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A little about The Prince:

Salve, that's a formal hello in Italian. I am called The Prince of the Midnight Forest based on a writing phase I went through for one of my creations titled Shibuya Rain. It is a story that I really do not want to talk about right now. If you become my friend, I may tell you. I am not completely gay, but only about 80% straight. I will only fall for a guy if I know him to be a great friend and has a great personality. Other than that, the only other gay thing about me is my infatuation with Kiba Inuzuka. His character reminds me a lot of myself, and I love his wild-like persona. And look at my profile pic... That is one of my favorites because he is in deep thought, and his face is just so wondrous.

I would name myself the best singer in the world, however that cannot be proven until I make it big. When I do, prepare to wish Justin Bieber a cheerful farewell. I just broke up with my Girlfriend, Destiny, so I am single(Ladies). Guys, you can try to get a hold of me, however, it may take a while before you do. Unless you look exactly like Kiba, that would be the only exception. Lmao, other than that, we need to be friends first.

I am 17 years old, however you couldn't tell that from my stories, or my writing style(or maybe you could). I didn't start writing Rated M until this year after I read the novel Wuthering Heights, which scarred me for life. I deleted all of my rated T stories because I felt they were no longer my style, and they wouldn't be able to continue the same way.

I Do hope, however, that as my writing becomes more distinctive and magical(lol), then I will get more reviews. Remember, reviews pep me up. The more reviews, the quicker the updates lol.

My most prized possession right now on fanfic is, of course, The Organization Escapades, hopefully one of them will be extremely successful in the future.

Other than that, enjoy reading my stories, and in return, I will read yours. Maybe through the exchange, we can become well acquainted.

Well anyways, Arrivaderla!

Completed Stories

The Organization Escapades- Like I said in the Full Summary. I am doing this one-shot series where you all can request what kind of KH pairing you want, and what will happen. No matter how weird the pairing is Yaoi, Straight, or Yuri, it does not matter. The first one is UP.

List of Escapades Completed so Far:

Blossoming Nothingness: Pairing: Xemnas and Marluxia
Study of Flowers: Marluxia and Zexion:
I do not know whether there will be a complete sequel, or if it will just be a spin-off. However, A Hope For Fame takes place after this, so Zexion already had his little exchange with Marly.

Stories in Progress

Organization Escapades:
A Hope for Fame: Demyx and Hope
Hypnotic Flames: Axel and Saïx

Pokémon: First and Only Chance:
My newest creation in which the busy schedule has forced me to put it on hold because the story takes up a lot of time to develop. The prologue is out for those who want a taste of the action. The first chapter is excrutiatingly painful because it's the start of Midnight's journey and it will take some time before things kick up. However, I will try to fit all of the boring stuff into chapter 1, and from there all action.

Stories soon to Come:

As of right now, I have nothing new coming because I have to finish what i started. Now that school is back in session I can't do much, but I will try my best when I have free time in classes, which is all the time because I'm a mega genius in school lol...

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