also made that name up.). I'm not really a Lackson and Moliver fan. I used to be all for Moliver, but it feels weird to me now. And I am not a fan of Niley. I just happened to write a story about them. That was before it actually mattered. Now, I'm like, "To hell with that pairing!" My favorite ships for One Tree Hill are Brooke/Lucas, Peyton/Jake, Peyton/Nathan, Naley and Brooke/Felix (Up to now, I'm still on a season two hangover). Brooke/Nathan is okay, but it would be too weird. I'm not into Peyton/Lucas, just because I don't like them together all that much. No chemistry. The Zoey 101 ships I like are Logan/Zoey and Logan/Dana. For The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, my favorites are Zack/Max, Trevor/Maddie and Trevor/Corrie. Newt/Meena is my favorite from Cory in the House.

To know more, visit my blog at http/ or my Friendster, http/ I also have a BuzzNet. Visit it at http/ Toodles!



The first fan-written fiction to ever arrive on featuring rock trio the Jonas Brothers was entitled Seven Minutes in Heaven, written by an ambitious then-twelve-year-old YoungWriter2005. It was uploaded on November 5th, 2006, and the brothers made their first story appearance in the fifth chapter, also uploaded in November.

Soon, Jonas-based songfics and a oneshot entitled He's Been to the Year 3000, She's Got Nerve by author Here'sToRightNow followed, among others. YoungWriter2005 wrote Underdog, a Loliver oneshot, because of inspiration from the song. She also wrote Miley, Not Mandy and its sequel Lost Without Each Other, the fourth and fifth fanfics to ever feature the pairing Niley. She started the pairing Loe on SMiH and Nickly/Nilly on My Jonased-Up Life.

As of January 2008, there are now more than 200 Jonas/Hannah stories and even just Jonas Brothers stories on, and even a real Hannah Montana episode guest-starring the bros as themselves.

YoungWriter2005 started a revolution. Are you a part of it?

If you are, put this into your profile.

-YoungWriter2005, 01/25/08



"Lilly, build a bridge and get over it." -Miley on Hannah Montana episode, More Than a Zombie to Me (I liked this because this has lots of sarcasm, and I totally love sarcasm)

"You should've seen it. It was like, beauty mark here, beauty mark there, beauty mark everywhere." -Me on Joe Jonas' neck, LoL. Check for yourself. Oh, and for those who don't know what a beauty mark is, it's also known as a mole. :)

"It's the closest thing we have to magic." -Haley (JoJo) on Aquamarine, on why we want love so much. This line totally struck me.

"Do you think it is possible to love someone your entire life and never realize it?" -Rosalee (Kate Bosworth) on Win a Date with Tad Hamilton

"Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?" -Cher (Alicia Silverstone) on Clueless

"Maybe guys with goatees want to become full-fledged goats?" -Me, while wondering why certain guys, like this one I saw during a ride on a public vehicle, have goatees. You know, those little hair things at the chin? Yeah.

"Combine a facial with a headache and what have you got? Death." -Me. My sister was having a facial while I had this bad headache. Then I thought, What if I was the one getting a facial right now? Then I thought of this.

"I love earlobes!" -Nick Jonas. But after saying this, he said he was kidding, and that it's the pair of eyes that gets him and makes him interested. Aww!

"My ultimate role models are Emma Roberts and Emma Watson. They have everything. Talent, brains, looks. Even the same name!" -Me. That pretty much says it all.

"I'm not stupid." -Me. Self-explanatory...

"Oh, my God, even my own hand scares me!" -Me. I was up all night thinking these crazy thoughts, and those included teen slasher movies of the 90's. Yeah, I'm weird. I looked at my hand and thought this.

"Every studio needs a rubber chicken." -Joe Jonas :))

"She doesn't want to see her high school sweetheart slash your brother Dan slash the jerk who abandoned Lucas slash the father of Nathan, the team's star player slash my wrists if I hear this story again." -Haley James (Bethany Joy Galeotti) on One Tree Hill, on why Karen doesn't want to go to Lucas' first game as a Raven.

"Oh, my God, I'm a girl! And I just realized it...?" -Me, after giggling and shrieking like a schoolgirl over the Jonas Brothers while reading the Faces issue featuring them.

"Maybe his hair is curly when it's not...straight." -Me, on Joe Jonas. There's a picture of him with not-so-curly hair, and I was viewing it.

"Aww! Oh, man, I gotta stop aww-ing." -Me, after saying the word "aww" too many times while the article about Nick Jonas and his diabetes on People magazine.

"Here I am, about to face my doom...and I'm not even wearing the right clothes for it." -Me, before English class. We were about to find out the results of our periodical test. I got a B, second-highest. :)) For those wondering, I was wearing my school uniform.

"I understand the lack of bacon in this society of ours...wait a minute, what am I saying?" -Me, after finding out that we're all out of bacon for breakfast. I live on the stuff. Seriously. Well, just kind of.

"It better be over by the time that song is over, or else your life would be over!" -Me, while waiting for my cousin to finish using my computer. The song playing was Lindsay Lohan's Over from her debut album, Speak. No, I'm kidding. It's actually Way Back into Love from Music and Lyrics.

"You're gonna wait three hours just to eat a cookie the size of two small coins?" -Me, after my classmate told me that she's eating the last cookie from her recess on the way home.

"The number you dialed is not a number." -Me, mocking the recorded message you hear when the number you dialed was not operating or not working. It actually goes like this: The number you dialed is not yet in service.

"Eye roll... I rule!" -Me, after rolling my eyes at a song that I didn't really like.

"You can hurt each other, just not my posters. Anything but my posters!" -Me at two people who were arguing in my room (names must remain confidential, LoL)

"Wow, it's 10:30 in the freakin' morning and I'm wearing jeans." -Me

"I'm gonna be Nick for Halloween." -Joe Jonas

"Chickens are scary. Yes, they are. They're gonna peck the life outta me...and I'm carrying a big jar of pop corn. So there." -Me

"My future husband and Little Miss Hannah Montana didn't do 'it,' okay?" -Me, on the rumors about Miley being pregnant.

"I don't never know anything real about celebrities nowadays, really. Well, not for sure anyway." -Me

"Just forget I exist. And that I rule over Guitar Hero, even if I haven't played it yet!" -Me

"I'm losing my mind." -Me, after reading a review and thinking that the text is purple. Which it's most certainly not.

"Cheerleaders are crazy." -Me, while watching Bring It On: In It to Win It and seeing them guard the "Spirit Stick."

"Oh, come on, why don't you just go kill yourself? Commit suicide, or something. But let me give you CPR tomorrow." -Me, to my laptop who has a really slow shutdown process.

"Are you trying to spread evil?" -Me, to a guy who drove around us twice and was blasting some Akon on his car stereo.

"Dough, as in cookie dough, not do as in dodo bird. Not doe as in doe, a deer, a female deer either." -Me. I was talking about the right spelling of the word 'doughnut.'

"Somehow, I just can't picture my name on someone's butt." -Me, after watching the Jonas Brothers' When You Look Me in the Eyes video and seeing those girls wearing those jogging pants with Joe's name and Kevin's on the butt part.

"With a mirror, I can totally talk to myself. Literally." -Me

"I won’t be kidnapped—just killed." -Me, thinking about walking alone on the sidewalk so late at night.

"I highly doubt it. It’s just so doubtful." -Me, on something I doubted (duh). I forgot what it was.

"Um, why am I staring? I can never stare at other people. Except when it's Nick Jonas. I can totally stare at Nick Jonas." -Me



The Jonas Brothers at the DC Games

KEVIN: Be there, or be square.

JOE: Be square, like a box.

KEVIN: Like a little box.

JOE: Not a big one, just a little one.

The Jonas Brothers on Hannah Montana, Talking About How Robbie Ray "Fooled" Them

JOE: I feel so used.

NICK: You? I shared my nachos with that guy!

The Jonas Brothers on Hannah Montana, Seeing Miley as Hannah for the First Time

NICK: Dudes, it's Hannah Montana!

(They run towards the door and race to Miley's side)

KEVIN: We're such big fans.

JOE: We love your music!

NICK: You're pretty!

(Kevin hits him)

NICK: Uh, pretty good with the singing and dancing that you do.


NICK: Wow, you're pretty.

KEVIN: Nice save.

My Cousin and I, While Watching Gossip Girl

ME: Ooh, look, Nate and Jenny look so cute together! (squeals)

INAH (MY COUSIN): Dude, you need to get a life.



Tales About Nicholas

Lilly meets a certain boy who calls himself "Nicholas" online. How will she react when she finds out that it's actually Nick Jonas, her dream boy? Her best friend Miley starts piecing the puzzle as Lilly tells her more tales...about Nicholas.

High School, Jonas Style

Sequel to Hannah's World Tour and obviously an HM fic. The Jonases move to Malibu for good and study in Seaview High. Nick's a freshman; Joe's a senior. What will the students do when they find out?

At the Drive-In

A three-chapter Hannah Montana fic told with different points of views per chapter. Takes place at a new drive-in in Seaview at around midnight. Lilly asks Oliver to go with her. He agrees, only to be met by total disappointment when he finds out that he's actually just a third wheel in Lilly's date with that new student, Will. Definite Loliver.

That's When I Love You

Oneshot Hannah Montana songfic to the song by Aslyn. Oliver is always messing up, but Lilly loves him anyway. If only he knew. But then, at a party, Oliver makes a huge mistake, and Lilly completely changes her mind about him. Is it the end of their friendship and the possibility of it turning into something more?




Updated MJUL.


Deleted Hatred on a List, due to lack of interest and time.


Updated and added new story, Hatred on a List, which is a parody of 10 Things I Hate About You.


Updated My Jonased-Up Life. Also put up a JB/HM history on profile.


Added new story, New Year's Kiss. Also some new quotes.

Goodbye, 2007!


Added new My Jonased-Up Life chapter. Also added a new story to "COMING SOON" section.


Added new quotes and updated profile.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Uploaded SMiH epilogue. Added quotes.


Happy 7th Birthday, Frankie! Haha. Anyway, added new chapters to My Jonased-Up Life and Seven Minutes in Heaven (finally!).


Added new chapter of My Jonased-Up Life. Also uploaded new stories, Do You Have a Jacket? and Jake in Between. Added new quotes and updated my profile. Oh, and I just watched Nancy Drew! I loved it. =))


Posted latest chapter of My Jonased-Up Life. Also added some quotes.


Posted stories that are coming soon.


Just posted the latest chapter to My Jonased-Up Life. Currently writing the new one.


Still writing. Sorry I haven't updated. I'm busy worrying about my grades. Wish me luck that I pass! Also, I've been reading your reviews for My Jonased-Up Life. Thanks so, so much!


Currently writing new chapters for Seven Minutes in Heaven and My Jonased-Up Life. Also, the first chapter of the sequel to SMiH, called Hannah's World Tour, is done, but I won't post it yet. You'll just have to wait for it to come out! Trying to do a major overhaul to my profile. Also, I've added new quotes. Periodicals are done, and I'm officially free!

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