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I enjoy writing stories and reading them too. Well I have one absolute favorite author on this website and it's KaitlynRose. She is a really good writer too. I like her stories about Sam and Dean. (smiles) So how about you guys, if and when you reveiw my stories please be honest...I am on this website to get better. Not to have people sweet talk me and make me feel better. My parents do that for me anyways so I dont need anyone else.

(this is a funny coversation between me and Ashley on 2-5-06)

Quotes (that I like, and stole from some website) from some of the supernatural shows:

1. Dean: I hope your apple pie is freaken' worth it. (Scarecrow)

2. Dean: Oh, eat me! No, no, no...wait, wait. You acutally might (the benders)

3. Dean: I'll say it again; Demons I get, people are crazy. (the Benders)

4. Sam: You know, truth is, even at Standford, deep down, I never fit in

Dean: Well, thats cuz your a freak.

Sam: Yeah, thanks.

Dean: Well I'm a freak too, I'm right there with you all the way (Skin)

5. Dean: You mean like "protection against demons" salt or "oops I spilled the popcorn" salt? (Dead Man's Blood)

6. Sam: Sammy is a chubby 12 year old. It's Sam ok.

7. (over the phone)

Sam: Hi

Dean: Let me guess- your lurking outside that poor girl's apartment, arn't you?

Sam: No!...yes...

Dean: You got a funny way of showing your affection. (Shadow)

8. Landlady: Well, no offence, but your alarm is as useful as boobs on a man. (Shadow)

9. Dean: House rules, driver picks the music, shot gun shuts his cake hole. (Pilot)

10. Jessica: Just let me put something on.

Dean: No, no, no...I wouldn't dream of it. Seriously. (Pilot)

11. Sam: You mean you dated someone, for more than one night? (Rout 666)

12. Sam: So burning the body had no effect on that thing?

Dean: Sure it did- Now its really pissed. (Rout 666)

13. Dean: See? That attitude right there. Thats why I always got the extra cookie.(Asylum)

14. Dean: I was the one who burned the doll and stopped the spirit, but don't thank me or anything. (Provinance)

15. Dean: Chow time, you freaky bastard. Yeah, thats right, bring it on baby I taste good! (Wendigo) -Author comment: MMMM I bet he does...-

16. Kathleen: (About Sam) Does your cousin have a drinking problem?

Dean: Two beers and he's doin' karaoke

17. Missouri: You two have grown up handsom (Looks over at Dean) And you were one goofy looking kid too.

18. Max: All these people kept coming with like, casserole. I finally had to tell them to all go away. Because nothing says "Sorry" like tuna casserole. (Nightmare)

(might make more...)

My Opinon on how The Winchesters would look. (A Dangerous Bite) --I have all except Mary

Jake and Joe=

Sam's family=

Dean's "family"=



Ok for people who liked My Two Future Fics (A dangerous Bite and Odds and Ends)I will be rewriting it over the summer! . Why you ask? Because I want to make it better and try to include more detail. I will also change around the story line, because frankly the one I have right now is going down the tube. Well thanx, and if you have any suggestions please send me a PM.


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