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Tuesday April 21st 2009

I have been away from this for quite some time nearly 3 years. Sometime in May the story Gray Messenger shall continue. I apologize for the wait but hope I still can make it decent and interesting.

Harry Potter and the Gray Mage of Spira: The next chapter will be available in May and is titled Oath Taker.

Name: Ryan (Ren)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Social Security #: 987-65-4321

Favorite Books: Good Omens, Xanth, Discworld, lord of the rings, crime and punishment, and many more.

Favorite Movies: Trilogies usually (example lord of the rings, star wars) I also like the Day After Tomorrow, and a few others I'm too lazy to mention.

Favorite Television Shows: Stargate, Firefly, Stargate Atlantis (all shows cancelled sadly)

Favorite Manga: Negima!, Black Lagoon, One Piece, Those Who Hunt Elves, Ai yori aoshi

Favorite Anime: Baccano!, Black Lagoon, Clannad, Slayers, Sorcerer Hunters, Tenchi, and the list continues onwards forever.

Favorite Food: None really (don't really care for pizza though)

Other: not currently available

Story ideas:

If I actually do all of these then give me huge props. I do not know how many or even if I will do any more after Gray Mage but below is my brief outline for the series.

I plan to either continue writing Gray Messenger (highly likely) but I might switch between two other stories and do a chapter of each alternatively. The stand alone stories have the least likely chance of being done (although they are in order of what would be first) The story ideas are below:

1. Harry Potter and the Magister Magi: Crossover of Negima and Harry Potter (stand alone and not part of the Gray Messenger series)

1. Harry Potter and the Code of Geass: Crossover with Harry Potter and Code Geass (stand alone and not part of the Gray Messenger series)

1. Harry Potter and the Mafia: Crossover with Harry Potter and the anime Baccano! (stand alone and not part of the Gray Messenger series)

2. Harry Potter and the Angels of Gaia: Crossover between Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core and is part 2 in the Gray Messenger series (already have some written but won't release it until finished with the other one...probably.

3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers of Hyne: Crossover of Final Fantasy 8 prior to actual events of the game (deals with Laguna and company as well as Sorceress Adel)

4. Harry Potter and the Knights of Ivalice: Crossover with Final Fantasy 12 but deals primarily with some of the young Judges and Vayne when they were younger and how Vayne came to be both the way he is and the reason for his madness.

5. Harry Potter and the Return of the Gray Mage: Crossover with Final Fantasy X-2 based off the game but with a few the 2nd in the spira trilogy arc

6. Harry Potter and the Sword in the Stone: Crossover with Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Deals primarily with the legend of the Master Sword some years before the events of the Ocarina of Time...Harry befriends Ganon and Nabooru as Ganon's father attempts to use the sword to alter history it is up to those three to stop him.

7. Harry Potter and the Gnosis Factor: Crossover with Xenosaga. Basically while on a ship far into the future he continues looking for a means to get to his real home planet and his plans get temporarily interrupted as he is yet again caught up in a life or death situation... (this one is still undecided)

8. Harry Potter and the Angel's Return: Crossover with Final Fantasy 7 but for some reason Harry is helping Sephiroth!?

9. Harry Potter and the First Alternative: An Original Harry Potter and alternative world the past. Harry ends up in his parents time but considering he is in a brand new world he shortly begins to realize that he is not sure who can be trusted. Not even his own parents.

10. Harry Potter and the Sorceress Ultimacia: Crossover with Final Fantasy 8 with yet another twist...happens in the far future or maybe the past where Ultimacia is a young woman who is about to become queen for a country that does not want her. Harry, Ultimacia and two others must now team up to fight against the brother of Hyne; Hyde. (part 2 of 3)

11. Harry Potter and the Prince of the Netherworld: Harry Potter after being betrayed by Ultimacia is sent to the Netherworld to live out the rest of his days...and there meets a purple demon who is offering to give him an item to return him to the last planet he visited if he will help his son become Overlord. Crossover with Disgaea.

12. Harry Potter and the Revenge of a Mage: Crossover with Final Fantasy 8. Not happy about being betrayed Harry decides to return to the World of Hyne and he isn't alone. Now he must try to convince Ultimacia that she is making a mistake or kill her before her reality can become real. (part 3 of 3)

13. Harry Potter and the Emperor of Arkadia: Crossover with Final Fantasy 12 and deals with the events of the game but Harry is against everyone and noone and has his own agenda in the grand scheme of things...

13. Harry Potter and the 4 Continents: Crossover with Final Fantasy 9 based off the game with some twists

14. Harry Potter and the Second Alternative: Harry Potter ends up in a world where the boy-who-lived is evil.

15. Harry Potter and the Unofficial Summoning: Crossover with Disgaea 2. Thanks to being in the wrong spot at the wrong time Harry and Etna are forced into service of a young man on a different planet)

16. Harry Potter and the Awakening of Necron: Harry Potter returns to Spira for the last time and runs into Entropy who has caused time to go forward nearly a thousand years...all that he once knew is gone and in place is an unfamiliar world and it seems Sin itself has returned.

17. Harry Potter and the Sons of Jenova: Crossover with Final Fantasy Advent Children but with more backstory and Harry being one of the most wanted men on the planet.

17. Harry Potter and the Snape Surprise: Harry Potter and company arrive on a world where Severus Snape is God and Harry Potter is the Devil.

18. Harry Potter and the Muggle Manipulation: Harry Potter arrives on a world where wizards are slaves to muggles.

19. Harry Potter and the Ocarina of Time: Harry returns to Hyrule and upon visiting Ganon realizes that his old friend is being possessed by a remnant of Lord Voldemort's soul.

20. Harry Potter and the Fellowship: Crossover with Lord of the Rings. After finding out that 5 more pieces of Voldemort's Soul exist somewhere in space Harry must track them down and destroy them and all signs are pointing to one on a place called Middle Earth. (part 1 of 3)

21. Harry Potter and Armies of Evil: Crossover with Lord of the Rings. Harry and Company have unfortunately been split up and while one group searches for the remnant of Voldemort's Soul the other must track down Entropy who has appeared on the planet. War is coming. It is hear.

22. Harry Potter and the One Ring: Crossover with Lord of the Rings. With both a remnant of Voldemort's Soul and Entropy on the same world things seem to be looking dangerous and the only hope to stop either group is the destruction of the One Ring and to protect the King who Entropy wishes dead.

23. Harry Potter and the 4th Soul: Crossover with Soul Eater. The foruth remnant of voldemort's soul has been found in a place named shibusen and unlike the others this one is already gaining a body of its own.

24. Harry Potter and the Shinra Secret: Crossover with Dirge of Cerberus. Harry Potter and company return to Gaia in search of a remnant of Voldemort's soul and are promptly arrested.

25. Harry Potter and the 5th Soul: Crossover with Fullmetal Alchemist. Harry and Company arrive on a planet where magic is useless and that the only form that is usable is alchemy. The world seems to have a remnant of Voldemort's soul on it but while looking for it Harry's group is split up and they each end up fighting in a war...on opposite sides.

26. Harry Potter and the Return of Necron: After the Destruction of Spira Harry never imagined he would find himself face-to-face with the one who destroyed it but it managed to survive and is now starting the process all over on another planet. The planet of the 4 continents. Crossover with Final Fantasy 9.

27. Harry Potter and the Keys to the Kingdom: Crossover with Kingdom Hearts. Harry is surprised to see quite a few people from different worlds together and then learns some horrible news. Beings known as the Heartless have begun appearing and eating/destroying worlds. The Heartless are apparently pieces of Necron that someone has learned to control. At the same time a remnant of voldemort's soul appears.

28. Harry Potter and the Lost Jerusalem: Crossover with Xenosaga. Thanks to his search for voldemort's remnants Harry and company find themselves back in the Gnosis Universe and are attacked almost immediately by said Gnosis and worse yet they seem to be stuck in the Gnosis Universe with no way out. (part 2 of 3)

29. Harry Potter and Grand Line: Crossover with One Piece. Harry Potter and company arrive on a world where pirating seems to be the common theme and not wanting to look out of place he and his companions quickly form their own pirateship unaware that the ship they just stole was actually of marine design...and a remnant of Voldemort's soul is somewhere on the planet as well.

30. Harry Potter and the Organization: Crossover with Kingdom Hearts Oblivion and II. Harry may finally have found a means to return to his home but before he can do that he has one last soul remnant to find.

31. Harry Potter and the Etenal Recurrence: Crossover Xenosaga III. On his way home Harry and the few members of his party that came with him find themselves in the Gnosis Universe again and this time they are being offered a choice that will effect the outcome of existence itself. It doesn't help matters that Entropy has reappeared and is making their lives living hell.

31. Harry Potter Returns Home: Harry Potter finally makes it back to his home planet to discover than he, voldemort, and snape never existed. Minister Pettigrew is currently in charge and to his shock he finds that next to him is the creature Necron in human form yet again. Now he must try to deliver his planet away from the grasp of Minister Pettigrew and face the realization that his story has no happy ending.

32. The Gray Messenger: not giving any information away about this one but let's just say I have plans for it to be epic.

0. Harry Potter Prologue story to Messenger series

02: small shorts of characters in this series good and evil meant to be informative or entertaining.

Characters of interest to the series: The characters below are either of my own creation or are vital to the story, or possibly even both.

Important Characters in Gray Messenger series.

Entropy: (My creation I own rights to it)

Necron: (Also my creation I own rights to it)

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