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Greetings, fellow reader/writer!

There's not much I could say about me, I suppose, that would be of much interest. It might suffice to say that I'm a guy who's much too old to be doing fanfics, but who is too easily caught up by good fiction. I'm currently engrossed with Five Nights at Freddy's. I also liked Digimon and Naruto enough to start fics on them years ago, but they never really panned out well because I didn't really plan ahead at the time. I like to think I've matured since then, though every now and then I surprise myself how that's not true at all haha.

I enjoy staying at home and reading, and, if what I'm reading happens to be interesting enough, crafting thoughts and ideas on how they could be expanded and whatnot. The stories behind and beyond the stories, if you will.

Ah yes, if I did follow you as an author (or if I followed one of your fanfics), that means I've marked your work for reading. Maybe expect a review or two as I go through it. You'll know I'm reading your work if you see tons of views from the Philippines but only one visitor. I tend to flip back and forth between chapters erratically as I read, haha.

If you happened upon my profile by chance and you'd like me to read your work or would like to recommend someone, feel free to fire a message.


(The remainder of the profile consists of a reading/review list and updates. Sometimes I leave a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff that can't really fit into the pre-/post-chapter notes)

Current reading/review list:

Everything by DeltaV (just finished reading Night 4) - good scrap he's a beast! All the other readings are backlogged now :P SuperPvPNoob Everything by Kirito11141 Koili the Artist Various works I've already read and reviewed but have updated since then.

March 24, 2015

Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard; Part 2 Chapter 4 - The One that Believed in Happy Endings

Here's the Bonnie mix. And here's a link to the tumblr acc.

Surprise, it's a prequel to the first FNAF game! The main thought train that gave birth to this work was: 'What if they're NOT malfunctioning and they're not haunted? What if they know exactly what they're doing? What if they're not evil? What if they're doing it out of love?'

Here I tried to justify the weird behavior of the supposedly murderous animatronics. If they're haunted and want to kill the guard, why wouldn't Chica just stand outside your window until the power drains down and kill you then? Why doesn't Foxy keep banging on your door to sap your batteries? It's because it's all a show made intentionally to scare the guard. To scare you! (it's so meta!) Also note their victory conditions, all they want is to get the watchman to leave or quit; now what does that say about what happens at the end of Night 7? You're not the only one celebrating for having lived through it. They're also happy because you got fired!

You'd be justified in saying that the third game of the series completely throws this out the window as it apparently goes through the 'robots are haunted' route though personally I think there's way too many holes in the canon story now. When I thought this story up and began writing, it was still October, and in the time I made and uploaded a fic, Scott has pulled off two sequels. That's not to say I can't still weasel my way into canon, of course.

One of the main themes here is choice and consequence. Their lives are only taken over by fate for a little while. Everything else that happens afterward is a deliberate action, and the state of things as they are presented in-game is because they wanted it that way. They're NOT helpless, not when they're working together. But this opens up questions, of course. Why is the pizzeria run-down and barely able to handle onto its finances? Why would they let Pirate Cove be closed? I'll leave those questions unanswered for now. :D

So, where do we go after this one? I can (1) tell more about what David was up to while he was gone, (2) begin writing two one-shots based on this fic as further exploration, or (3) begin writing the 'sequel' going into FNAF2. In any case, I hope you're patient with me. I'm a terribly slow writer and might need up to a month or two to build up a buffer and start on (1) or (3), especially (3).

I really am sincere with that offer at the end of the chapter, for you to write your own happy ending to the story if you're dissatisfied with how I did it. If you will, please do link back to the fic so others can enjoy it as well, and message me so I can read your work too!

March 15, 2015

Made general updates to all the other chapters in Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard for consistency, mainly formats and fixing the Chic(k)a misprint.

March 14, 2015

Lost my job. :S

Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard; Part 2 Chapter 3 - The One That Makes the Rules

Here's the Freddy mix. Just a few songs that I think fit his character nicely. Something that starts small and grows ever greater. Frontier, in particular, ties up his thoughts on David just right. A source of sought-after knowledge that disappeared.

No anonymous reviews on the previous chapter to answer in pre-chapter notes so we dive right into the story. It's strange, I was expecting more activity from Foxy fans.

Come back one last time for the final chapter next weekend.

Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard; Part 1 Chapter 5 - When They Found Us

Minor update to this chapter. Fixed a few things and added a paragraph on security doors on top of additional description on how the nightwatch position was assigned before David came in.

March 7, 2015

New Chapter on that FNAF fic.

Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard; Part 2 Chapter 2 - The One That Did Nothing Wrong

Here's the Foxy mix. Leave It All Behind by Cult to Follow, I think, fits him nicely.

I don't quite like how this chapter came out, I feel like I could have done better but have no idea how I can improve on it. It's like an unreachable itch. If I figure it out, this one could probably use a rewrite.

Swing on by for chapter 3 next weekend.

February 28, 2015

I seriously need to catch up on my reading. Apologies to everyone who's been waiting on their reviews and whatnot. I'd blame a sudden urge to write a oneshot fanfanfic of DeltaV's work, but that'd be terribly bad manners on my part. He's a really cool guy.

Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard; Part 2 Chapter 1 - The One That Remembers

Here's the Chica mix I was talking about. I didn't do research on this or anything, it's just music I liked and thought fit Chica.

When I was watching playthroughs of Five Nights At Freddy's back in October, I thought Chica looked a bit sad, detached and sluggish, especially compared to Bonnie who's always in the camera's face. This observation gave birth to my characterization of her, which I hope blends into what I've established from way back at Part I Chapter I. Awkward and clingy doesn't necessarily mean shallow, right? She's only that way with David, anyway.

I was also supposed to play with you guys on the pre-chapter notes, and warn you about lemons and intimacy and David just up and taking Chica right there in(to) the girls' comfort room. Heheh, but I thought it'd be disrespectful to the character.

As implied by Part 2's title, Four Pictures, there's going to be three more chapters here. And yes, each animatronic will get his/her own spotlight. So which one are you excited for?

Come on by for chapter 2 next weekend.

February 22, 2015

New chapter for FNAF fic is up.

Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard; Chapter 5 - When They Found Us

I surprised myself how I managed to come up with this one after only about two days of writing ('bout a week or two for planning it out, though). There's a lot of places that could probably still be improved and cleaned out if I had the time, but deadlines are deadlines. Maybe I'll rewrite this someday, unless my laziness decides to act up again.

And hey, a few more references to the game! Namely, Foxy's loose jaw and how Freddy's head was torn open (like the alternate poster on the west hall corner, aside from GFreddy, except Freddy didn't do this one to himself). I also wanted to do a 'He's dead, Jim.' toward the end but I just couldn't make it work.

We start with Part II next week. Four Pictures.

February 16, 2015

Profile updated with a reading list, just in case some of you found out I had marked you and were waiting on a review. Fire a PM and let me know if I forgot to add you in to the list.

Now thinking of making a recommendation section for the works I've marked Favorite.

Updated When You Promised with an additional paragraph at the closing author note. It should read:

The scene itself was supposed to be a super secret dialogue, unlocked by the birthday kid not flinching when Foxy tries to roar at him/her. Ah, and the golden coin itself can be exchanged for five tokens (FIVE WHOLE TOKENS) for the arcades, though David likely kept it. I didn't have the space to explain this because of the transition I wanted to make, unfortunately.

February 14, 2015

New chapter for FNAF fic is up.

Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard; Chapter 4 - When You Promised

Just a short chapter, not too deep. Hope it doesn't look lazily done, because it isn't. It's been sitting in my files the exact same length for some months at this point, and I've find nothing much to add to it since it was written. But hey, it's not about the length, it's what you do with it! (that was so terrible, I'm sorry)

What's with everyone wanting to be first mate? Isn't it, like, being vice president or something? I don't exactly see the glamour in basically becoming Mr Smee. Haha, I'd rather be a canonneer.

Chapter 5 will be up next week. We'll get to see what happens the morning after David decided to, uh, be free.

February 9, 2015

Just updated When You Left for the FNAF fic. I wanted to put in the last PPS in there, since there's no other place in the story for me to point that out.

Also put in a winking thing during Foxy's taunt in When We Celebrated.

February 8, 2015

New chapter for FNAF fic is up. Also updated the summary. Previous summary, for those who want to know, was:

"And as a member of me crew, know that ye are never truly alone. I'll always be here for ye. But ye must, in turn, never leave us for any reason." The captain reached toward the boy.

He replied. "I promise. Pirate's honor."

New summary should now read:

Would you run and play Freddy's games until your legs failed you?

Would you sing with Bonnie until your voice gave way?

Would you clean Chicka until your hands became raw and blistered?

Would you give what little you earned so that Foxy might see the stars?

No you can't. No one ever could. But for a time, at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, there was a night guard who did.

Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard; Chapter 3 - When You Left

Before I forget, here's the mix for David I was talking about in the post-chapter notes. I'm no DJ, though, so I understand if you think it sucks. Chapter's a little tardy (by about a day) due to issues with .

Not getting too much in the way of reviews, though. At least someone liked it enough to leave a note. I appreciate it.

Hope you guys stay for Chapter 4 next weekend!

January 31, 2015

New chapter for the FNAF fic is up.

Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard.

Decided to stop crying in the corner like a baby and flesh out the second chapter before it went out. It completely makes sense for folks to think of the Bite of 87 and the Missing Children Incident as two separate events, and for the former to be most definitely a bad thing. I decided to challenge those ideas here with the second chapter.

Chapter 3 next weekend. We'll get to see how David reacts to what happened.

Agunimon, Warrior of Dreams

Am considering continuing with one of my Digimon fics though, after rereading, it actually looks like a good place to stop. I certainly don't have as much time now for writing as I did back in college, if I decide to continue with it. Hm...

January 25, 2015

So uh, yeah. It's been a long while. Graduated, got a job, got the house fixed up nice, helping parents get by retirement like a good boy and, oh, got back to fic writing with a shiny new title.

The site looks so easy to use now, at least. I should play around the settings sometime.

Scrapbook of a Former Night Guard.

Wonder how many caught the references/details: the 'don't poop on floor' rule, the fan on the desk, the title itself, the 'timestamp' (which I now realize should be datetime, if you want to be correct) on the cameras plus about one week...

Chapter 2 should come in next weekend. Due to lack of ability on my part among other things (I'm a huge whiny puss), it's not really as fully fleshed as the opening chapter. That said, it's going to very heavily influence everything that happens afterward so do stick around for it.

October 12, 2009 update

Two months?! Two months and I haven't written anything?! TT

The coming week is finals week, once it's over I'll get back to writing again! :'j

Sorry for all of you who've been reading my fics.

(no new updates, but I have been playing around with more ideas)

August 10, 2009 update

School's killing me, right now. I envy those of you who are having luxurious walks on beaches right now.

Digimon 2; Chapter 4. I'm getting stuck with some conversations, I hope it clears up soon.

Agunimon, Warrior of Dreams; Chapter 3. A new chapter's up for this one! Read and, if you can, please leave a review; I'd appreciate it.

July 27, 2009 update

My, it's already been a month and I haven't updated. I'm here to tell you guys I haven't given up on my fics. I'm not going to make any promises on when they'll be up so please bear with me. Exams are coming in every week and Midterms start next week.

Digimon 2; Chapter 4. 45 percent complete.

Agunimon, Warrior of Dreams; Chapter 3. 60 percent complete.

June 29, 2009 update


Sorry, I needed to get that out of my system. I tried my best this weekend but so far the chapter for Digimon 2 isn't ready yet. A friendly advice, never EVER take math as your college course unless you're willing to end up deflated after a three-day weekend just by reading your notes. Trust me, the distinction of being good at math probably isn't worth it.

As such, I will be moving my deadline for the fourth chapter of Digimon 2 to next week Monday. Hopefully some of my professors retract their claws this coming week. If I do miss this deadline, you can skin me alive.

In lieu of a proper update, here are some trailers instead:

Digimon 2, Chapter 4.

Takeru watched the others, their raised crests illuminating the night sky. He looked up at Yamato, standing proud. If there was anything he had learned when he came into the digital world, crying will not get him anywhere. He had lost Angemon before but Angemon told him he would return and he did. Takeru wiped the tears from his eyes with his sleeve. He’s going to come back, I’m sure of it. He breathed deep and raised a darkened crest. “And hope, to guide us into the future!”

Agunimon, Warrior of Dreams, Chapter 3.

"I'll do it," Takuya had made up his mind. He was going to digivolve into Agunimon. Reverimon and Agunimon were in love and were about to be married too, whatever that means when it comes to digimon. She's been waiting for him to return safely for what looks like a very long time. He knew that even if he digivolves into Agunimon, he's still Takuya. But if he had to lie just to make Reverimon happy then so be it.

June 27, 2009 update

Just as I had feared, there was a ton of notes and lectures waiting for me when I came to school. I spent the week catching up on lessons, unable to focus on writing because of the sheer weight of the subject matter.

Digimon 2. I'm sorry "soon" is taking longer than expected. I haven't changed the summary yet, a new chapter's more important. I'll try to get a new chapter up on this by Monday. I've only managed to write a few sentences every now and then during the week.

Agunimon, Warrior of Dreams. Writing this will have to wait for awhile until I've uploaded a new chapter to the other fic. The next chapter for this is going to be a long one so it will take me some time considering school-related priorities.

Sorry for disappointing you all.

June 22, 2009 update

I missed the first week of classes because of chicken pox and will be catching up on lectures. Wish me luck!

Digimon 2. This will be updated soon, depending on how far behind I am in classes. I'm planning to get this renamed later on, Digimon 2 sounds too plain. Also, I'm thinking of editing the summary. It looks like it's written by a seven-year-old (I can't believe I wrote it).

Agunimon, Warrior of Dreams. A new chapter's up for this one; it came earlier than expected. I won't be updating this until I come up with the next chapter for Digimon 2.

That's all I have to say. I'll update this again when Digimon 2 gets a new chapter.

Read, Review, Inspire.

June 20, 2009 update

Today, I officially turn 19! Digimon Frontier aired last episode yesterday here in the Philippines, and I was able to watch the last nine because of the chicken pox I had during the first week of classes(they air two episodes a day). I'm feeling better now (and starting to look better, too).

Digimon 2. I'm going to run into some problems in the later chapters due to some problems with the main outline but I'll work it out before we get there. Expect an update within the week.

Agunimon, Warrior of Dreams. I'm totally pumped to continue writing this one. In the next chapter, Takuya's finally going to meet Reverimon and learn a little about her past with Agunimon as well. It's going up by next Saturday.

That's all for today. I'll update my profile when I get a new chapter up. Until next time!

Read, Review, Inspire.

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