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Author has written 2 stories for Inheritance Cycle, and Robert Langdon series.

I must say that I, too, regard profiles with some amusement. Quite honestly, I don't know anyone who reads them. My principle is, bluntly: who cares? This is also my principle regarding MySpaces, which is of some relief to my parents who are paranoid about the Internet.

Despite this, that little stupid part of me tells me to write one.

Favorite Quotes

Though someone (I forgot who) said that he who quotes others in an argument is not thinking, but memorizing, these are some of my favorites, most if not all from my favorite authors:

“Your pen can bring a little justice to life here…You can denounce villains…question the role of the military…You have to do something, or soon other evil people will be committing crimes in this part of the world with the same impunity as always.” ~Isabel Allende

“He had never believed in destiny, it seemed a fatalistic concept; instead he believed that each of us is free to make something of his life what he will, and he was determined to do something very good wit his; to triumph and to be happy. Now all of that seemed absurd. He couldn’t put his trust in reason having experienced the hazy territory of dreams, intuition, and magic. Destiny was a fact, and there were times when you had to jump into an adventure and get out whatever what you could…” ~Isabel Allende

“They told of how everything that exists is dreamed by Mother Earth, how each star dreams its inhabitants, and how all that happens in the universe is an illusion, dreams within dreams.” ~Isabel Allende

"She had cleansed her heart of hatred and greed; she wanted nothing, she feared nothing...nothing disturbed her tranquility. She was brave becvause she did not cling to life; she was strong because she was motivated by compassion; she was just because she intuited truth." ~Isabel Allende

"The friends learned that the spirits rarely intervene in events of the material world, although sometimes they assist animals through intuition and humans through imagination, dreams, creativity, and mystic or spiritual revelation. Most people leave their lives without any link to the divine and do not note the signs, coincidences, premonitions, and small daily miracles in which the supernatural is manifest." ~Isabel Allende

"How was it possible that there was no difference betwen villains and heroes, saints and criminals, between those who do good and those who pass through the world sowing destruction and pain? They didn't know the answer to this mystery. but they conjectured that the experiences of each being contribute to the immense reserve of the universe. Some do that through the suffering their evil has caused them; others through the light acquired from compassion." ~Isabel Allende

“If the real world were a book, it would never find a publisher. Overlong, detailed to the point of distraction—and ultimately, without a major resolution…Perhaps that’s exactly what we like about it." ~Jasper Fforde

“Death and the end of one’s life are two very different things indeed.” ~Jasper Fforde

“There’s a lot I don’t understand yet…The things Younglings take seriously—are they all real underneath, as a tree is real no matter what language you describe it in? Was Georyn not deluded, but only attuned to another kind of truth? Can believing something make it a fact? Is the Stone more than a stone, really?~Sylvia Louise Engdahl

“‘Jarel? I’ll tell you one thing more, since I’ve gone this far. The road you spoke of—it is worth traveling! There’s something beyond what you know, something hundreds of years in your Empire’s future, that justifies ‘faith in human destiny’ as you put it. Only you aren’t permitted to see, that is your people aren’t, because the seeing would interfere with the traveling…Do you see what I mean?” ~Sylvia Louise Engdahl

“There is nothing wrong with us as people, he thought. We are not decadent, not wicked, not on the wrong road! We are going somewhere after all…Is there a federation of mankind, perhaps? Is Elana’s civilization the outgrowth not of one people’s maturity, but of many? Is it true that there’s good in reaching for the stars?” ~Sylvia Louise Engdahl

“If it is true, Jarel reflected, then we must work for it. A hard job? Of course, because there were evils to be avoided in the process, evils like the one almost committed on this planet; and if you were involved, you had to accept personal responsibility, not some vague share of a collective guilt that didn’t really exist. Yet you had to be involved. Where would anything ever get if everybody who had any moral scruples dropped out?” ~Sylvia Louise Engdahl

The young always have the same problem - how to rebel and conform at the same time. They have now solved this by defying their parents and copying one another. ~Quentin Crisp

Yes, I know that my principles about profiles are stated above, but I just had to say:

I hate meeting people in large groups; I even dislike being with friends in large groups. Meeting people evokes this fear in me, and it is this: I'm afraid of sounding pretentious, overly confident, that I am fishing for compliments, or that I am egotistic. I hate the idea that I seem stuck-up to people, that I think I know more than I do.

Another thing: there are two sides of me, the hopeful side and the doubtful side. The hopeful tends to want to think the best in everything, obviously, but more than that, wants to brush off worries and just enjoy life. The doubful side never stops doubting; right now, I doubt whether I even truly have a doubtful side. It can be optimistic or pessimistic at turns, because it often turns on itself.

And most of all:

Standardized testing and this so-called "No Child Left Behind" leaves behind all of the good students who just can't fill in bubbles on a test sheet well. It sucks out creativity and integrity in writing, and thus far, no one has ever written anything of quality by plugging random words into a formula, especially in twenty minutes. Thank you.

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