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Author has written 12 stories for Wolf's Rain, X-Men, Teen Titans, and Avatar: Last Airbender.


:About Me:

I'm a young female , who has no athletic talent , or any talent whatsoever besides writing and reading. Lame talents if you ask me. I act before I speak, and have a horrible temper and I am rather sarcastic. I like all genres of music, and enjoy even some opera and clasissical, though I prefer mostly rock. Train, The Goo-Goo Dolls ,and the Black Eyed Peas are best.Whoo.

Im Obsessed with:

Rogue, Gambit-drooldrool-, X-men, Mystique(The Movie version is soo coool.-nerdy squeal-)Wolf's Rain, BluexHige, Blue period, Teen Titans, Blackfire, Music, My iPod, Train, James Potter (-drools-), Harry Potter, Fred and George Weasley, Tonks, The color lime green, dogs, wolves, horses, Ritz crackers, coca cola ( I say that for if I said coke, many would think I'm a drug addict. Which I'm not. The police even said so..) Family Guy, South Park, Artermis Fowl, opals, Eragon/Eldest,SPIDERMAN(Third one's coming out. Whoop!)and superhero movies, maiko, and avatar the cartoon.

I Hate:

Sprite, Slash couples that don't make any sense, H/H, people who have sticks shoved up there rear ends, Mark, American Dad, CatDog, Code Lyoko, bad movies and people who think their like stinks when they have nothing to complain about.

:My Thoughts on Shippings:

Harry Potter:

Harry/Luna: No, I think there more like close friend.

Harry/Hermione: UGH NO! This is the only shipping that I utterly despise and I have no clue why. They're just so...ugh..

Any Slash pairing: I highly doubt Mrs. Rowling would makethe characters slash, because I don't think she wants the Christians even more mad at her.

Harry/Ginny: YES! They are an awesome pairing, they both have excellent excuses to hate Voldemort, and I think this is similiar to James and Lily in a way.

Ron/Luna: I've never real tried out this pairing, but who knows. I might like it.

Ron/ Hermione: This is an okay pairing, I don't like it all that much.

Ron/Lavender: One word. Blleeeeck.

Ginny/Dean: Nope.

Ginny/Draco: I think they wouldn't make it in Mrs.Rowling's world, but it makes very intresting fanfictions.

Hermione/Draco: Nope, sorry.

Hermione/Viktor: Hermione only likes him as a close friend, so I think they won't make it either.

Remus/Tonks: I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this ship, it is so unbelievably awesome. Tonks is the best character ever.

Lily/James: Helllllooo, they're married. Love the couple.

Lily/Snape: I think Snape might've liked Lily, and that's why he hated James, but for Lily liking Snape, nooo.

Lily/And any other Marauder: Did Lily marry Sirius? No. Remus? No. Peter?(-tries not to gag and fails miserably-)See what I'm saying...

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aang/Katara: ZOMG!-nerdy squeal- This couple is soooo adorable. How can you not love them? Yeah I know there's an age issue and stuff, but still. VERY ADORABLE.

Aang/Toph: Ewww. Aang would be completely emo because of Toph's brash remarks, and their is a such thing as being too opposite. Besides, this was just some rabid Zutara shippers way of getting Aang out of the picture.

Aang/Zuko: EWWWWWWWWW! That is disgusting and wrong. Perverted too.

Aang/Sokka: Brotherly love here people, nothing more.

Azula/Koh: I read a drabble about it and it was pretty awesome.

Azula/Zuko: Three words; What, The, Heck.

Azula/Mai: I saw a very interesting oneshot that had this, but it was rather onesided on Azula's part. Still pretty cool.

Azula/ Ty Lee: o.O You people will pair anyone together, huh?

Katara/Haru:This was really cute in that Imprisoned episode, but nah. Aang is cooler.

Katara/Jet: Seeing as Katara hates him, I would say this is a no.

Katara/Zuko:AGH! There is no evidence supporting this couple, show me some and maybe. Otherwise, I despise it. They have show nothing more than hate to one another. x.x

Sokka/Yue: They soo shouldn't have killed of Yue. This couple is waayyy too cool.

Sokka/Suki: I LOVE this couple. The idea of having somewhat sexist Sokka with a rebellious warrior female is too cool.

Sokka/Ty Lee: I really love this couple too. I love most couples with Sokka. What can I say, Sokka's a pimp.

Sokka/Azula:This seems pretty cool, though I'm not too into it.

Toph/Zuko: Ehh. It's okay. I like it better when it's more of a younger sisterxolder brother deal.

Toph/Sokka: Ewwwwwwwwww. Toph crush thing on Sokka was soo ooc it made me barf.

Zuko/Jun: LOVELOVELOVELOVE this couple. Really and truly it is amazing. Though due to lack of Jun in the episodes I'm loosing interest. Jun is soo cool. I'm not much of a fan of Zuko.

Zuko/Mai: Once again, this couple is perfect. See the episode Zuko Alone, it will make you fall in love with this couple. Really.

Zuko/Jin: OKay, okay. I'll admit it. That date was totally adorable, but Mai is soo much cooler. =

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