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Hello NOOBZILLA here. Nationality USA. Gender Male. Also what's with everyone saying Sex just say Gender what's the point of having two words for that meaning anyway???. State West Virginia, but my family used to live in North carolina we moved in 2003 some time after the third episode of the new Battlestar Galactica aird. Age over 30 but that will change don't think detail matters considering.

Morality, Sometimes its White sometimes it's Black other times its a messy gray.

Love, Sometimes fleeting other times long lived but it's always best given and can never be taken.

Patriotism, its good but don't take it too far.

Hate, It's a emotion thats apart of us but don't let it rule you.

Passion, strong feelings or a strong belief, It can be for art, for your job or even for your hobby or your Lover.

Purpose, it's what we all look for in life, but in my humble opinion it our ability to think and choose that gives things their meaning.

Aliens, Yeah I believe in aliens reason because Ants are aliens, Dolphins are aliens, Whales are aliens, Were aliens, just think about it Alien is just a blank term for anything not the same species as you.

Extraterrestrials, Now these are aliens from other planets.

Earth, Where I keep my shit, where you keep your shit, where we all keep our shit. We really need to get a new place to put our shit because we need more space for all the porn always need more space for that. What you expecting me to be profound in all of these.

Story's are used to convey a person's imagination and perhaps their emotions and hopes and dreams but well read them to be entertained or to learn something new be it about technology, history, our country the world or perhaps ourselves, but in the end we all try to create something be it memories, experiences or something to improve the world with by learning and growing beyond who we were before, and in the case of fanfiction writers like me and everyone on this site and others like it we want to create a story, to share an idea, a dream, a world that we thought up in our minds and want to share it with all of you reading.

I like anime all kinds list of a few.

Akira the movie.

Hunter x Hunter.

Red vs blue by rooster teeth.



Ghost in the shell, movies and series.

Naruto series.

One piece.

Most Gundam series.

And many others.

And a few video games i like.

Fallout 4.

Valkyria chronicles.

Ninja gaiden series.

Dark souls, series.

Halo series.

Mine craft

Starcraft 1 and 2

And others but I can't just talk about all that can I.

My first story is going to be a long, long one because it will eventually intersect with other video game story's not just Starcraft and valkyria chronicles, it took me awhile to get the story flushed out in my little brain but it's coming, and I hope I've been improving my writing skills as I go along. All though I won't write professionally, I don't think i'm good enough for that line of work even though i'm enjoying writing this story, and I do have ideas for other story's BUT, I don't like multitasking it just ruins the focus I have on one story and I don't want to juggle multiple story's at the same time, so no, but I will focus all my skills on the one story I got.

So thanks to all of you who like my story.

Zerg Swarm Empress/ Arc 1 complete. Arc 2 Postponed.

Tails of the Fractal-verse. Discontinued.

New story is in development.

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Chronicles of the Fractal-Verse 2 Continuation Of, Zerg Swarm Empress reviews
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