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The Next Greatest American Hero - intro story

White Line - Southern California is well known for its high-speed chases, but the recent spate of motorcycle pursuits has Kevin wondering: Is this the sort of thing a guy with super-powers is supposed to stop? When by-standers start getting hurt, Kevin starts hunting the speed freaks, but gets more than he bargained for when he stumbles onto what the suit can REALLY do!

- Kevin falls hard for a stripper nicknamed "Babette", a Eastern-German girl working in Anaheim. But when he tries to help her with more than tip money, he ends up trying to stop a sex-slave ring operating in cyberspace. Too bad an LAPD vice detective (who Kevin remembers all too well) thinks HE's in on it!

Suit of Armor - When bad guys out for revenge shoot Kevin in the head, the suit barely manages to keep him alive. As the "green guys" try to heal Kevin remotely, his paranoia gets the best of him. Not even his new partner or his girlfriend can persuade him to take the suit off ever again!

Zeitgeist - The suit doesn't work in the Fourth Dimension, but you can't get in (alive) without it! Babette is haunted by the ghosts of her old life, but when Kevin finds a way to change the past, he changes more than he bargained for! Can this alternate universe be reversed? Naturlich! Er ist "Der Größte Amerikanische Held!"

Brush and Fleece - Kevin finds another temp job, this time clerking for Tanner Construction. But their new contract for thousands of new homes is threatened by a new rash of brush fires all over the Inland Empire. Can Kevin save his job, as well as acres of forest and existing homes, or is his new boss out to stop him?

Hinkley & Briggs - When Kevin's landlord threatens to evict him, Kevin has a choice: move back in with his mother and her current boyfriend, or ask his step-mother for a full-time job. He begins to reconsider his chioce when Pam tries to get him to reconcile with his estranged father. Meanwhile, Pam's law partner is kidnapped, and she and her step-son step in to rescue him.

Paternity Suit - Ralph finds out that his son Kevin has his old suit, and does his best to teach his son the "family business." Kevin and Ralph begin to bond again, until another friend from the past returns. Kevin does the unthinkable, and there's only one man who can save Kevin from himself. Will he suit up one more time to be his son's hero?

The Fault Guy - Alicia's ex-boyfriend Murphy finds Kevin a job in Hollywood, and he's found his true calling: stuntman! He gets a trial by fire when an Earthquake movie remake starts getting its special effects direct from Mother Nature. Kevin's world is shook up even more when his old babysitter, singer/actress Rhonda Harris, shows up for her close-up. Babette's gonna hit a 9 of the Richter Scale!

Symbolic Gesture - Unbeknownst to Kevin, two entities are working behind the scenes to change Kevin's life. One is a man with more power than anyone but the President, who is looking for a way to go out with style. He sets events in motion that lead to Kevin's discovery of another hero with another supersuit, working on the other side of the world. Will Kevin give up his life to start saving the world full-time? And what does his suit's emblem really mean?

Bang, Bang, Maxwell - The "green guys" finally return, with a message and a proposition.

Prelude to a Hit by and her magical cat Roscoe reviews
Bill & Starlet Wild & Las Vegas. When Johnny's away, a showgirl will play. Set PreSeries. Entry in the Black Velvet Seascapes challenge. Contains lotsa Topless Showgirls, Marabou Boas, and Bill. What's better than that? Rated for implied adult situations.
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The Next Greatest American Hero : WIP reviews
WIP : Based on the 80's TV Show, a sequel series? in which Ralph Hinkley's adult son Kevin, a slightly messed up young man due to virtual abandonment by his father, winds up going in the family business: saving the world! But does the suit work on him?
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