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Heya, I'm Raye Williams. And I am a rabid yaoi fan. Not the annoying kind...just the kind of fan who's not ashamed to admit she likes hot, graphic, guy x guy action. XD

Current OTP: Mello x Near

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For my Death Note readers:

I bet you're wondering why my Near in RP, thus, in my stories, is often OOC...

Excellent question. There's a fine line between the canon "Death Note" Near, the mostly-in-character "Playing With Fire" Near, and MY Near, ie, the one I use for most of my OOC-ish RPs (one-shots derived from this are "Injection," "My Favourite Toy,"...).

What makes up my Near? I'll explain the basic variations without giving too much away. If there's a (!) beside the variation, it means I'm being vague to avoid spoilers.

1: Innocence.

My Near is a little more shy, innocent, and childish than the canon Near. He is more suspicious of people, but more open to trusting them if they come across to him the right way, and is also a bit more forgiving and understanding. This childish persona, however, is still hidden behind an indifferent facade.

2: Loneliness.

As an orphaned child, it's kind of obvious that Near would be lonely, so there's not much to say here. However, his loneliness is probably his greatest weakness; in role-plays with certain people, it's painfully obvious that his desire for a friend breaches his logic. When badly insulted, especially by Mello, he often complains of an aching heart. A good example would be his trust toward Gabriel in "Mockingbird," despite the clear threat.

3: Irony.

My Near is fairly notorious for sarcastic remarks when things are tense, even to the point of pointless puns. An example would be him insulting Matt's video game habits in the middle of a detective case, or to make snarky contrasts between certain things. These remarks come most often in the form of a dry analogy.

4: Articulating.

Same with in the manga and Anime, my Near is very formal, not often using slang and even avoiding contractions, depending on the situation. He has a very expansive vocabulary, and utilizes it, though not to the point of trying too hard. However, there are three things that break his pattern. First, he tends to stammer a lot when terrified. Second, he swears, not as badly as his allies, but still pretty badly, when he's furious, especially during sex with Mello. Third, he only neglects to pronounce the L's in "Mello" when he is extremely flustered, or in a sexual frenzy. At these rare points, yes, he reverts to using "Mero."

5: Albinism. (!)

He's albino. No questions asked, I fuckin' made him albino already. This doesn't change much. Except his eyes; he's very sensitive to light, and this plays into his bad aim with darts, marksmenship, etc.

6: Blood. (!)

L, Mello, and Beyond all have oral fixations to sweet things. Matt is a chain smoker. Well, my Near has an oral fixation for blood. Yeah, lemme elaborate before you guys go all "OMG EMO VAMPIRE." As stated above, his loneliness is awful, and his way of filling the gap in his heart is to drink his own blood, or the blood of others (seen in RPs with Gabriel, random smuts RPs here and there, etc). In rare cases, usually those restricted to one-shots (such as "Injection"), he resorts to self mutilation to draw the blood out. He does NOT cut for pleasure, so he is NOT emo. He absolutely hates the pain; he does it only to drink the blood.

7: Mommy Fearest. (!)

Near isn't an orphan because of an accident. He was BORN of an accident, but his mother's death was well-planned. Enough said for now. Not sure when I'll elaborate.

8: Chiraptophobia.

My Near hates being touched, because he connects it with pain. No matter what RP or one-shot he's in, this DOES NOT change. It is the most solid part of his character, and certain stories overcome it in certain ways, but he ALWAYS reverts back in a new story.

9: Pyrophobia.

Unless a story specifically states that it took place before "Playing With Fire," my Near is afraid of it. Any kind of it. There's nothing more simplistic than that. xD

Um...yeaaaah, can't really get into detail with his two most defining features...so yeah. Super Uke, but also vampiric. Gotta love him. :'3


Who is Gabriel?

Demonic entity. He's basically a failed scientific experiment who took Near's form as a human (except for huge, sinisterly blue eyes). His true form's a wolfish-draconic demon. Go figure. He doesn't know his own name, and his favorite way of torturing people includes promising to stop only when they give him this information.

Naturally, he doesn't stop. -.-

KEEP IN TOUCH WITH MY LJ! I post more stories there than here! :3

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