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im krystal,
and this is something like my life.

the unnoticeable krystal is 16.38 and she's motherfkasdfghjkl; awesome.

haha i wish.

im a southern california girl born and raised, and im from orange, california. please dont write me off as a rich bitch, because im really not. give me a chance and i promise ill exceed your expectations. i love making people laugh and generally being a big loser. & i love meeting new people. quiet, shy, and unnoticeable just arent words in my vocabulary.

i have 6 piercings- two in each earlobe, left cartilage, & belly. basically i love piercings, anywhere. im not the kind of person who makes a face when i see people with unusual piercings. & i hate when people judge others on how many piercings they have. :)

so here's the deal. i dont smoke. i dont do drugs. i drink, but im responsible. i wont drink and drive or anything stupid like that. i cant respect druggies. & i really cant respect people who voluntarily go off and ruin their own lives.

im really skinny. im 5'7" and i weigh like 103 pounds. or 47 kg for all you metric people. yes, i am underweight. NO, I AM NOT ANOREXIC OR BULIMIC. i HATE people that assume that. get to know me, and youll realize im probably the biggest pig youll ever meet. capisce?

umm i swim. its a big part of my life, even though i dont always look forward to practices like "hey lets all go swim!" i also love the beach. the ocean relaxes me. i play soccer and even though im not the next mia hamm, i have fun and thats all that really matters for me right now. yes i am american. im a stereotype basher and i hate racism. i can be a pretty intense person. i argue with people a lot and i have strong opinions on almost every issue you can name. if i dont accept your opinion, whatever. if i make you feel bad about having that opinion, im sorry and i dont usually mean to. i hate clueless, ditzy people. if i love you, then you have no worries. but if i get a bad first impression of you, itll be hard to change that. i like short choppy sentences. im obsessed with avocados. dont ask me why. & i miss my best friends enormously.

i daisuki you.

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